Weekly Wrap Up For 1.23.21

Weekly Wrap Up For 1.23.21

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

Weekly Wrap Up For 1.23.21

What I’m not showing in this post is the amazing citrus that we get to indulge in from our trees that are right outside our back porch. It really makes us feel so lucky to have them….and they are organic, no less.
The funny thing is I wasn’t a big orange eater before moving here. Sure, they were okay, but I rarely bought them at the store. I guess having fresh quality makes a huge difference.
BTW, we share our bounty. If you are ever out here from the end of January to the end of February, we will give you a bag full. Orange, lemons and grapefruit are plentiful here!!


This outfit is another collaboration with another Instagram friend. Last week you saw the red plaid outfit and this week, I’m working with Susan, who suggested my bright pink sweater and then some leopard. It was a good day to wear a hat because my hair hasn’t been looking as good lately.

Funny thing is I ran out of a hair serum that I had purchased, and now I’m thinking it really helped my hair seem thicker. Therefore, I ordered more and may talk about it in a post. I’d used Rograine last year, but stopped when I started using the hair serum. Now I want to compare them side by side. (that’s the biology geek in me talking).

As for Sunday, I did get dressed, but you’ll see that outfit on January 27 as part of our Magnificent 8 collaboration. It’s a wonderful theme this time called “Outside the Box” where you make one item work in a totally different way!!


I love it when Monday’s have nothing on the schedule. So why wear a maxi dress?? No reason except to keep mixing it up from my closet. I layered a hoodie sweater under the pink denim jacket. All three of these pieces are thrifted.


This morning we checked our T-Mobile Tuesday app and found they were giving out free scarves. We’ve gotten the umbrellas and masks before, so we decided to head out and get one!!
Luckily there wasn’t a long line and we both got a pink/black scarf!! BTW, I was trying out a new “long lasting” lipstick and you can see it was a fail!!

Did you know that T-Mobile gives things away on Tuesday?? If you are looking for a new carrier, we would absolutely recommend them (at least over AT&T). I discussed some of the aspects we like in a previous post about how we are saving money.


Even I struggle with outfits and have to try a couple of options some days. I really wanted to wear these combat boots with cropped pants as an option. I also experimented with the half tuck to change the proportion.
I may go back to the drawing board. But that doesn’t mean I failed…it’s just finding a way that I like. Sometimes I think we give up too easily!


This LOVE MORE sweatshirt is for my girl group on Instagram that tries to buy the same thing at Target and style it for our personality. I adore the message and figured it would be perfect all year long and not just for Valentine’s day. (BTW, if you are looking at buying it, it’s roomy, so size down).

Are you tired of my combat boots yet?? I know I am, but I’ve been working on outfits that I can pair with them and will share my thoughts in a post soon!!
If you are anything like me and think they are TOO clunky, then you’ll want to read the upcoming post.

As for the “love” t-shirt below, I won 2 of them on an Instagram giveaway. One for me and one for my BFF. That means both Rob and I will have matching tees to wear for Valentines day which is also our anniversary!!

And the best part of the day?? We were able to go to a friend’s house for happy hour. We were social distanced outside on their patio, and it was so nice to have human interaction!! (no diss to mom and Lesley, but we see them all the time, LOL)


I had to wear my newly won t-shirt (and Rob wore his too which you’ll see in an upcoming Instagram reel). Since it it long (until I shrink it), I used my favorite elastic ties (available on Amazon here in different sizes) to tie it up on the side. It seemed boring, so I also tied one of Rob’s pocket squares around it to give it a little sass.
My struggle was how to layer it at first. Sure, I could have worn a cardigan or jacket over it, but then you don’t see the message. So I went with a tight sheer top. It was an “aha” moment for me because I always think to style this sheer top over something, not under. (You can see how I wore it on our Alaska cruise, here about halfway through the post).

The day was full of human interaction thankfully. First I was able to zoom with a friend I met through blogging. If you have never met “Em” from Dust and Doghair, you should. She is not only a fabulous DIY person, but also F.U.N.N.Y!
Then Lesley picked me up to check out another local boutique. Of course, I found some things. One thing was an ottoman/table for our living room and the other was a secondhand leather coat (below)

We are also working to get my fender bender from last week fixed (through the other woman’s insurance) and we are going to get more insulation put in our attic. WHY do we need more insulation? Because there was NONE. Okay, not none but half of what should be there. How did the inspector not catch that???????? No wonder I’m always cold, ugh!!

Thank You

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I hope I say thank you enough because your support allows me to continue this journey which I just LOVE!!!
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