What is a Friend?

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What is a Friend?

Definition:  noun

a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

As someone who typically likes and gets along with most everyone, I tend to use the term friend often. But it’s usually in context of someone I’ve met and interacted with in person.

Yet the other day I was telling my husband a story, and I referred to a person as my blogging friend. And I wondered…when do you start calling someone a friend especially when you’ve only exchanged written words with them? Here in the blogging world, I have not actually met many other blogging women in person. Most of my dealings with this crowd are on blogs, social media or email. Yet I will constantly refer to them as my friends.

So I wondered if I was perhaps improper in throwing out this term? Should we call people we haven’t yet met, but have communicated with in mutual admiration a different title? Or for those who remember the days—it reminds me of third grade and being assigned a pen pal. Maybe I should call these internet buddies “computer pals?”

Because just like voting for a political candidate, what do you really know about someone until you’ve met them and seen how they respond and what their behavior is really like in different situations?

I figured you were the group to ask—-if you’re reading this post, then you too are on the internet, and probably have some of the same interactions.

Do you have a special term for these associations?

I figured it was good timing to pose this question now as I’ll be in part 5 of the Between the Line series tomorrow. It’s the feature on Katherine’s Corner to introduce 50+ aged bloggers to each other. In my mind, this is the perfect opportunity to make more friends (or that other term I should be using) since we all have age & blogging in common!

I’d love to hear your musings on this subject!!! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow—you’ll get to see all three of us in a blooper picture!! Linking with Tuesday Talk, Thursday FavoritesBrilliant Blog PostsSenior Salona little R & R, & Wednesday Showcase

P.S. Yes, that’s me and my bestie in the photo—I’m on the right and it was probably about 1985 or so!