What I Wore for the End of January

I appreciate each and every share. Thank you!

This exercise of posting my daily outfits has been so good for me to see what I really wear in the sense of having variety in my looks.
Sometimes I get in a color habit or jeans habit, and it’s nice to have these photo reminders so I make sure to switch it up.

I did have a change of location for some of these photos because we tore our living room apart for my Facebook live event, and all of the lights were there instead.
Here is the link to my FB Live if you’re interested in learning more about how to combine colors and expand your wardrobe. It’s 30 minutes long, so save it when you have time to enjoy!!


These are an old pair of LuLaRoe leggings. Does anyone else remember those? While I always loved how soft they are, they aren’t very thick, so I need some layers to stay warm.

I certainly don’t see LuLaRoe around as much anymore as I know the company has had some difficulties. I wrote a post about them when I first discovered them and I still have that skirt from that post.

For this look, I wore a new cardigan that my friend, Cathie, gave me for my birthday. It’s such a warm brown, that I loved it with the red and pinks.

In order to add the “extra” that I’m craving, I wore a silk top with the leggings and layered some necklaces.

The pink sneakers are Jambu from last spring’s collection and they are still available. These are one of my favorite Jambu sneakers because they are so comfy AND they have a wonderful sheen to them.
Make sure to see how I wore them with floral pants.


I wanted to make sure I wore all of my “winter” shorts before it gets too warm. Not that I thought these were winter shorts when I bought them, but I find I like them best with tights and/or tall boots.

Today I wore black fishnets with them….a little va-va-voom?? No sense thinking va-va-voom is out of reach just because you’re ____ years old (you fill in the blank with your age).

I found this scarf tying hack on Instagram (you can see it here). Mine didn’t turn out exactly the same, but I still love it.

Since the scarf is colorful, I added in my colorful Audra Style bracelet (which I added hat tape to in order to make it smaller for my wrist. It’s in my “Tools of the Trade” page found here).

The green sweater I found for Nancy while thrifting years ago (you can see how she wore it here), but she always felt it was a tad small, so I inherited it.
BTW, did you see how many shares that post got?? I guess “Elf” inspired outfits are popular.


Even though I have quite a few pairs of blue jeans, they aren’t what I usually pick out to wear. So I made myself grab a pair that hasn’t had much love lately.

I wore my handknitted tweed jacket so it didn’t look so western with the boot-cut jeans and boots.

I’ve had this sweater for 10+ years, and my initial response is to wear it with red or burgundy. SO I pushed myself to wear it with something lighter instead. Heck, I’m not sure I’ve ever worn it with white. I’ll have to do that one of these days.

Snakeskin boots are my answer to what boots to wear with almost anything. They add a neutral print which is so modern!!

As for my glasses, they really are lime green yet they look yellow most of the time. If you notice in the title photo, I switched glasses. I think it’s a perfect example of how your glasses can really add to the overall look of an outfit.
In the title photo, they blend in so are more “classic” and the ones here give me a creative vibe.


Yes, I splurged on this 2 piece sweater set from a local boutique.

The first time I saw a “shrug” like this we were in Zaras and there was one for $10. Mom, Lesley, and I all guffawed at it wondering how/why you would wear it.
Until I saw the inspiration for my green dress (shared in this post) Then I started obsessing over having something like this.

Heck, I even checked Ravelry for a pattern, but I knew it would take me months and months to knit it.
So when we happened into this local boutique and they had this brown cabled one, I couldn’t say no.
The best part is I can easily turn the matching cami around so there is no skin showing. OR pair it over something else.
BTW, the cabling on this overlay portion would have taken me ages to knit. It may have been expensive, but I know how much work that is.

I also found the cable knit shorts at this boutique (they do sell some things online here and yes the sweater set is there. The shop is called Roka Boutique.)

I had to add color to the entire look with my combat boots (still available here), velvet hat, and I used one of my brooches. I’m so glad we posted about brooches this week because it’s reminded me to pull them out occasionally.


I wanted to wear these plaid leggings one more time before the weather warmed up. And I had pulled out this tan, workout jacket/top. But it seemed wonky over the girls, so I turned it around. I’m sure I had that in my head from when I had tried on the brown, 2 piece sweater set above.

Turning tops backward is something my mother taught me to do, and it works wonderfully. I just added two necklaces to the front to break up the monotony of the tan.
In fact, wearing things backward is one of my tricks to being creative with your clothes and finding more in your closet that works with other things. I wrote about it here along with turning things inside out, and other ways to get creative with what you have.

The sneakers?? These are my original Waling Cradles shoes from when I first worked with the company. I now have 6 different prints/colors of this style sneaker called the Orleans. They are that good.


You get both of us today because I twisted Rob’s arm to make a video of many of our “matching outfits”. It’ll be for our anniversary (Valentine’s day), and it’ll be on Instagram.

I’ll try to remember to share it in my email in case you aren’t on Instagram because it’s going to be C.U.T.E.

It’s funny how Rob will get a pair of red jeans, and then I will (his jeans are older than mine). And that’s been the case for much of our clothing.

What I love is that his style and fashion have evolved incredibly since we started dating!! When I first met him, he only had khakis and tan plaid shirts in his closet. (And I’m not exaggerating).


If you get my emails, then you saw a preview of these jammies. That’s a photo of one of my kitties on the pj’s.
You can see Monkey in my post about senior cat products.

While these are a bit of a splurge, I just couldn’t resist the idea of having my cat’s photo on them. The company has other products too, and this could be a wonderful gift for someone who is hard to buy if they have a fur baby!!

I am not working with the company or I’m not an affiliate, but they did say they would offer 10% off with code CCJTOUCHOFSTYLE or go through my link.

And no, I didn’t wear these all day, haha. But you’ll see my “real” outfit on the blog soon!

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