What to Pack for the Holidays with Paradise Baggage

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What to Pack for the holidays with Jodie's Touch of Style

What to Pack for the Holidays with Paradise Baggage

Quote of the day: “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

I was honored to be asked to be a presenter at Paradise Baggage’s monthly Thursday talks. Not that I am an expert or anything on the subject, but I figured I could showcase a couple of the tips that I use when travelling. And I’ll share some of those here too. I’d also love it if you give me your ideas!! I feel like I learn as much from my readers and other women as I do from my experiences.

So let me welcome you into Paradise Baggage in Englewood, Colorado.

Pack for the Holidays and Paradise baggage

It’s a family owned business, and below is the owner Jennie. Jennie’s dad started the business many, many years ago, and has just recently started working less.

Of course, we can all buy our luggage at the franchise stores, but you know how I love to support the small business in my community. Just like I’ve shown you when working with Trendz Boutique. In fact, this fabulous poncho is one that I bought from Trendz after I saw it on Nicole in the Fall Fashion Show. Trendz was also super generous to donate a $20 gift card to everyone that attended my talk on What to Pack for the Holidays at Paradise Baggage.

Pack for the Holidays Jennifer

The Event

I even dragged my mom and Nancy to join me at the event. I didn’t make them present any information, but they acted as my fabulous window dressing, LOL!

Pack for the Holidays presentation

We purchased some fun cupcakes for part of the refreshments with a “J” on them. I thought I could make these when I first came up with the idea; however, then I got real and decided it would be easier to buy them.

Pack for the Holidays cupcakes

Pack for the Holidays wine

The Evening

There were about 20 people who showed up for the evening’s presentation, and it was a pleasure to meet some new travelers.

Pack for the Holidays attendants

My knitting friend, Kay (in the middle below) also joined us. As an aside I would like to point out that Kay knitted the sweater she was wearing. The woman on the right is my friend, Krystal, who is the reason I was asked to give this talk. She’s been working with the Paradise Baggage family for over 20 years, and is a great friend of another friend of mine. Krystal lives close to us and has joined us for some of our personal get togethers in the past.

Pack for the Holidays Krystal & Kay

What I packed

I have to confess that I’m not the best packer around. I’ve never claimed to be a minimalist, and that applies to my packing skills too (or lack there of). But I have come up with a couple of tricks that tend to work great for me. So I’ll share those below.

Pack for the Holidays clothing

As for most of this “suitcase” that I brought to showcase, was a copy of what we had taken to Vegas for our Holiday celebration last year. That’s when we took the photos for our scarf posts, so you can see the blue dress that I’m wearing for this talk, in those scarf posts.

In Vegas, I got creative with this blue dress by wearing it for a casual day of walking around with tights, sneakers, and layering a long sleeve shirt under it, and a short sleeve shirt over it.

Pack for the Holidays extras

My Packing Tips

1-I do take the time to try on almost every outfit that I take on a trip nowadays.

Trust me when I say that I didn’t used to always do this. And I’d have many times that I forgot something (like a slip between my dress & tights) or the items didn’t work well together on my body.

So I’ve learned it’s better to take the hour (or two) before the trip and plan out at least 80% of my outfits. Especially for the planned events. At least if you’re anything like us, we love to plan some outings and dinners wherever we go.

2-Then I write down those outfits. I know….I’m old fashioned. I love my pen and paper. And Darlene suggested that take a selfie of the outfits instead. It’s a great idea—if you have the room on your phone (unlike me who has to keep deleting photos to have room for the new ones. I’ll be very happy when I can get a new phone with more memory).

3– I make the argument for packing a dress and how versatile a dress can be. Just like the post where we showcased a couple of ways to wear a dress.  Because when it comes to traveling, I can be a layering fool, and get crazy with putting pieces to use.

4– I also plan out my shoes at this time. I almost always take 3 different pairs of shoes. A great walking pair, a dressier pair and then something in between. I usually try to wear the biggest or heaviest pair of shoes on the plane so they don’t take up as much room in my suitcase.

5-Then I figure out the outfit I’ll be wearing on the plane. This almost always includes a coat, a scarf, some layers and a big enough purse for the trip. This outfit will also be the same outfit I wear on the return trip. I may change out the shirt next to my skin, but otherwise it’ll be the identical outfit.

Especially in the winter, I will wear a large scarf on the plane. Therefore, it acts to keep me warm, but also can be folded to be my pillow behind my head or act as support behind my back since the airplane seats don’t fit me well. Then this large scarf can also be utilized as a bathing suit cover up in case we hit the pool where we are going.

Pack for the Holidays behind the scenes


There was a couple of questions at the end of the presentation that I will share with you.

1-Do I take a hat?

I love hats, but so many of my favorite hats just don’t travel well. Until I discovered the baker’s hats. These kinds of hats, along with knitted caps certainly do travel well, and help with keeping warm in the winter months.

2-Is there something I would suggest NOT to take?

I was stumped by this question, but after the group and I talked about it, we decided that the one thing we don’t take with us is expensive jewelry and accessories. You just don’t want to lose those special pieces.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

I was not paid to present this information at Paradise Baggage or write this blog. I just wanted to share this wonderful local shop with you and include you in all of the fun that we had.

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And for your help for what to pack for the holidays, I rounded up some items below.