Weekly Wrap Up 8.7.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 8.7.21

I hear many women talking about starting to think about autumn style. But we laugh at that idea here in Arizona. We still have another 2 months of summer. Which is just fine with me.
That’s why you’re still seeing lots of flowy and lightweight pieces in these weekly wrap-up posts.


Quite a mish-mash of items, eh?? The skirt is a new purchase using my rewards from Banana Republic and I thought it would work under a sheer skirt that I have (and need to wear soon).

Yet, I still wanted to make sure I wear the things that haven’t been worn all year yet. And this top is one of them. So it’s like a boho top gets all dressed up. I’m not good at naming my outfits like some women do, haha.

I added in the woven belt that I purchased from Target this year (and it’s still available). The funny thing is I wouldn’t have thought to buy it except for my Target group of girls. And yet I’ve worn it a ton.
This goes to show that sometimes a different set of eyes can be good for us. Otherwise, we tend to buy the same things over and over.

I kept the woven/macrame theme going with these Walking Cradle shoes (called Avery) and raffia earrings.


Another skirt and top day. Seeing these daily photos is such a good reminder of the habits we can get into with our clothing.

This skirt is the matching one to the smocked top I wore recently. You can see in the up-close photos of the top that it’s actually a yellow and white print.

So with the print shoes, I’m even print mixing to a subtle degree.

I showed the back of the top in the top photo since I regularly talk about how our rearview should have something of interest too!! Remember, just as many people see you from the back as they do from the front.


This morning both Rob and I went to the aerial class, thus the workout wear. What I’m learning is I need to snazzy up my workout wear gear. When we just work out at home, I have no incentive to look cute. But going to these classes (which are mostly young, hip, girls) gives me that “I want to look good too” feeling.
This floral workout top is from Kohls, where I’ve found a couple of good, budget-oriented items.

When we got home, I changed into something not as tight. I don’t consider these shorts super flattering for some reason, but they work for an at-home day.
I just bought this super lightweight necklace from one of my favorite boutiques Naomi and Ruth. It’s also available in black and the link detail is very on-trend.


I love this green polka dot dress I picked up at Target years ago. Sometimes the impulse purchases can be the best purchases I think. It came with a self-belt which I rarely wear with it.

Insider tip: Take off the self belts and store them with your other belts. Then you can wear them in different outfits.

Since I wanted to wear these fuschia sandals, I originally grabbed my thrifted fuschia leather belt. However, with temperatures in the 100’s today, the leather one was TOO hot. (Granted our house stays cool, but my office tends to heat up)

Yet I wanted a belt so I grabbed this one my mom made (I wore it here) instead. It adds some print mixing and is much cooler. In fact, Gibby’s will be having longer scarves like this one, one of these days, and the advantage is you can wear them as a belt.


The blazer may clue you in that there’s a doctor’s visit for the day! We go to Rob’s urologist to check-in. Luckily his PSA score has been very stable since our diet change and naturopath changes.

I don’t have a lot of black pieces in my wardrobe since it’s not a good color for me, yet sometimes, I can make it work.

My belief is to try to buy pieces (at least the ones close to your face) in the colors that make us glow. Yet I’m also all about sustainable actions which are to make what we have in our closets work for us.
So if you have a piece that isn’t your best color, let’s find tricks to still wear it and not look washed out!

Insider tip: I have talked about the pros and cons of online color analysis.

I’ve had these pants for years now. You can see them styled for colder weather here. For some reason, they seem more fall/winter because of the darker colors, yet the material is lightweight. And the wide-leg, cropped silhouette is quite on-trend now!! So I”m glad I kept them even though I don’t wear them much.


Since I showcased this “vest” in my summer vest post, I wanted to wear it as it was intended today–as a top.
And surprisingly, I could actually zip it up all by myself even though the zipper is in the back. I was shocked.

I chose this hi-low skirt to wear with it (which I wore last summer to a drive-in movie) and I thought the upside-down “v” of the top and skirt was a nice detail.

Both pieces are very lightweight, airy, and easy to wear for our 108-degree heat today.

The shoes are Walking Cradles and they have them in a lower heel too (called the Kerry. These are the Lynn) and they feel like slippers!


It’s a colorful Friday. I think I should make that a thing!! This tee was one of my purchases from our Zara trip yesterday. It’s perfect for our summer here because it’s very lightweight. And I don’t consider it a grandma print like my post was about yesterday, do you??

I added my white shorts (from one of my Fashom boxes, see more about my comparisons of these boxes here) and my whimsical Betsey Johnson sandals. The sandals are only available in size 5 anymore, but this Betsey Johnson pair would be even cuter.

Using a scarf on my belt loop is something I just love lately. I’ve seen women spanning it across the front, but the issue with that is you have to undo it to go to the bathroom every time. Therefore, I used the 2 side loops instead.
This scarf is one of my Gibby’s scarves that I hope you check out!!! They are my favorite scarves due to their material and size.

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