Overcoats as what to wear in 40-degree weather

What To Wear In 40-Degree Weather: Fashionista Advice

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For wintertime, the idea of what to wear in 40-degree weather is essential. These photos were taken in Palm Springs at the top of the PS Tramway where it was… 40-something degrees. The proof is in the snow!

Quote of the day: “The more time you spend complaining about what you deserve, the less time you have to focus on what you can create. Focus on what you can control.” James Clear

We all know that we have absolutely no control over the weather. Therefore, many of us had better be prepared for what to wear in 40-degree weather. In all reality, once it gets cold, it is hard to tell the difference between 30, 40 and 50-degree weather. But they all have many essentials in common.

What to wear in 40-degree weather
2-Jodie: Wearing a skirt
3-Nancy: Styling a blazer
4-Charlotte: Statement coat

The three of us are showcasing the outfits we chose for what to wear in 40-degree weather and I can guarantee that we were well prepared for the cold.

The Essentials for What to Wear in 40-Degree Weather

Even though temperatures are subjective to how we feel them, there are a couple of items that are going to be no-brainers.

1-Your coat. You need one so make it a fun one. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, ditch the idea you have to blend in with a black coat, In fact, Lesley, Charlotte & I recently proved that color, creativity, and interest could all be part of dressing classy in winter.
2-For the outfit under the coat- layers. Obviously. One reason why layers are the way to go is that in case the weather warms up, you can remove whatever is needed. In fact, this is precisely what we did when we descended the mountain and went into town.
3-Head covering– Even if you have a ton of hair, adding some kind of hat is vital. It’s the way to keep your ears warm and covered since the wind can blow and thus make your ears super duper chilly.
4-Scarf-Winter scarves, like any scarf, are magical because they can be folded, twisted, and worn in multiple ways. It’s great for keeping your neck warm, but you can also throw it over your head, pull it up over your nose and mouth and even twist your hands in it if you forgot mittens.
5-Cozy footwear-Since the feet are the farthest from the heart, the cold affects them easier. Having warm socks and footwear that are comfy is very important.

Insider tip: Extra points if your footwear has non-skid soles to help when walking around the ice and snow. Reducing the chance of falling is so important.

Wearing a Skirt and Vintage Coat

Vinatge wool coat with fur trim and beanie hat
Coat: Mom’s hand me down~~Skirt: Mom made it~~Sweater: I knit it~~ Boots: Charlotte Ruse ~~ Scarf: Boutique in Fraiser~~ Purse: Just Be Youtiful ~~Hat: Banana Republic- it’s Rob’s ~~Gloves/Mittens: ~~Earrings: Amazon

Let’s start with this fabulous coat. It’s a hand-me-down from my mom and thus considered vintage. It used to have a matching hat in the chinchilla fur but the inside of the hat broke down and crumbled apart.
But I love the coat because it’s red, it’s warm and the shape is an A-line which is fun.

For the outer look, I still wore a scarf because I wanted the options in case I needed more warmth.

My beanie was “stolen” from my husband’s stash for these photos. Considering a beanie is a beanie, who is going to know whether you bought it in the men’s or women’s section?

It’s not everyone’s goal to wear skirts many days, but I have to say that you can be just as warm in them with the right gear.
This skirt was made by my mom from miscellaneous pieces of leather so it’s very heavy and warm.

On top of that, I am wearing sweater knit tights. There are so many versions of tights that would work for what to wear in 40-degree weather. The fleece-lined tights are my favorite but these sweater ones come in a cool second (I should say warm second, haha).

My sweater is made of mohair and hand knit by me. You can see it better in the second photo of this IG post.

Insider tip: I always wear another thermal or regular t-shirt under my sweaters so the sweater doesn’t need to be washed as often.


I’ve been loving this sling purse from Just Be Youtiful. As a print purse, it contrasts wonderfully against the solid color coat.

And these OTK boots were one of my first pairs from a young girl’s store. Even though they were inexpensive, I have gotten a ton of wear out of them, so much so, that they are wearing out. I will say that I probably won’t get another pair of olive green boots when I replace them, but maybe a dark brown pair instead.

You’ve seen me wear these earrings a lot during the last couple of years of the winters and there is a good reason for that. The faux fur actually keeps my earlobes warm. Amazon doesn’t have these exact ones anymore, but these are very similar.

Red coat for winter

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Blazer and Teddy Coat

Bundling up for what to wear in 40-degree weather
Coat: Jessica SImpson~~ Jeans: Liverpool ~~ Jacket: Coldwater Creek~~ Sweater: Westbound Petities~~ Boots: Baretraps~~ Purse: A New Day-Target~~Hat: Mucros-from Scotland

Nancy chose her teddy coat to keep warm for what to wear in 40-degree weather. If you worry that the teddy coat trend won’t be in style for too long, then that’s the best reason to find inexpensive versions. But in all reality, a warm winter coat is always in fashion, right?

Nancy’s scarf fills the opening at the neckline and her hat is a souvenir from her trip to Scotland. I love how she is also print mixing by incorporating leopard print gloves.

The layers under the teddy coat are also meant to keep Nancy warm. She wore her coated jeans, and a sweater and then layered a wool blazer over the sweater.

This blazer has been in Nancy’s closet ever since we started the blog. She’s worn it with a dress, jeans and also for the office.


Notice the fun bling pin on Nancy’s coat. We don’t always think of accessories in our coats and jackets, but the advantage of a wool or teddy coat is you can use a pin on it and it won’t ruin it.

Insider tip: It’s easier to leave the brooch on the coat so it’s always decorated. However, if it’s a pin that you like to wear often, then purchasing another one that is similar is convenient. I find some fabulous options at second-hand stores.

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And for those of you loving straight leg jeans, here’s an advantage. They slip over your ankle boots easily.

Longer coat for what to wear in 40-degree weather

Statement Coat: What to Wear in 40-Degree Weather

Scarf with long wool coat for what to wear in 40-degree weather.
Coat: Nygard-thrifted~~ Pants: Norm Thompson-thrifted~~ Sweater: Beth Bowley-thrifted~~ Boots: Jambu c/o~~ Purse: Nine West

We could say that my mom is the queen of statement coats after seeing her in this one recently and her showstopper one here.
And here’s the thing. You can find these kinds of treasures at secondhand stores. This one and the black and white one from this post were both preloved.

Having a statement coat like this makes it easy to throw it on and still look like a million bucks without having to add in a ton of wonderful accessories. Now you might need the accessories just to stay warm, but they won’t be the focus.

Underneath the fabulous coat, my mom is wearing just basic wool black pants and a sweater.

The Other Details

One concept about what to wear in 40-degree weather is the fact that you want to keep your toes and lower extremities warm. Tall boots can provide coverage to your legs that really keeps you from being cold.

Insider tip: The thicker the sole (say for example the lug boots that are very popular now) the more insulation you have between the cold ground and your feet. You may think they look clunky but they really can be functional.

For those women who don’t love hats because they smush their hair, then a knit headband could be a great solution. With a headband, you can have your ears covered, but you aren’t messing up all of your hair.

Stylish option for staying warm

What to wear in 40-degree weather

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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