Weekly Wrap Up 9.11.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 9.11.21

We are still having 100+ degree days here in Arizona. That’s why there are shorts and dresses galore this week. The funny thing is I didn’t realize I wore my Bermuda shorts twice. Probably because many days I changed outfits at least once!! Good thing I have so many clothes, haha!!


Since you will see my entire outfit on an upcoming blog post, I thought I’d share our shenanigans for the day instead. Yes, we were jailed, LOL!! Our crime? Visiting too many gift shops!
This was in a town called Florence which is one of the oldest towns in Arizona.
Rob and I were commenting after our trip that in a way, all of these old towns are alike, yet oh, so different. In fact, did you know that many movies were made here? I’ll list them on the blog with the outfits we wore.


For the lazy day Sunday where we were hanging out at home, I didn’t feel like ironing this short set, so I thought the kimono did an okay job of covering the wrinkles.
These sandals ended up costing me $6 using my reward points and a discount that DSW was having at the time. I also found the necklace at a thrift shop recently.

It may seem silly to add accessories even when I’m just hanging out at home, yet it’s a habit, and what if we need to run out real quick? Then I’m ready to go, PLUS I feel good!!
BTW, I did tame down my hair after seeing this photo. I don’t know what happened to it, haha!

Later in the day, we did an online workout (I use Yoga Collective which also has a lot of stretching classes that are short and sweet. I blogged about it here.) I used to just wear “whatever” when we worked out at home, but I really think that wearing my cute workout clothes makes me feel a little more serious about the class. And if I’m going to take the time to do the class, I might as well get as much out of it as I can.


Decided to try to wear this top because I had my mom help me “fix” it. The seam under the arms was tight and annoying. It’s a little better but I’m not sure I love it. The other thing I don’t love is these sandals. I think it’s the straps because they are so wide and seem clunky.
Needless to say, I would call this outfit a fail. EXCEPT the fabulous earrings made by my friend, Judy!!

You will recognize the workout top from Sunday. Our at-home classes aren’t very intense, so I don’t really sweat. Thus I hate washing everything too many times. So I decided to rewear it to Pilates class. I needed longer leggings because the pilates room is C.O.L.D. In fact, I wear a sweatshirt during most of it.
BTW, these leggings were another good deal from Bealls.


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see on the blog soon. This dress is a hand-me-down from my bestie that passed away. She had such great taste in clothes and I still have many of her items.
If I were hanging out at home, I’d wear this with flat sandals. Why not, right? It’s cute and cool for the hot weather.

The shoes were a find at Goodwill years ago. I did convert the ankle strap to velcro (as seen in my YouTube video).

For the blog, there will be more fun, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!!


Here’s my workout outfit for the morning when we went to walk around the track inside the rec center. It’s still a tad hot to do this outside, especially because we would rather sleep in and enjoy breakfast first.
Have you noticed the newer leggings have these pockets on the outside of the thighs?? I just love it for storing my phone when we are walking.
And yes, I wear my Sheec socks even when just walking the track. I see many others with their socks sticking out, and it seems wrong to me, haha!! I’m sure the styles will change one of these days, but for now, this is me!!

After our workout, I changed to this asymmetrical tunic and shorts. We were off to the opening of the brick-and-mortar store for Naomi and Ruth boutique that I have mentioned frequently on the blog. This yellow/brown kimono is from this boutique as well as this star sweater. While I try to get great deals whenever possible, I also believe in supporting a small business. And the best part about Naomi and Ruth is she ALWAYS donates part of the proceeds to a good cause (it’s her tithing for the business). The store is still online if you are ever interested.
The tunic is longer than the shorts. Is that weird??


I planned the first look because I was off to a facial. Thus the easy on/easy off dress and hat to cover my messy hair (it’s always messy after she’s done).
The hat was a recent purchase at a consignment shop for my hubby. Just remember some of the men’s items can work in your wardrobe too. (Just like the men’s shirt I styled 5 different ways).

In order to add the required “Jodie’s Touch” to the dress, I wore polka dot sandals (which added some print mixing) and included turquoise glasses, earrings, and a bracelet (which adds in a third color).
The shoes are easy on/off too with my velcro addition to the ankle straps. If you ever need a tutorial, I have a blog post and video about it.
A print of the sandals is one of those black and white polka dots, yet from afar it’s not as obvious. Even though you see them as a print, I bet others may not realize it until they are up close.

There was actually a swimsuit change in between the two (Do you even want to see my swimsuit outfits when I go to the pool?) And then I put on a different dress for a happy hour event after our shower. Again I added turquoise as an accent color.
And yes, I’m wearing my Gatherall strapless/backless bra. It’s the 7th wear and I’m still gaga about it. I went with a longer dress so when I’m sitting, there is more coverage.


Hopefully only one outfit today, haha. And I had to wear my new green cowboy boots since I had so many positive responses about them in my email and on Facebook.
After experimenting with styling bermuda shorts (5 different ways here), I think I usually like them with a longer top. I added in a multi-color necklace but maybe a darker green one would be better. I’ll have to play around later.

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