What is Considered a Cute Apple Picking Outfit

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Midlife woman in cute apple picking outfit

What is Considered a Cute Apple Picking Outfit

Sure, everyone’s definition of a cute apple picking outfit is going to differ. And you may not even have apple picking on your bucket list. However, this is the kind of outfit that could be great for many outdoor activities.

Quote of the day: “Since we’re all going to get wrinkly and die, maybe we’ve got to accept that. It’s like what they teach you in driving school: If your car skids, turn the wheels right into it. It’s counter intuitive, but don’t fight the slide.” Amanda Peet

Don’t fight the slide. Isn’t that a great message? So for me, that is not only embracing shorts for our activity, but also going out and doing things we’ve never done before. Like apple picking.

The fact is, this was a new activity for all of us. Maybe trying it out in the desert of Arizona, was not what we had imagined. But, hey! Why not? Make sure to see how Lesley styled her shorts and my mom tried to match the apples. And I have some practical tips for any outdoor activity like this.

Styling a cute apple picking outfit

Shorts: Campania Fantastica of Modcloth~~ Top: Downeast c/o Trendz n Trinkets ~~ Boots: Aldo-thrifted ~~Earrings: ~~ Hat: Tenth Street Hats c/o~~Purse: A New Day

Jodie’s Cute Apple Picking Outfit

In an orchard with a cute apple picking outfit

Since the weather app said it was going to be over 100 degrees on this day, I knew I wanted to stay cool. Even though I needed to wear my rain boots. More about those below.


First this hat!! It’s one of my favorites only because it’s not the usual straw color. I wore it once as my pop of color with all white. Of course, another way to give your tan straw hat some color would be like Lesley did last week.

And then my belt bag. I know, I know….I hear many of you saying you don’t want to add bulk to your middle. And to that, I want to share something I read today on Instagram. Dacy said, ”  I think women could accomplish a lot more if we stopped trying to appear as small as possible and just fully inhabit the physical space we take up in the world.” Trust me, I’ll be using that quote again, because it’s something we all need to hear over and over.

Now off my soapbox and onto the functionality of belt bags. They are SO convenient when you want to use your hands for something else. And as much as I love cross body bags too, my shoulders aren’t in the best shape. And my preference for these bags is to get one with structure. And notice that I used a dark belt with the bag, and not the matching belt that came with it.


Styling a cute apple picking outfit

Now that I am living in much warmer weather, my shorts collection is going to grow exponentially. Granted, not the short shorts I used to wear as a younger girl, but shorts none the less.

And right now is the time to buy them if you’re looking. Maybe you won’t be able to wear them until next summer, but there are some good deals. Like this pair of green paper bag waist shorts from ModCloth. They were only $13. They do wrinkle a lot, but heck, so does my skin and I’m embracing the slide.

If you can’t stomach the idea of showing off your legs this way, there are other great options. I would have worn a skirt today, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be climbing the trees…ha ha!! Yet the wide leg pants are a great option too.

Rain Boots

Rainboots as part of a cute apple picking outfit

Honestly I never saw the draw with rain boots before I started blogging. Seriously, it hardly rained in Denver, so why would I need rain boots? It wasn’t until I saw a pair at Goodwill for $10 before we went on our Alaskan cruise, that I even considered them.

Well, I did buy that pair from Goodwill. And I ended up wearing them more than I thought. Especially in the slushy snow times in Colorado. They weren’t as heavy as snow boots, but still gave good protection from the wetness. The sad thing is those boots cracked so I had to throw them out. Of course, I bought another thrifted pair soon after that.

I wondered if I should even keep these boots after finding we were moving to Arizona. They don’t have lots of rain OR snow. So why would I need them? Imagine my surprise when I read the note about this apple orchard ( I included the note in Lesley’s and mom’s post) which made me glad I brought these rain boots. I included a ton of other fun ones above because they really are versatile and sassy.

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Jodie and Apples

Woman over 50 in cute apple picking outfit

I love the idea of having “real” fruit at your picking. That’s why in my first house in Colorado, I had apples trees planted. Did you know you need a female and male tree to get the fruit? Either that or the landscaper pulled the wool over my eyes.

So we had 3 different apple trees that we LOVED to harvest. Of course the harvest time was more like October, not September. And after my mom made us a couple of apple pies, I would make applesauce in the crock pot. Maybe that’s what I’ll do with our apples from Date Creek Ranch.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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