Weekly Wrap Up 9.4.21

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Weekly Wrap Up 9.4.21

The last week of August, but that doesn’t mean the end of summer, at least here in AZ. While on the blog, we may show some transitioning to fall options, here in real life, I’m still happy to wear my summer things.


This morning we had to go sign up for the aqua aerobic session. It was an interesting way to do it as everyone meets in an auditorium and then different tables are called randomly so you can sign up for the sessions you want. Some sessions get full by the time the last tables are called.

Of course, my husband thinks there should be a more modern (aka online) version, but our retirement community isn’t super tech-forward.

I chose this sheer blouse because it hadn’t been worn yet in my hangers experiment. And I mixed the colors red and burgundy together? Does anyone think that is weird??

And these leopard/plaid sandals have been a well-worn pair of heels (similar here). They certainly aren’t great for days of walking, yet they always get a ton of compliments.

Yes, I did change out the buckle ankle strap to velcro with these shoes. I’ve figured out the fast way to do it and it makes your strapped shoes so much easier to get on and off. See the blog post here and the video here.


We started out at the gym this morning. I feel like one of the trends for workout wear is the back details. I’ve been seeing a lot of strappy sports bras and cutouts.
Notice I even wear my Sheec socks with my workout sneakers.

Then for the afternoon, I pulled out my cactus dress again. It’s like wearing a nightgown because it’s so unfitted and lightweight. I wore these pink studded flats because mom, Lesley, and I had been talking about them recently. And since we were going over to Lesley’s for classic movie night (where we watched Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire) I wanted to show them to her since I rarely wear them anymore.


The morning workout was the last of our aerial classes sessions that we purchase. I wore my Peach leggings (which are reversible-you can see the print side here). This floral top has matching leggings seen here. I’m sure one of these days I’ll wear them together and look like a garden view, LOL!

Once we got home, I changed into something cooler. This shorts set is another from that Miacute company. It’s the same company as the red dress from last week. I thought it would be fun to accessorize the white short set with leopard (my shoes and earrings) AND turquoise (my bracelet and ring).


This is one of the eShakti dresses that I bought for $25. It seems like they have reinstated the special of getting $50 off your first-time purchase from the site with my link if you’re interested.

For those of you who have never tried the site, you can basically customize the neckline, sleeves, and length of the item (and they have tops, jackets, and pants too). There is also customization depending on your measurements for only an extra $10 which is certainly cheaper than alterations. I think it’s brilliant!!

I plan to write an entire post on my experiences (it’s not all perfect) soon, but I don’t know how long the $50 off will continue.

Anyways, with this dress (BTW, you can see that it’s lined), I wore some pink mules. I’ve decided that I need some turquoise sandals now, haha!!
Since I couldn’t wear turquoise shoes, I wore turquoise earrings instead.

This dress did come with a self-belt, which I immediately took off and stored with my other belts. Right now it’s just a tad hot to worry about a belt.


You saw these pants recently in another weekly wrap-up post with a yellow top. I figured my matchy friends would love to see it with blue too. So here it is with a hand-knit halter top from 16 years ago. I usually knot the straps in the back and let them hang, but I wanted to try something different.

And again, I’m wearing my Gatherall strapless/backless bra. I hate to throw my fashion forms under the bus, however, I really think this bra is truly my favorite now. I’ll have to add it to my strapless bra post soon.

These sandals are what I consider one of my “best” thrifted finds. I found them at Goodwill for $7, and when I got home I researched the brand. (I’m such a brand novice, and really don’t care about the brand. But it’s fun to find treasures). These are Stuart Weitzman sandals and usually retail for over $250. I think they are classic because of the color and size of the heel.


Experimenting with shoes again. I included the close-up because Rob didn’t realize the prints on them until I showed him up close. Then again, it’s a good example of how some smaller prints on our footwear aren’t super obvious. A great way to start print mixing, MK?

Wearing a dress today even though there’s nothing big on the calendar. We might head out for some errands, which means I will definitely wear the flats when we do that!


I started the day with double floral. The inspiration came after posting about double camo on Instagram this week. The jacket came in useful for when we went into stores on all of our errands in the morning. Showing the bare shoulders because….again….I’m wearing my Gatherall bra. I want to make sure I wear it enough times to know the pros and cons before I add it to my strapless bra post and maybe even give it its own feature.
BTW, this skirt is the one I featured worn 5 different ways but only one of them as a skirt.

The pilates outfit isn’t anything too exciting except these are the leggings that cost me $0.75 at Bealls. Now I know many of you would think that you’d never wear horizontal stripes like this. BUT I’m trying to fight that thinking. Who really cares if it makes my legs look bigger. My legs are what they are, and I LOVE them!!

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