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So funny story about this month’s Where Blogger’s Live theme. Bettye sends out an email to remind us of the category, and I read it as “Pimp your Ride.” Obviously, that wasn’t right yet my first thought was maybe I should do a pin-up photo on my car?

Luckily I reread the prompt and realized it was “Peep my Ride” yet I decided to go ahead with the laying on my car pose!! Everyone needs a laugh here and then.

Cars. Let me tell you that they don’t excite me at all. Rob can tell you the type of car everyone on our street drives, and I have no clue. None, nada, nothing!

So once you know that about me, then it won’t come as a surprise to learn that I’ve only had 3 cars in my entire 56 years of living.

Join me in the story of this car and you can see how it’s weathered throughout the 26 years that I’ve had it. Yes, 26 years. My car is a 1996 and still going strong with only 148,000 miles. (It’s a Honda, what do you expect, haha?)

Short car

Meet Dexter, the Del Sol (Dex for Short)

Yes, I’m one of those weird people who name their cars. Truthfully, I learned that from the people I used to babysit for every day after high school. It’s something they did, and I thought it was a great idea.

During high school, college, dental school, and my first 4 years of working, I had two second-hand cars (Herman the Horizon and Cecil the Sentra).
I was always of the idea that it was usually thriftier to put money into the car you had versus buying another one. Of course, there gets to a point when it’s not feasible anymore.

Therefore, when my dad dragged me (and yes, I really didn’t want to go), to a car show, I happened to fall in love with the Honda Del Sol car. It was small and compact and oh so, cute!! It was then, that I decided this would be my next car. AND first absolutely new (to me) car!

Well, it turned out that by the time I decided I could afford this car, it wasn’t easy to get my hands on in Denver, Colorado. In fact, I ended up going through a broker, and Dexter was found in Missouri and transported to Littleton.
I had my heart set on getting the blue version, unfortunately, they stopped making the blue one when I wanted mine.
Admittedly, going through the broker was wonderful because I just told him what I wanted, the color, and he did all the hard work.

AND YES, I read the owner’s manual from front to back when I first got the car.

Non Filtered

Dex didn’t even get a car wash before his photoshoot. Poor Dex. He’s so neglected at times!
You can see how short the car is when I’m standing next to it. I consider that an advantage especially back in the day when I hand-washed him.

Truthfully, when I was working (and felt like I had the world on my shoulders), I was ready to get rid of Dex. It wasn’t always easy to get in and out of such a short 2 seater car.
But now? Now I feel at least 10 years younger than when I was working, and I appreciate having to work my glutes and hamstrings to take Dex out and about. Silly, right?

Then again, he’s got so many years left in him, it seems a shame to put him out to pasture before he’s ready.

What you can’t see as well in these photos, is the hail damage from 24 years ago. Over the years it’s not as obvious because they’ve popped out (plus being dirty has its advantages).
Why didn’t I get the hail damage fixed? It came at a point in my life when I was a struggling dentist so I reasoned that I needed the insurance payment money more than the sleek exterior of my car.

Insider information: I always say that Dex’s scars are no different than the scar under my nose. It’s part of the outside only and doesn’t change the inside.

Some of the upholstery is starting to rip on the driver’s seat, and we will be getting that fixed one of these days.

Facts About Dex

You might look at Dex and think what a silly car to have for living in Denver, Colorado. I’ll have you know that Dex is a front-wheel-drive car and always did beautifully in the snow. Some of that could be due to the fact, that I’m an old lady driver, especially in the snow, haha.

One of the biggest draws of this Honda model is the Targa roof. Basically like a “t-top” except this was one piece instead of two.
You unlocked the handles on each side of the roof and picked it up to be stored in its trunk. Who doesn’t love a convertible, right?

While I NEVER take the top off anymore (of Dex that is), the fact that you stored the roof in the trunk was a cool feature. SO you could take the top off no matter where you were.
Once I started having skin cancer, I gave up having a “convertible” car.

BUT the big advantage is how huge Dex’s caboose is. Seriously, you’d never believe how much we can put in his trunk. In fact, only once or twice have we had to go home to get Rob’s SUV when we bought something big at Sam’s not thinking about the fact that we had driven over in Dex.

The Extras

While I don’t accessorize my car as I do myself, there are a few things that are basic for a car in Arizona.

  • One of the first things we bought when we moved to Phoenix was a steering wheel cover. Does that seem silly? You try getting through a 110 degree summer without one!
  • Sunshade–I’ve never gone without one of these, which is probably why the dashboard is still in good shape.
  • Personal license plate on the front. In Arizona we don’t need a license plate on the front of our car, so I had a personalized one made up. Yes, Charlotte and Lesley have one on their cars too!
  • One of these days I may splurge and get these eyelashed for the front headlights. Aren’t they so cute?

So in response to the question as to the title, what does my car say about me?? I’m sure a psychologist could reveal so much about it. Me? I’ll just say that I like the cuter cars and this one has a lot of meaning to it.
The funny thing is many guys will come up and comment on it. This one young kid told us the story of how he fixed one up and sold it. In Denver, we used to see a teal-colored one out and about (which means it had been painted because they originally only came in black, red, silver, blue, and green apple.)

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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