What Shoes to Wear with Joggers

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Print top with red joggers

What Shoes to Wear with Joggers

What shoes to wear with joggers can be different for everyone. While most of us think of joggers as a casual, sweat pant item, there are other versions out there. Like Lesley’s pair today and the shoes she wore with them.

Quote of the day: “To me, fashion is an ever changing art.” Vera Neumann

You all need to print out this quote and hang it above your mirror (me included). Because we ALL get into ruts and habits. And while that’s not necessarily bad, it’s good to embrace change. Just like my seat mate on the plane recently quoted when I wore print booties.

It’s so much better if we realize that what we “think” is appropriate and what we “think” we should look like SHOULD change over time. Our thinking and learning increases daily, so why shouldn’t our style?

As for my mom, she still loves to match her outfits like she did with her leopard shoes. But slowly and surely, I’m getting her to change a little. Just like we all should. And make sure to check out the incredible festival that we wore our neutral print shoes to.

What shoes to wear with joggers

Joggers: Chicos ~~Top: Peck & Peck ~~ Shoes: Nine West~~ Scarf: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Maruca

Lesley and What Shoes to Wear with Joggers

Red joggers for fall

I think that shoes can sometimes be the starting point for many outfits. Especially when you are going to an event with a lot of walking or even traveling.

And that’s how Lesley put this outfit together. Of course you don’t get to read all about the shoes until later in this post. But any kind of neutral pair would work, and it’s nice to see options besides sneakers. (Not that I don’t love sneakers).


For her accessories, I love how Lesley took her scarf to decorate her black purse. This purse was made locally when she was living in Colorado. She has many of this brand, Maruca. It’s a favorite because it not only is a cross body version, but also deep enough to hold everything including a water bottle in the outside pocket.

It’s always so fun when your jewelry has memories attached. This bracelet of Lesley’s is from a small boutique in Basalt that she and her daughter always visit.

Print Top

Having fun with what shoes to wear with joggers

Lesley bought this top with her rust colored skirt in mind. But then she noticed how well it went with these red joggers too. It’s always a happy discovery when you find how versatile your pieces can be.

She did admit that the top is somewhat out of her usual look. However, the elastic trim on the sleeves and hem really made it for her.


While most joggers bring up images of very casual outfits, I think they can certainly be the opposite. So why not wear fun shoes, like these neutral print flats?

The great thing about flats like these are they can be worn with so many kinds of outfits. Just like I wore my brown, flat booties/shoes with skirts and jeans, this pair can also be that versatile.

I had to laugh because Lesley said that the print on the top of these shoes may be the closest she ever gets to wearing snake anything. The reason I laugh is because she felt the same way about leopard, yet she recently wore a leopard skirt.

Red Joggers

Older women and what shoes to wear with joggers

These are the same joggers that Lesley wore when we styled joggers both casually and dressed up. That idea came from a reader, Deb, who wanted some help on how to make her joggers work. And which shoes to wear with them.

What I really like about Lesley’s joggers is how they are a pant material and not sweat material. That and the elastic part of the hem is on the back portion of the ankle only.

I will admit, I couldn’t imagine wearing joggers a couple of years ago. However, if it’s one thing I’ve learned from blogging, it’s never say never.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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