Older women and what to wear on a beach vacation

What to Wear on a Beach Vacation: Spotlight on the Sunset Picnic

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Older women and what to wear on a beach vacation

What to Wear on a Beach Vacation: Spotlight on the Sunset Picnic

What to wear on a beach vacation is comprised of many options. Because there is usually more than one thing you are doing on vacation. Which is why Charlotte showcased a day outfit and I wore a beach look. We are trying to cover all of the fun you can have on any upcoming vacation.
Funny how we all wore blue, don’t you think??

Quote of the day: “Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.” Carolyn Myss

Vacation should be a time of enjoyment. Yet sometimes our expectations are different than what actually happens. Is there a perfect vacation?? I think they should all be perfect no matter what happens (within reason). If things don’t go as planned, we can still have a good time.
Being away and different scenery could be something we used to take for granted, but hopefully after the last year we have a different perspective.

The idea of what to wear on a beach vacation grew to incorporate not only one outfit because we wanted to cover a variety of options. Lesley had the idea of spotlighting a romantic sunset picnic. She will share why this works so well not only for a sunset picnic but also dinner anywhere. Plus she shares a couple of moments from her personal memories.

Tidbits from Lesley’s Past

Lesley enjoys all different kinds of vacations and told me she didn’t have any “funny” stories about a beach vacation. Because getting stung by a jelly fish in the golf of Mexico was not really funny.
Or getting so sunburned on her first day at the beach (can we all relate?) and thus having to wear a tee over her swim suit the rest of vacation was not funny.

Yet the advantage of having a couple of birthdays under our belt does give us many insights of what to wear on a beach vacation. And here’s the thoughts for a romantic beach sunset picnic complete with the picnic essentials!

Picnic style for older women

Dress: MKS Steinmart~~ Shoes: Macys ~~ Scarf: Macys~~ Earrings: MCT online

What to Wear on a Beach Vacation

A flowy dress is the best kind of dress for any beach vacation. It can be dressed up or even worn casually, and it’s not tight and restricting. Especially if you might be having a picnic, you want something that will still be modest when sitting down. Then if you are walking alongside the beach, you can knot the side so the dress will be shorter and won’t be getting wet in the water.
Another thought is this is the kind of dress you could easily throw over your swimsuit if you don’t have time to change clothes.

There are articles upon articles that talk about keeping to one or two color schemes for your travel clothing. Most of the time these articles focus on neutrals. But I would suggest to incorporate at least one color that makes you glow. It’s vacation, and a time for FUN!! There is a lot of psychology behind the colors we wear, and you want to look like you’re loving the trip!

And don’t think you have to save this dress for vacation only. You can always layer under it (like I’ve shown with Halftees here) or over it for a real life day.

What to wear on a beach vacation for women over 70

Picnic Accessories

Lesley brought her own picnic essentials along on her sunset picnic, which includes nibbles, wine and a cloth that can be used to sit on.
Did you know there are some companies that will set up a picnic for you now?? I haven’t experienced this myself but I have seen them on Instagram. If you are going on a beach vacation, that could be a wonderful idea to look into so you don’t have to bring all these goodies!

Older women and what to wear on a beach vacation

Scarf Magic

Many of you struggle with how to style scarves, yet this piece of material can be truly magical for many of our vacations. You can see how Lesley took this tropical print scarf and first used it as a necklace. What you don’t see is how it wonderfully cascades down the back of her dress too.
But it can triple as a head scarf if she would happen to be in a convertible. Or even to wear it under a hat like she’s shown in the past.

Of course having it to throw over your shoulders after sunset for when the chill sets in is just as functional a way to make it work for your sunset picnic.
BTW, scarves are a smart item to add to any packing list because they don’t take up much space and can be used in many ways. I always have at least one with me on the plane as part of my perfect airplane outfit.

Casual sandals for a beach vacation

Summer Sandals

A beach vacation is the place for summer sandals without question. Lesley took into account that these are easy to slip on and off in case she might be walking along the water’s edge.

We’ve shown how yellow sandals can make the perfect footwear choice for almost any summer outfit. In fact, the funny thing is when the three of us styled yellow sandals last summer, we all paired them with blue. Therefore if you wear a lot of blue, it’s obviously a good choice.

What to wear on a beach vacation

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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