What to wear in Arizona in February when it's 50 degrees

What to Wear in Arizona in February: Easy & Simple Outfits

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You might be surprised at the outfits we put together for what to wear in Arizona in February. Because most people think of Arizona as a hot, desert state. And it is. In the summer. But once you look at a map of the United States, you might be surprised to learn that Phoenix is situated north of most of Texas and all of Florida. So it’s not as warm as you might think especially in February.

Quote of the day: “It is nearly impossible to have your best idea the first time you think about something. The most likely way to uncover important insights is to frequently revisit a problem. The longer you’re in the game, the more ideas bubble up to the surface. Time unlocks insights.” James Clear

The quote reminds me of how having more and more birthdays under our belt can be an advantage. The fact that we live here means we have the experience of what to wear in Arizona in February or any month for that matter.

As you can see from these photos, it was an overcast and windy day. The temperatures were in the 50s and for the 4 of us, we considered it chilly.
Now that is not to say that if you came to visit Arizona in February of a different year, you might experience a sunny day in the 60s or 70s. But beware because the temperatures do dip 30 degrees at night and it will be cold in the mornings.

I have written articles in relation to what to wear in certain temperatures.

Woman over 50 and what to wear in Arizona in Febraury

Essentials for What to Wear in Arizona in February

Before I showcase our outfits, I wanted to touch on the essentials that the 4 of us are incorporating into our looks for what to wear in Arizona in February.
These photos were taken on Feb. 23 at the Superstition Mountain Museum. We were supposed to be attending an outside lecture, but because of the wind and temperatures, it ended up being inside a barn.

Our outfits were for a casual outing that is easy and simple for what to wear in Arizona in February. Weather can be fickle, so be prepared with these 3 essentials.

1-Layers. Our motto is “Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” Therefore, you are safer to dress in layers and if you are too warm, just remove the outer layer.
Layers would include scarves, cardigans, sweaters, hats, and jackets.

2-Closed-toe shoes. When people visit Arizona in February, they think it’s sandal weather. I would say that sandal season doesn’t happen until April. Sure, you can bring them, but don’t think you’ll be wearing them all day, every day.

3-Sunglasses. Even when the weather isn’t ideal for Arizona’s reputation, it is still usually warmer and sunnier than most northern states. Did you know that Arizona is the sunniest state in the union? (We learned that fact at the lecture we attended this same day) That means you would be smart to bring sunglasses for any outside adventure.

Insider tip: I just love my transition progressive glasses that automatically change to sunglasses. They aren’t AS dark as normal sunnies, but they are very convenient. With online glasses now, they are so reasonably priced. In fact, my favorite brand, Glasses Shop, offers 35% off with code GSHOT35.

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Suzann: Long Layers with a Scarf

What to wear in Arizona in February for cool days
Jeans: Banana Republic-thrifted ~~ Jacket: Sebby collection-Salvation Army~~ Top: CBR-Salvation Arm~~ Boots: Ana Garwin-JCPenney~~ Scarf: 2 scarves layered together from craft fair~~ Earrings: Charming Charlies~~ Purse: Charming Charlies

I’d like to welcome Suzann to this photoshoot. Suzann is a recent snowbird neighbor who as you can see from the brand information, loves thrifting as much as the 3 of us.

I just love how Suzann layered a shorter jacket over her longer tunic blouse. This kind of layering can give an outfit more interest instead of keeping the outer layer longer than the inner layer.

And let me point out the raw hem on her jeans. Jeans are always going to be a classic item for women of any age, but incorporating the newer details makes us look contemporary.

The Extras

It’s not easy to see with the lighting (it was a dreary day so the colors in the photos come out flat) but Suzann even layered her scarves. One is a taupe lace scarf and the other is a pink and ivory scarf with cording, ribbon, and beads.

Insider tip: Layering scarves can be just as successful as layering necklaces. You could handle them together if they are thin like Suzann did OR you could tie 2 different ones together and drape them.
Remember, the possibilities are endless. Just try different options and have fun with them.

And leopard booties are seriously a fabulous option in Suzann’s look. Even if leopard isn’t the “new spring trend”, it is a classic print that is considered neutral and can be used in so many outfits.

Insider tip: I would say leopard comes in two “shades”. There is a warm leopard and a cool leopard. Evaluate your closet to find which one will fit the best. Either that or get shoes in both shades.

Leather jacket with tunic hanging out

Lesley: Sweater and Jeans

Woman over 70. What to wear in Arizona in February
Jeans: GV-thrifted~~ Sweater: Cathy Daniels~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Boots: Walking Cradles “Georgia” use code Jodie15~~ Earrings: Santa Fe Plaza from 25 years ago ~~ Purse: no label-Steinmart

Lesley said it was not typical Arizona weather with the colder temperatures, but in reality, isn’t that how Mother Nature is? There are averages and expectations, but the weather will vary so much.

Having sweaters and boots is not something you would think you would need for what to wear in Arizona in February, but as you can see, it was perfect for the day.
Notice the striped sweater? Just as I discussed in the spring trends for 2023 as part of the street style wear.

What you don’t see in Lesley’s outfit is the extra layer under the blouse and sweater which is a camisole.

Insider tip: Studies have shown that having our trunk covered adds a layer of warmth. That’s why a camisole can be the perfect layer. They are thin so they don’t add bulk, and they can be hidden.

The Extras

One thing that is fabulous is that Lesley is print mixing by adding a striped purse with her striped sweater. Or we could just call it double stripes.

She is wearing the Walking Cradles booties named Georgia as a lighter alternative of footwear to pair with denim. Since Lesley’s sweater is predominantly white, it’s nice to bookend the outfit with lighter footwear instead of black or dark brown.
This is option #2 in the article where we introduced how to wear taupe boots

And don’t you love the peek of whimsical socks to keep her ankles warm? Having cold feet can be miserable, so even if you opt for no-show socks, it’s nice to wear some kinds of socks especially when it’s colder.

Insider tip: If you are looking for no-show socks that really stay put, then I suggest Sheec socks. Not only do they incorporate a patented technology to keep them in place, but they are also sized for your foot. I have a tab on my site for the brand because they are the only no-show socks both my husband and I wear now.

Curved hem sweater and denim jeans for women in 70s

Charlotte: Black and White with a Pop of Color

What to wear in Arizona in Febraury for woman over 80
Joggers: Betsey Johnson-thrifted~~ Sweater: Karen Scott~~ Turtleneck: Charter Club-Macys~~ Shoes: Jambu “Woodbury” (last season) ~~ Scarf: Made of remnants after shortening a skirt~~ Necklace: Mom made it~~ Purse: Steven Madden -thrifted

My mom opted for her pair of black, embroidered joggers for our casual outing. Since we would be hanging outside, she even layered a pair of leggings under her joggers. That’s a smart way to stay warm.

Insider tip: We think it’s normal to layer our top half, but it’s just as easy to layer our bottom half too. I’ve done this with tights under my jeans or even 2 pairs of tights with dresses. Don’t knock it until you try it. And remember, not all tights are created equally. There are comfy ones.

Charlotte’s look is a perfect example of how accessories can create a focal point for your outfit.
Because if we evaluate the proportions of her look, it’s almost a half and half which can be visually unappealing.

However, by adding the necklace and scarf, you take the focus off the sweater and joggers and appreciate the colorful vertical dimension that the accessories provide.

The Extras

Not only do the accessories give a focal point to distract from the proportions, but they also add more color to the black and white scheme. Red is my mom’s favorite accent color when styling black and white as you can see when we talked about baby steps to wearing color.

Insider tip: Talking about layering. You can definitely wear both a necklace and scarf together. Lesley has shown this even with a cowl neck top. Don’t be afraid to try this trick.

Since scarves are one of those accessories that many women struggle with how to wear, try pulling one out and adding it to your next look. My mom just draped this thin scarf around her neck and tied it in the front.

Grown women: what to wear in Arizona in Febraury

Jodie: Layering with 3 Tops and Thick Jeans

Cardigan with 2 layers for what to wear in Arizona in February
Jeans: Paige-Goodwill~~ Cardigan: Hand knit by me~~ Sweater: Banana Republic ~~ Top: AMB second skin top c/o use code TOS25~~ Mule Boots: Matisse~~ Earrings: local boutique~~ Purse: Marajai won in a giveaway

Even the jeans we choose can help with what to wear in Arizona in February. Heavier jeans are ideal for colder days. I found these higher priced jeans at Goodwill over 5 years ago. They are too thick for our summer season but work well for colder days.
And notice they are a bootcut style.

Insider tip: Don’t purge all items when a style isn’t “in” anymore, because we all know that styles cycle. Now that bootcut jeans are being seen more, I was psyched to pull these out.

I layered 3 tops to stay warm this day.

One secret about layering and not looking bigger than you want (although I hope to remind you that big is NOT bad), is to work with thinner layers.
For instance, the green print top is called a second skin top made by a company called AMB. They have given my readers a discount if you are interested. Use code TOS25.

AMB only makes the item once you order it so there is less stock or waste. It’s an amazing production model that more companies should try.

Insider tip: If you have shirts that seem too tight to wear on their own, use them as layering shirts instead of purging them.

The orange sweater is also a thinner sweater that works fabulously under blazers, and jackets. This exact sweater is still available and comes in 11 other colors and some colors are even available in petite. It will also be perfect for the warmer days that we think of for Arizona.

The Details

Lesley told me this was a very tame outfit for me, but I did incorporate some fun and whimsical details. The wooden cactus earrings give a nod to the theme of what to wear in Arizona in February as well as the fact that I wore a pair of plaid compression socks for the day.

These mule booties have been in my closet for over 12 years. I’ve tried wearing them with a dress once on the blog, but I think I like them better with pants.

And when the weather isn’t cooperating with the idea of spring, then bring in elements that scream spring. Like a palm tree purse or any purse that is lighter and is fun.

What to wear in Arizona in February for a casual outing

In Conclusion for What to Wear in Arizona In February

What to wear in Arizona in February for women

So are you surprised by what we’ve shown for what to wear in Arizona in February?
I always say one secret of packing for a place you are visiting is to bring all kinds of layers because you just never know.

Insider tip: Don’t worry about overpacking. Too many times we stress over that, and who cares if you pack something and don’t wear it? It’s not a contest.

What to wear in Arizona in February for grown women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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