What to Wear in Spring with Pastels and Leopard

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Green and pastels for what to wear in spring

What to Wear in Spring with Pastels and Leopard

What to wear in spring can be answered so many ways. Yet like I talked about in my post, color tends to be a common theme. Charlotte used the idea for a spring theme to wear pastels, yet added in some leopard print also.

Quote of the day: “Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never apologize for it.” Mandy Hale

I feel like pastels are almost as undeniably spring as a floral print. Yet I have read many articles where the author thinks pastels are too girly and can age us. That’s where this quote comes in to remind us that just because you read something in an article does not make it so. Sometimes that could be even true for what I say, LOL!

The idea that we can be swayed so much by other’s opinions is definitely a post for another time. For the here and now, let’s focus on what we like and how it makes us feel.

Yet if you don’t like to wear pastels, then how about adding in a stylish animal print with your shoes and bag? Or maybe you want brighter colors like Lesley showcased?

Pastels as what to wear in spring


Jeans: Fabrizio Gianni c/o ~~ Jacket: thrifted~~ Top: Chaps~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Scarf: My mom made it~~ Earrings: Charming Charlies ~~ Purse: no label ~~ Hat: thrifted

What to wear in spring

What to Wear in Spring

Jackets are a great essential even for spring. Even if it warms up later in the day, the mornings tend to be chilly. Sure, you can pull out your dark color jackets, yet I think the lighter colors can put us in the spring mood so much better.
While the bomber jackets aren’t the “big” trendy items anymore, I think you can wear them anyways. We showcased them on the blog many years ago worn for 3 different occasions.

Insider tip: A nice thing about bomber jackets is they have an elastic waistband. If you don’t like your longer tops hanging out underneath them, just tuck up the inside top.

Print Mixing With Accessories

I know many of you still can’t embrace the idea of print mixing. Yet, I have to applaud my mother for trying this styling lately. I won’t remind you of how I got the eye roll the first time we tried this kind of styling.
One piece of this outfit’s print mixing is my mother’s scarf. However, you might not even have noticed it because it almost blends in with the jacket.

I invite you to visit my Instagram page where my mom talks about how she made this scarf and how it was meant to be worn. If you do visit, please make sure to click the heart button on the post.

Insider tip: Even though you are told a scarf is made to be worn one way, I bet you a hundred dollars it can be styled other ways too. So get creative. How? You can always use google or check the hashtags #stylingscarves on social media.

What to wear in spring when it's windy

Why a Colorful Hat?

Most summer hats tend to be tan, straw ones. And while that is the norm, I want to caution us to think about how the color looks with our complexion. Since your hat is right next to your face, it’s beneficial if it’s a good color for your coloring.

For example, there are some straw hats that have a colorful band around the brim. Or opt for one that had more color on it. Of course you could copy Lesley, and wear a scarf under your hat also.

Insider tip: I find the best summer hats at the thrift stores. Especially if you want to try one that you’re not sure about, why spend a ton of money on them?

Leopard shoes and purse

Does Leopard Really Go With Everything?

Let’s talk about the fact that I tried to pair my leopard pants with all kinds of colors recently. Truthfully I felt like the print goes with so much. And if you are looking to ground a lighter color outfit, then leopard shoes could be perfect. Sometimes, an all black shoe can be too dark, so this leopard loafer has a lighter look.

Have you noticed that loafers are trending again? I’ll dig deeper into that in a spring fashion trend post soon, but needless to say it’s a good thing. Who doesn’t love the classic loafer? Charlotte has worn these with a fall outfit in the past. Yet I think they can look just as appropriate for the idea of what to wear in spring.

Insider tip: One of the advantages of loafers is you can wear most of the no-show socks with them, if you don’t like going barefoot. I have found that no-show socks stay on much better if your shoes are snug.

Print mixing galore

Let’s Talk About Colorful Jeans

Colorful jeans are one of those items that come and go as a trend. I think I gravitate towards them because it’s a departure from the “blue jeans” we see all over the place. Charlotte has worn these many times on the blog before (and here) because they aren’t so skinny. And the good thing is I’m seeing more of the straight leg styles at the stores again.

Insider tip: You could create your own pair of colored jeans. If you have a pair of white jeans that are too dingy, why not try dying them? I’ve written a post about the process.

What to wear in spring for women over 70


My mom was gifted these Walking Cradles leopard loafers 6 months ago. Since I am an ambassador with the company, I do get a commission from your purchases through my link. And if it’s your first purchase, you can save 15% with the code JODIE15.

We took these photos at the Queen Creek Olive Mill. They had an interesting tour where we learned more about olive trees, how the olives are harvested and the important factors when purchasing olive oil. Our day at the Olive Mill was not sponsored, but if you’re in the area, it’s definitely a great activity.

These mint jeans were gifted to us 5 years ago from Fabrizio Gianni. If you enjoy pieces made in the United States their clothing is wonderful for that. It’s not inexpensive, but don’t forget to check out the sale tab. We weren’t paid to post about the items when they gifted them to us.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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