Weekly Wrap Up 9.18.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 9.18.21

Is it the sign of the time to see the sign above while we were at the Grand Canyon?? Our week was all about getting ready for our short trip, and then the adventure itself.


The morning started with a free online yoga class sponsored by AARP. Since we were at home, I could wear my biker shorts and a workout top from last week. Unless I sweat a lot, I will rewear a workout top a couple of times (and leggings).
I do love these longer tops with the sports bra built-in. I’m not sure this is the best color for me, but at least it’s a warm color.

After yoga, I wore the outfit I just bought from Banana Republic with my rewards (so basically it was free). The mustard linen pants were inspired by Bettye, I wouldn’t have thought to wear the pieces together except they were packaged together. So I thought adding some pink/purple to the mix would be fun.
The funny thing about this top is it’s basically the same design as a skirt that I have. This skirt has a story. When I bought it with Rob, I struggled with how to style it. I couldn’t find the cream or brown to “match” it (see, I used to be matchy matchy too). Then I used it with my color recipe, and voila, so many color combinations. WHY? Because it’s neutral and goes with everything!!


I just found this dress at a thrift store (as I was looking for fall decor). Since it was only $4, I snatched it up and had to wear it right away. In fact, I just talked about tips for when you get something new in this Instagram post.

Adding white earrings, bracelets, necklace, and shoes was my nod to keeping it summery. Even though I’m wearing mules, you might not realize that I have no-show socks on too. Sheec recently added a mule version of their socks, which I just adore. (Their newest discount is always updated on my page for Sheec socks).

These white mules are the brand Walking Cradles, and while they aren’t available anymore, I do love the white shoes even in the colder months. I’ve heard some women comment they remind them too much of nurses’ shoes. Personally, I’d rather think they are more reminiscent of the go-go days, LOL!!


During the day, I put on my crazy pants. Why do I call these crazy? They are the type that can look like a skirt since they are so wide. AND because they are stretchy, I can wear them as a dress. Don’t believe me? See the video here.

We were planning on going to Pilates class until I came down with a killer headache. The funny thing is I left the pants on during my nap and the remainder of the day because they are that comfy.
The top, bra, and accessories all came off right away, haha!!


I would never have thought to wear this dress with my “new” cowboy boots except for a suggestion on my FB post asking how others would wear them. Wearing cowboy boots with a dress isn’t new to me but this dress is boho. Yet what a fun mix of styles to combine the two. I included the hat only because I’m off to get a haircut later.

Insider tip: When you have a skirt or dress that seems on the short side, pairing it with tall boots makes you feel more covered.

Then we went to the gym to walk the track, and I wore a newer pair of leggings (that have a matching sports bra which I didn’t wear today) from Bealls. The set was $13, and nice and lightweight.
I wanted to show how I kept on my Sheec socks even for working out. These are the high-cut version that I tend to save for boots.


I’m wearing my shirt dress but wanted to slip on the shorts under it for something fun. This exact same dress can be worn as a duster too, which I showcased here. It makes me realize that shirt dresses can be very versatile.


Instead of an outfit photo (because we changed 5 times this day on our Grand Canyon adventure), I thought I’d include the short video I titled “Traffic Jam leaving the Grand Canyon” haha!!
It’s funny because it’s not like we’ve never seen elk before, but it’s impressive every time. BTW, there were a couple of people that got out of their car and were taking photos on our left (out of the video range). I think I’d be too scared to do that! I mean they are wild animals still.


Since we stayed overnight in Flagstaff, AZ the weather was nice and cool in the morning. Which meant I doubled my denim jackets for our jaunt to breakfast.
The belt is a Gibby’s scarf (20% off through my link) and I’m incorporating 3 different prints in this outfit along with 3 different colors.

And yes, this is what I wore home in the car for the 2-hour drive. I know many of you don’t believe me, but the right skirt or dress can be just as or comfier than pants or leggings. Trust me, you’ll hear more about it soon!
It’s no different than my breakdown of the perfect airplane outfit. In fact, I had one reader reach out to me to confirm that she tried it and totally agreed!!!

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