What I Wore Day to Day for October in Arizona

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Posting the outfits of what I wore daily has been a great exercise to see my habits for my looks. When people ask me why I get “so dressed up” every day, my favorite response is that I have cute clothes so I might as well wear them.

Besides, we all know there is a huge psychological factor about looking good and how it makes us feel better.

Jeans and a sweater
Dress and a poncho
Corduroys and a sweater vest
Dress and jacket options
Leggings and sweater
Skirt with a long vest
Handknit skirt and chambray shirt

My goal has been trying to wear both pants and dresses equally, as well as shop my closet. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop for new (or new to me) items, but sustainability is on my radar now also.


Snakeskin jeans and Jambu boots

Today we were heading up to Prescott where it is 20 degrees colder. That’s why I needed the boots, sweater, and jacket.

These “Eagle” Boots from Jambu are still available in select sizes AND the faux fur-lined version.

I wore them with a pair of thrifted burgundy, snakeskin print jeans. I don’t wear a lot of black tops, but I added color with the pink faux leather jacket and sparkly earrings.

We visited the Phippen Museum in Prescott and had a wonderful tour. Did you know there is a group called the Cowboy Artists?? Phippen was one of the men who established this group.


Dress and Poncho with Pashion Footwear

Today we were off to a Brunch and Bubbles Influencer event at a new hotel in the area.

While I haven’t been wearing sandals as much lately, I wanted to try out the Pashion Footwear that I just won in a giveaway.
These shoes are changeable from heels to flats. How COOL is that??

The dress is an open-shoulder dress that I wore to our first FierceCon event. You can see it styled in that post.

Yet since it can be a tad cool inside places, I added this poncho from a couple of seasons ago from the Peach Collection.

I was going to wear a blazer over the dress, however, the sleeves of the dress are bell-shaped and so I needed something flowier to go over them.

I’m not showing it here, but I found a Kate Spade lime green purse while thrifting yesterday, and that will be my purse today.


Colorful with print mixing

I don’t usually wear sandals with a sweater, but I wanted to try out the other pair of Pashion Footwear shoes that I just won in a giveaway. (The first pair I wore on Sunday)

The blouse and vest were both purchased from my friend’s online boutique called Belong Lifestyle USA. I didn’t think about wearing them together until I took them out of the bag together.
It’s print mixing at its best since the colors are the same.

Rob calls this my Barney Rubble vest, but it’s so soft, so I just ignore him.

The pink/orange corduroy pants were thrifted.

I wore one of the original Gibby headscarves (use code Jodie20) upside down so it wouldn’t be as overpowering on my head.


Even I vacillate on if something looks good or not. But when we really analyze the results are they all that different? When I ask everyone’s opinion on Facebook, it’s usually a mixed result. And I believe that’s because there is NO right and wrong. It’s all a personal preference (and a lot of brainwashing that we’ve been told over and over).

But I will say that when I asked preferences on Facebook, the majority liked the one on the left.

Both the denim jacket and velvet kimono are longer toppers and about the same color. The denim is a tad heavier for the morning chill and the kimono works better for when it warms up.

Both pair of footwear is light neutral colors. The silver-painted sneakers are lower profile, and the white boots stand out more (which is why I added the necklace to tie them into the look).

I chose the dress today because we were off thrifting and I wanted something easy to take on and off for trying things on in the dressing room.

What I Wore on Wednesday

I wanted to show the back of this sweater also. It’s one of the items I thrifted on our recent shopping excursion and even though it was more than what I usually spend on thrifted sweaters, I just adored the asymmetrical points of this along with the cool buckles in the back.

Insider tip: Remember that just as many people see you from behind, so give them something fun to look at.

I wore a pair of high-top Walking Cradles sneakers with these faux fur leggings. These sneakers are called the “Osmond” and are the Cheetah print. While they are sneakers, they basically look like ankle boots.

The leggings are a faux leather material from Peach from a while back. I know the faux leather material can seem intimidating however, most of them don’t look too different than normal material.


Long vest over a sheer tunic

After all the fun in our sweater vest post with the Magnificent 8 group, I wanted to try to style this long vest.

I was tickled pink to see Grace from our Magnificent 8 group style a sheer top under her vest as I had. And she’s young and hip. Therefore, I thought I do the same thing with this long vest.

These loafers are from Walking Cradles. Did you know that the loafer style is trending again? This style is called the “Wyatt” and comes in a couple of different prints. Of course, I loved the cheetah print.

I used the shoes, my earrings (which are from Theresa Rose Designs), and my necklace to add lightness to the darker outfit.

As much as I love color, it goes to show that even I have darker pieces for the fall season. I will have to work on incorporating more brights.

You saw this sheer tunic when I styled it with lime green. We were experimenting with incorporating fall colors into spring outfits.


What I wore daily with a handknit skirt

This sweater skirt is one that I knitted years ago. It seems a tad short to me at times which is why I wore taller boots so there isn’t as much leg exposed.

Insider tip: I posted about 5 different ways to approach this idea for the winter season AND the summer season in the past.

Adding a chambray shirt is one of my ways of making a skirt seem more casual.

The fun necklace is from Pam Neri’s site. She has one-of-a-kind pieces and I love how they are all lightweight.

Since there’s a lot going on with the rest of the outfit, I did keep my earrings simple with the metallic ones I’ve showcased from Frannie & Elinor.

You may be surprised at the bare legs since it’s the end of October, but it’s going to be in the low 90’s today!!! Have I told you how much I LOVE Arizona this time of year??

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