What to Wear on Mother’s Day with Layers

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What to wear on Mother's Day with a hat

What to Wear on Mother’s Day with Layers

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While we think of Mother’s day as springtime, that’s not reality in Denver. I can’t tell you how many Mother’s Days that it’s snowed. And that’s how it was the day we took these photos. At least in the morning. Then the sun came out in the afternoon.

Even though I would have rather worn this outfit with bare legs and cute sandals, I am nothing if not realistic. So I pulled out my boots, hopefully for the last time for this season.

You can see how my mom dressed for the event and our friend Stacy. Stacy was kind enough to fill in for Nancy while Nancy was in Hawaii. Where it wasn’t snowing. Not that I was jealous…(yes I was). Or check out all 3 of us together and how we spent the day.

What to wear on Mother's Day for women over 40

Jodie’s Wearing

Dress: A’reve ~~Tunic: Threads 4 Thought~~ Boots: Report~~Purse: thrifted~~Hat: BP~~Scarf (on hat): My mom made it

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Jodie’s Mother’s Day Outfit

For Mother’s Day, Rob and I always attend church with my mom instead of our church. Then we either fix dinner or go out for brunch with both moms.

Maybe you can tell by our outfits on the blog, but we really do like to dress up. I’m sure it’s a genetic trait, and even though Denver is very casual, it makes us feel good.

So I can’t remember a Mother’s Day that I didn’t wear a dress or skirt. Even when it snows.

How to decide what to wear on Mother's Day


My dress is actually two pieces layered. The blue tunic underneath has always felt a little short by itself. So previously on the blog I layered a skirt over it. However, I did trying wearing it with OTK boots more recently.

And the flower “dress” (I’m not sure what exactly to call it) I bought because it was unusual. I’ve tried wearing it over a white dress before. And while I liked that, I think this is my favorite way to wear it so far. Of course the necklines compete, so I will have to keep trying other ways.

What to wear on Mother's Day with layering

OTK Boots

I’m sure you’re tired of me going on and on about over the knee boots, but when it’s cold outside, they are the best. And truly right now is the time to get the best deals on them.

This pair that I’m wearing is only $20 if you’re any of the sizes they have left. I LOVE this pair because they are kinda dressy with the pointed toe and bling across the instep, yet they only have an inch heel.

What to wear on Mother's Day with a yellow purse

Hat & Scarf

Since it was snowing and my hair was a mess anyways, I figured a hat would be the perfect accessory. Sometimes I worry that the hat is too much with my other accessories. However, since I knew I wouldn’t be wearing a necklace with this, I figured it would be fine.

Yet I did want to add a little femininity to the hat. It has this brown rope around the crown, so I tied a scarf over that. I remember when Lesley did this same trick on the blog last summer.

What to wear on Mother's Day for women over 50


Of course I had to add in some bright color somewhere. Considering how I never really considered my purse part of my outfit before blogging, I’m surprised at how many I have now.

And it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I have 2 yellow purses. At least this one was thrifted. LOL.

What to wear on Mother's Day with florals

Me Being a Mother

Since I shared about both Stacy and my mom’s kids, I guess I will share mine here too. There are SO many reasons why I don’t have kids. I actually babysat much of my teenage life, so maybe that’s one reason.

But truthfully, when I married my ex husband, it wasn’t a healthy relationship from the start. Which cemented my decision to not have kids.

Now if I had met Rob much earlier in my life and married him first, then it could be a different story. Although Rob is a worse worrier than I am. We always joke that if we had kids, he’d have an ulcer the size of Idaho.

What to wear on Mother's Day to keep warm

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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