What May Had in Store

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What May Had in Store

While last month was full of online shopping. The month of May had some wonderful winnings from giveaways I entered. Granted, there was still quite a bit of shopping…haha!

Sofia Nera shoes won in May

May 1: I was SO excited to win a pair of Sofia Nero shoes from an Instagram giveaway (and these expensive shoes). If you are as gaga about giveaways as I am, you might benefit from the post I wrote on How to Enter Giveaways on Social Media.
I also was able to have an “IG Live” conversation with my stylist from Fashom (click the link to have a listen). It was so interesting to find out some of the details of why it’s so successful.
In fact, it prompted me to write an entire post about comparing 3 Clothing Boxes, including a great chart as a reference if you’re interested.

Mariposa Skies earrings won in May

Day 4: Then I received a pair of earrings I won from Mariposa Skies. I had purchased a pair of earrings from her earlier this spring (you can see the pair here) and then she sent out an email for this giveaway!
What I love about both pairs are how lightweight they are. And these have a design on both sides unlike some of the other leather ones I have.

Day 7: Obviously we are crazy cat people, and I’m always taking photos of them. However, Monkey and Spookie do not like each other (to my dismay) so it’s always a celebration when they are near each other.
Notice however that they aren’t looking at each other, LOL!
And poor Spookie is loosing hair on her hind legs. Time for a vet appointment.

Mother's Day in May

May 10: Happy Mother’s Day! We were blessed to include Lesley’s friend Denise as part of the celebration.

Day 13: Rob diligently worked on a garage project this May to add insulation to the garage door. Why you ask? It touts it can keep your garage 10 degrees cooler even in the very hot summer months. And since we have a fridge and freezer in it, we are keeping our fingers crossed. Because there wasn’t a YouTube video about how to install this product, he made his own. It’s not a produced video, but a real life step by step with hints.

Day 15: Yay for restaurants opening here in Arizona in the middle of May. We visited one of our favorites called Opa Life and notice that the baklava cheesecake is front and center!!
Lesley joined us and it was SO wonderful to see her in green!! She didn’t have green in her closet before we became friends.

Day 16: FINALLY, we get to get out and explore our new state again. For this outing we visited Wickenburg which is about an hour to the NW of us. It’s a cowboy town and of course we supported the small businesses there. This store’s motto was hilarious! I guess you have to call us “bad girls” now!

Madison Braids won in May

Day 18: Another winning from an Instagram giveaway was this Madison Braid. I think it matches perfectly and it’s even adjustable to fit my head.

Painted front door done in May

Day 19: I wonder if I chose the front door color because of the kimono or chose the kimono because of the front door color? LOL!!

Day 20: The winning continues with some skin care from Prai from their Ageless neck collection.

Day 22: Exploring our state continues with a wine tour up in Sedona. Now I understand why everyone asks if we had been to Sedona yet?? It was absolutely stunning. And the wine tour? It was fun. Some of the wine was good, some not so good. But hey, we were out and about which was the best!

Day 26-27: I was having some issues with my website being down. I realize that it’s a small blip in my life, but it’s so strange how one day it’s working fine and then the next it’s down. If you missed the posts where each of us styled each other, you can see it here.
It was amazing how much fun this exercise really was, and I have a feeling we will do it again. And you should try it with your friends too!

Day 30-31: Happy 70th Birthday to Lesley!!! All original birthday plans were edited due to the craziness, so we took her out 2 days in a row!

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