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What Makes A Comfortable Shoe? Ros Spring Styles

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Our experience with birthdays has given us so much wisdom over the years. Enough wisdom to realize what makes a comfortable shoe.
Yet even now, some new discoveries and materials help our older feet, and I wanted to showcase 2 pairs from Ros Hommerson’s spring styles.

Quote of the day: “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

It’s no secret that each of us needs unique aspects to our shoes since our feet are very different individually.

Facts: These shoes were gifted to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I don’t get a commission or fee from this article. But you are privy to a discount, Jodie10.

And when women say a shoe is comfortable, I’ve learned to ask what makes it that way. Because what is comfortable to me, may not be to you.

Spoiler alert: If you have narrow heels or live where it’s hot, you’ll love the options I’m showcasing.

Ros Knows What Makes a Comfortable Shoe

The company Ros Hommerson is part of the Drew Shoe family. And the line is what was formerly called Walking Cradles. I worked with Walking Cradles for years because I finally found comfortable YET stylish options.
Ros has the exact same comfort as Walking Cradles because the designer of both brands is the same.

Do you know what else is the same? The equipment that makes the shoes.

So if you loved Walking Cradles as much as I did, you will also love Ros.

I’ll showcase two amazing pairs of shoes that made me think about what makes a shoe comfortable below.

But first and foremost, the fit is a huge element when discussing what makes a shoe comfortable.

And Ros is very size-inclusive.

Meaning….this brand offers sizes 6-13 in 4 different widths of narrow, medium, wide, and wide-wide.

Now as you can imagine, the unusual sizes sell out much faster because there aren’t as many of those shoes made. Thus, if you fall into that category for your feet, your best bet to get the shoes you want is to sign up for their newsletter and order the shoes when they are first released.

Insider tip: If they are unavailable in your size, it can’t hurt to reach out and use the Contact Us form to tell them your size and which shoe is not available anymore. They don’t know to make more of a certain size if people don’t tell them.

The other HUGE factor is all of the Ros styles have tiny pillows as part of the insole which can be removed if you don’t want it in.

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I’ve showcased another Ros shoe in the past. See how to style cream loafers.

Pink loafers for what makes a comfortable shoe
Trish Loafers

Ros: Trish Loafers

I was intrigued with the Trish loafers because when you look at them on the Ros site, I didn’t understand why you would have elastic on the back of the shoes.

But if you have narrow heels where your heels always come out of your flats when you walk, then this pair of shoes is for you.

These loafers fit like a glove yet feel good. They don’t rub or hurt your feet.

If you don’t love the pink color? Don’t worry. There are 6 other colors to choose from including black, navy, red, tan, taupe, and light blue.

Insider tip: The Ramsey flat, Tess flat, and Trista flat also have this elasticized heel.

The perfect summer sandal
Skirt: Skies Are Blue-Your Revolving Closet~~Top: Aventura “Elin~ Shoes: Ros “Cabana” ~~ Purse: no label-Goodwill

Ros: Cabana Sandal

Since summer is right around the corner, what makes a comfortable shoe is important for sandals too. And I ordered these Cabana sandals because they were cute.

BUT HEY, I was so surprised when they showed up. They aren’t leather (who reads the description when shopping, obviously not me).

Instead of leather straps, these are stretchy neoplex fabric straps.

If you notice on the website, the straps look puffy. And they are. Which makes them cushy instead of uncomfortable.
They don’t rub, they aren’t as hot as leather, and they have give if you have any bumps on the top of your feet.

And if you aren’t a fan of navy, they come in leopard, red, and olive too

Insider tip: If you are looking for leather alternatives, the Kudos also comes in fabric.

More Ros Comfy Details

What are your foot issues that you struggle with? They might be something that won’t be an issue in Ros shoes.

Ros has other stylish shoes that have amazing details for what makes a shoe comfortable.

Some have more arch support, some have adjustable straps, and others have ergonomic heel cups.

So if these two options aren’t your favorite, I hope you look around their site. And use code Jodie10 for a discount.

I’ve written about this brand before. Make sure to check out

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Ros style what makes a comfortable shoe?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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