Western Inspired Outfits at the Golden Puzzle Room

Western inspired outfits in Colorado

Western Inspired Outfits at the Golden Puzzle Room

Quote of the day: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein

It’s funny, because growing up, my worst fear was making a mistake. Not that it’s easy now, but I’m learning that it’s part of life. I laugh at myself more and more, and that’s a good thing. It’s exactly why I grabbed this quote for our western inspired outfits. For some reason, this isn’t our go to style, so mistakes feel so obvious.

Yet it was super fun to try out some different kinds of looks this week. See? We are throwing our hats up in celebration…ha ha!

I’m still compiling all of the responses from the survey last week, so thank you again for your thoughts and opinions. I am reading each one and ruminating on what the future holds. And let me point back to the quote again. I’m sure there will be some mistakes, but I hope you will bear with me.

Western inspired outfits make us feel happy

Different Ways to Style Western

I can see how wearing everything western related might make someone feel out of place in a big city. Or small town area where it’s not Texas or Colorado. Yet there are many western trends that are almost mainstream now.

Like jeans. That’s why I wore my boot cut jeans when I also tried to pair my country style with a little bit of edginess.

As for cowboy boots, there are many boots that have some of the same characteristics. For example my mom’s white boots she wore two weeks ago are very western style. Yet because they are white, they are modern too. That’s why I had Nancy try to pair a modern print with her western look. I thought it would make an outfit feel less like a costume.

As for my mom, I asked her to add in some feminine elements to her look. The first time I heard about dichotomy in outfits I was hooked. It seems like it’s more contemporary that way instead of going gung ho with any one kind of style. It’s that yin and yang thing.

Western inspired outfits with our boots

Cowboy Hats

Needless to say, the epitome of cowboy besides the boots are the hats. Yet none of us have a true western hat. But hey! That didn’t stop us from having fun with what we had. In fact, one of the onlookers while we were taking these photos, was trying to help us with how to wear them. I especially like them over our rears, LOL!

Western inspired outfits for cowboy style

The Golden Puzzle Room

Let me first say, this isn’t a sponsored post. We heard about the Golden Puzzle Room when we went to Cider Days earlier last fall. Rob liked the idea better than the usual escape rooms because you’re not locked in. And I liked the idea because it was an indoor activity. Perfect for the cold spring days in Denver.

We were able to even preview the Nightingale room which is where the photo below was taken. Obviously it had better lighting than the next photos. And trust me, we will coming back to experience this room next.

Western inspired outfits with 3 decades of women

The reason we ended up wearing western attire for this week, was because the other room at the Golden Puzzle Room is Strike it Rich in the Gambit Gold Mine. Not that most normal people plan their outfits around the theme of the place they are going. But then again, I never claimed to be normal.

As soon I heard the choices of the puzzle rooms, I figured since we live in Denver and it was a mining town, that room would be a perfect match. And then the idea of western wear was a natural fit. Especially since we had just bought the pants Nancy is wearing and talked about a western theme when she purchased them.

Western inspired outfits at a puzzle room

So have any of you ever been to an escape room? This was our first time, and it was SUCH a great activity. Needless to say it took us 63 minutes to get the gold. Which means we didn’t “win.” But we talked about it all afternoon afterwards.

I feel like the 4 of us all worked pretty well together. We each contributed to the clues and figuring them out. Then again, we got a lot of help from the “ceiling”too. (The ceiling is the person working at the place and she was very helpful when we got stuck. I’m not sure if all rooms have this help, but I think we would have gotten frustrated otherwise. Some clues just did not come naturally to us.)

Western inspired outfits for any age

Tips to an Escape Room

Obviously all these places are different. And I am in no way an expert. Heck, we haven’t even tried another one yet.

Yet here’s my take on a couple of things that will help if you try it out.

1-Take your reading glasses.

2-We were provided a couple of flash lights but could have used one for each of us. So bring your phone to use for that resource.

3-All clues are fair game, and it’s good to get everyone’s perspective. It’s amazing how standing back, and looking at something with other eyes can make a difference.

4-Remember, just because you find a clue in the beginning, doesn’t mean it has to be used then. It could be for the very last part of the puzzle. Remember everything!

Will we go again? You betcha! In fact, Nancy’s group of high school friends are coming out to Denver this summer, and she’s going to take them to the Lakewood location.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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