Weekly Wrap Up For 1.9.2021

Weekly Wrap Up For 1.9.2021

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Weekly Wrap Up For 1.9.2021

So instead of a monthly highlights post, I’m going to try a weekly post to relive the week that just happened. I was hoping it would be shorter that way (if only, haha), and then I could include more of the interesting details of the past week.


Last weekend was pretty darn quiet. Our neighbors have a jigsaw puzzle going on their back porch, so we did go down to work on that for awhile. Sure, it’s partly about the jigsaw puzzle, but it’s also a nice social activity with a couple of us neighbors.
This particular jigsaw puzzle is SO hard. It’s not the fact that it’s 2000 pieces. It’s the fact that the colors are incredibly hard to tell apart. Case in point, when we first started, I thought I was working on the horse’s tail and it turned out to be the sky!! LOL!!!

The good part about our “walk” down to the neighbors is we look at this hole next to the electrical transformer. We think it’s home to a lizard. But this weekend, we noticed the cement around the transformer was wet. (and since we live in a D.R.Y. environment, if it were water, it would have evaporated).
The neighbor decided that the transformer was leaking oil, and we called the electric company who showed up within the hour!
Luckily it’s a relatively newer transformer that has vegetable oil in it instead of the toxic kind. It still needs to be fixed, but we don’t have to worry about it going up in a blast!!

Our goal with our food intake is to increase the nutrient value of almost everything we eat. Many of you have asked about our “diet” so a post will be on the horizon.
But suffice it to say that this is our cereal of mashed sweet potatoes (that I discussed recently in our breakfasts post) and we also hide many other veggies in our smoothie. This smoothie in particular has carrots and cauliflower hiding among the oranges, pineapple, banana, pear and coconut.


I was bragging to Rob that I’ve had this skirt for 30 years. I remember wearing it during dental school. The funny thing is I was 20 pounds heavier in dental school than I am now, which goes to show how our body weight reallocates.
It’s also a good point how skirts have MUCH fewer fit points and allow us to wear them easier.

Monday was a quiet day. One of those we didn’t leave the house except to take a walk!! Granted I changed out of this before our walk, LOL! Actually I just put on joggers and my new sneakers that I talked about yesterday on the blog. They really are so comfy.


This is a thrifted cardigan I ordered from Uncommon Closet. They are a preloved store that I showcased one Saturday last year as part of my Small Business Saturday. They do sell online and they also contributed to my blogaversary giveaways, so I wanted to support them. I purchased this Alice & Olivia sweater. The brand was unknown to me but let me tell you about the quality. ALL of the knitted seams were bound. Heck, I don’t even do that when I knit a sweater. And I’m sure that’s why this brand is expensive.

We also are going to try this new coffee that is mold free. Talk about something I’d never considered before. However, Rob’s naturopath suggested this one or Bullet Proof Coffee which we’ve tried from Sprouts. I’ll let you know what my coffee snob of a husband thinks!!


I decided to have fun with some print mixing today. This jacket is one of those “regret” pieces. I bought it when we were working and spent WAY too much on it. And I just don’t wear it much. So I’m trying to pull it out more and more.
The leopard top under it is from Belong Lifestyle USA (another Small Business Showcase company), and the sneakers are Walking Cradles.

I talked to a women from Gibby’s Frillery because I’m going to showcase one of her scarves on my Instagram stories. It seems like the new trend with companies is to “hop on a call” to discuss specifics. I like it because it’s much more personal than an email. Her scarves are made from a bathing suit like material so they stretch in all ways. I’ll let you know how I like it when I receive it.


You’ll see this outfit on the blog coming up only with a little twist and va va voomness!!! We went out to this resort called the Phoenician to explore their cactus garden (and of course take some blog photos). The sunset was beautiful.


Funny that the color scheme is similar to Monday’s outfit. This blazer was my other purchase from Uncommon Threads and those boots I’ve had for about 15 years. It’s a family joke because we traveled to San Antonio for our anniversary (on Valentine’s Day) and the forecast said it would be warm (like in the 60’s). So I took sandals, and it never got above 40 degrees. So obviously I had to buy some boots!!!
Rob thought it was a ploy for more footwear, but I have the worst time figuring out how a different temperature will feel!!

I dressed up today to go with my mom to her dermatology appointment. I prefer to look somewhat professional to go to a professional office. I’m sure it’s some psychological issue, LOL!!
As our “date night” for the evening, we watched the first episode of a Woman Named Jackie from 1991. I knew nothing about Jackie Kennedy, so it was very eye opening.

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