Welcome to Sun City Arizona with Where the Blogger’s Live

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Sun City Arizona

Welcome to Sun City Arizona with Where the Blogger’s Live

I’m happy to call Sun City Arizona our new home. It’s been wonderful to have you join us on many of our moving events that got us here. Like why we sold our home through Zillow, how we traveled with our cats and most recently my tips of moving to a different state.

Quote of the day: “Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.” Robin Hobb

It’s true that people make the house our home. I think it also applies to the area we live.

This is another collaboration with the woman of Where the Blogger’s Live. Each of us is sharing parts of where we live whether that be our home or area. Make sure to check out the other bloggers below and what they are sharing for the month.

Sun City Arizona

Our street view

We didn’t plan on moving to Sun City. If you missed all the announcements when this was going on, it was all due to the fact that my husband found he could breath easier at lower altitudes. We were living in Denver, Colorado which is a mile high. And when we’d come visit our snowbird friends in Phoenix, he felt a weight lifted off his chest.

When we started looking for places here, the biggest factor was where my mom was going to be. We had a woman that would be showing us three different independent living places for my mom. Luckily all three of these were close together. So we kept our house search to 10 miles from that area.

So at the time we came out to look where my mom could live and a house for us, we checked out houses not only in Sun City but also Surprise and Peoria. We ended up narrowing down our search to 15 houses we looked at the weekend we came down. And then went back to 3 different ones to find our favorite. The house we are living in now, was my absolute favorite. And luckily Rob agreed.

The Original Retirement Community

Sun City Museum

I talked a little about the history of Sun City when we visited the museum recently. With that, I showed the old photos of when the model homes were first for sale, January 1, 1960. Along with some of the original decor from the time (like pink tile in the kitchens and bathrooms).

And maybe you realize that there are Sun Cities all over the United States like Nevada, Nebraska, Texas, Florida, Kansas, California and South Carolina. Heck, there are even other Sun Cities here in Phoenix called Sun City West, and Sun City Grand.

However, we are living in the first and original Sun City Arizona along with being in the Phase 1 area. That means our house was built in the late 1960’s. As you saw in the introduction to a couple of rooms in our new house, it was flipped before we bought it.

Recreation Centers

As part of our yearly dues, we have 7 recreation centers at our disposal. We can use any of them yet we have only been to a couple so far. The closest one is less than half a mile from us and tends to be our go to. That’s because we’ve only tried out the water walking and hot tub. Every rec center has a pool, but only two of them have water walking. And since I’m not a swimmer, it’s perfect for me.

There are also fitness areas and many, many kinds of clubs. For example there is a knitting club which I have yet to go to but I will. And Rob is interested in the photography club and Spanish speaking club. We have also gone to the pilates class a couple of times. And I want to try out the yoga too. These clubs do have an extra cost but it’s very minimal. For example the pilates is $4 a class. And yoga is $3. Very reasonable, I think.

And as you can see in the parking photo, there is even covered parking which is wonderful in the hot summers. On top of these parking covers are solar panels to take advantage of all of the sunshine we get (299 days a year).


For golfers, there are 8 golf courses in Sun City. You have to pay to golf, but it’s a very reduced cost. We don’t golf. And we don’t have a golf cart. Many people use their golf carts to get around. Actually we were thinking of getting a Vespa instead. (I want a pink one, but Rob vetoed that).

I love how there is even golf cart parking at the recreation centers and the churches. There are over 25 different churches here in Sun City Arizona because of the generosity of the developer of the area. Del Webb gave the land free to the churches and then had them built for cost, so everyone would feel at home.

It’s not easy to see in the photos; however, the roads are actually wider than normal. They made them this way so the cars and golf carts can coexist on the same roadway.


There are many free events as part of living in Sun City. For example the Sun Bowl. It’s an amphitheater where free concerts are held on Sunday nights during the good weather. If you’ve been following me on Instagram stories, I’m sure you’ve seen the posts.

We have also attended the showing of movies they provide. Every week is a different movie and there is even popcorn provided. A couple of weeks ago we saw Murder on the Orient Express.

There are some events that aren’t free but are certainly inexpensive. For example just last weekend, we attended the play, Gladys in Wonderland, that was put on by the residents of Sun City. We actually signed up for the series of 3 plays for the season and it was only $25—for ALL 3 plays.

I’ve heard some people say that if you’re bored in Sun City, it’s your own fault. There is no shortage of fun things to do.


Fruit trees in Sun City Arizona

First there are fruit trees in abundance here.

Not that we’ve had a chance to really try the fruit from our trees because they aren’t in season yet. But they are everywhere around here. You will notice their trunks are painted white. It’s done to protect them from the scorching sun. I think it makes them look fabulous.

In our back yard we have orange and grapefruit trees. We live in a small HOA that is made up of 10 houses, so we are allowed to pick from all the trees in our HOA. There’s a lemon tree along with a pink grapefruit to choose from also.

Second, there are SO many cool palm trees and cacti. Funny story is that we were at Ace Hardware when we first moved. And the manager was telling us about the plant sale the next week. I asked if they would be selling cacti. She said, “You’re not from around here, are you? People from Arizona don’t like cacti.” I was amazed because I think they are very interesting, and of course I want a couple in our front patio area.


It’s such an interesting way that the trash is stored by our driveways in Sun City. The trash cans are in the ground. We couldn’t understand why when we first moved in. Yet it certainly is prettier on garbage days. And the garbage is picked up twice a week.

The garbage men have to pick up each can by hand and then they put it in a rolling cart that they take from house to house before being dumped in the truck.


Now I won’t say there isn’t any cons of moving here. It’s like everything in life where there is some good and some bad.

For instance, there are definitely different bugs here than there was in Denver. Let’s just say we now have an exterminator that comes out monthly. The good news is it’s not terribly expensive.

There are a couple of things we miss out here (besides Nancy). The light rail is only in the infancy stages whereas it was something we used quite a bit in Denver. And the peaches. OMG, we had the best Colorado peaches, that we miss terribly. We will have to somehow bring a box back next time we visit Colorado in the summer.

One other aspect of this new area is the water is not as delicious as it was in Littleton. Sure, there are cities in Denver that the water isn’t as good either. Luckily, having a filter on the fridge makes it taste more normal.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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