What Happened in February

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What's happening in February for Jodie's Touch of Style

What Happened in February

Between friends, food and frolics, February was a month to enjoy. The best part of February every year is how everyone celebrates our anniversary. That’s our inside joke since our anniversary is on Valentine’s Day. And in true Filogomo style, it’s not enough to just observe it on that ONE day.

Read on to see about all the other frolicking that happened in February.

AZ historic tour in February

Day 1: We joined up with a Historic Walking Tour of Phoenix to find out more about the downtown area. It was such a fabulous tour. I’ll blog more about the facts and details in the months to come. But if you’re ever here, make sure to check it out. The woman also runs a food tour that we may have to experience.

Day 2-3: My fabulous friend and Forever Fierce leader, Catherine was out here for a secret mission. She stayed with us and we took some fun photos. If you have never checked out her blog, now is the time. Her message is all about midlife and embracing it. She’s also the creator and force behind the Forever Fierce Revolution on Facebook that I know many of you have joined. (Notice the shoes…they are the silver sequin Walking Cradles sneakers.

Day 3-6: Our patio project is continuing with the pavers and new furniture. I can’t wait to show you the end result and we are so excited to be able to use it. I say that because it’s been interesting this winter. It’s been cold here, and everyone says it’s SO unusual.

Day 9: A wonderful pre anniversary celebration with our friends, Jean & JoAnne. We visited one of our favorite Italian restaurants here in Sun City and Rob, of course, had a cannoli for dessert.

Juggling oranges in February

Dec. 10-12: Catherine was here again on her “secret mission” which if you are following her blog, you would have seen by now. It’s so fun how everyone who visits, enjoys the oranges in our backyard as much as we do.

Happy anniversary at the Mission

Day 14: Happy Valentines Day and our 16th anniversary. We always like either going out for breakfast or lunch now that we are retired because the restaurants aren’t as packed then. This day we visited a new to us restaurant called the Mission.

Cinnamon roll at Pomelo

Day 15: Just like we celebrate our birthday more than one day of the year, we celebrate our anniversary for a couple of days too. This AMAZING cinnamon roll was from Pomelo. And we decided it was one of the best we’ve ever had. And trust me…I’m picky about my cinnamon rolls.

Day 16: Classic movie night was supposed to be “The Man that Knew Too Much” with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day. However, we accidentally picked up the BluRay version from the library so it wouldn’t play in our ancient DVD player. Luckily we had a video my mom had given us called Nobody’s Fool with Paul Newman (not exactly classic but close enough).

James Judge at Goodwill

Day 20: Lesley, Rob and I went to a Goodwill demonstration for the Goodwill Flip Contest. It was all about how you could take a piece from Goodwill, and make it better. James Judge (on Instagram as @TheHouseJudge with incredible before and after photos) was one of the speakers. He really makes you think differently about the things you can find secondhand and how to transform them.

Visiting Queen's Creek Olive Mill in February

Day 21: Did you know there’s an olive grove in Arizona?? Yep, it’s called Queen’s Creek Olive Mill, and we went and toured (and took blog photos of course).

Good friends visiting in February

Day 24: One of our Denver friends was here in AZ camping. Say hi to Sally and Yogi (I need a Yogi…he’s the gentlest doggie ever). Sally had joined us at our Chico’s Girlfriend’s Event a couple of years ago.

Day 27: If you live in AZ during the spring, you have to go to at least ONE spring training baseball game, right? Today we went to the Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners.

THE ENTIRE MONTH: I have been struggling with my hair. Finally I have an appointment with a stylist and she’s a Deva Curl stylist. I’ve been looking for inspiration photos for FINE, tight curly hair to no avail. If you have any ideas, I’m all ears.

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