What to Wear on Mother’s Day with Pastels

What to wear on Mother's day for women over 60

What to Wear on Mother’s Day with Pastels

Quote of the day: “Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.” Anonymous

What we wear on Mother’s Day certainly depends on the events planned. And while it should be spring time, at least here in Colorado, we all know that it can mean snow. Seriously, just wait until you see the post later this week.

Stacy is filling in for Nancy with these photos since Nancy was in Hawaii at the time. I asked Stacy about being a mother and the celebration below. You may even remember she filled in last year while Nancy was away then too.

I love how Stacy concentrated on pastels, while my mom wore a maxi dress. And I ended up layering two dresses together. This venue is an interesting Denver historical place, so feel free to read more about it in our post where we are all together.

What to wear on Mother's day for dress up

Stacy’s Wearing

Skirt: J.G. Hook~~Jacket: J.G. Hook ~~Shoes: Unisa~~Brooch: ~~Earrings: ~~Purse: Aldo

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Stacy’s Favorite Mother’s Day Celebration

I asked Stacy about some history of her Mother’s Day celebrations. She commented that she feels blessed having watched her babies grow into strong, young men that function in society.

Stacy knows a lot about life, both the good and bad. I read her answer that she believes everyday is a celebration, not just on Mother’s Day. I consider that very impressive considering that her daughter died at the age of 2 1/2, and granddaughter died in a car crash a couple of years ago.

What to wear on Mother's day for spring


Stacy said she’s had this suit for a million years, ha ha. She purchased it from Chadwicks and loves the soft pastels in it. Since she’s retired, she hasn’t had the opportunity to wear her suits as often, so she tries to pull them out for these kinds of occasions.

I do think suits are a perfect piece for these celebratory occasions. They are easy like a dress, since they go together. And with the wonderful colors in this suit, it can be broken up and worn so many other ways too.

What to wear on Mother's Day for ladies over 60


Stacy is like me, and loves DSW along with the fact that you then get rewards to use on future purchases. If you don’t get my emails, I recently shared something I didn’t know about DSW.

They have a program where you can donate shoes for Soles 4 Souls and get rewarded with DSW points. For every day that you drop off a pair, you get 50 points. It only takes 100 points to give you a $5 reward. Therefore, we are carrying shoes in our car lately, so every time we drive by, we can drop off a pair.

Back to Stacy’s purse, she just bought this recently with rewards and figured it went perfectly with the suit and shoes.

with pink shoes


Stacy told me she used to always wear a blue, strappy sandal with this suit. And while I understand how it’s normal to match our shoes to our outfit, I do love blush as a neutral.

I love that Stacy even wore these shoes when she modeled with us last summer. It goes to show that the peep toe booties can be worn in many seasons.

Stacy’s Kids

Stacy has 2 sons soon to be 38 and 43. I know, she doesn’t look old enough. We always joke that she started having kids at age 2. Her youngest son lives close to her and has 2 children of his own.

Her oldest is a retired Marine who lives in Arkansas. He and his wife were not able to have kids, and have fostered many kids instead. Eventually they adopted 4 of those children.

What to wear on Mother's day in pastels

Stacy’s Mom

Stacy’s mom will be 84 very soon. She lives in Baltimore with her dad, and was the youngest of 2 daughters. Stacy talks highly of how her mom worked during her career, raised 2 children, earned a college degree and cared for her elderly father.

She also laughs that her mom has a closet full of clothes with lots of hats, shoes, purses, and jewelry. It’s the perfect reason that Stacy has wonderful style.

What to wear on Mother's Day for work and play

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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