What to Wear to a Birthday Lunch for Women over 60

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Woman over 60 with what to wear to a birthday lunch

What to Wear to a Birthday Lunch for Women over 60

Nancy is showing us what to wear to a birthday lunch. Welcome back Nancy for this post!! She was here in Arizona with her friend Sharon, who you’ll meet below. So we kidnapped them both and had them be part of the fun.

Quote of the day: “Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.” Kenzo Takada

Our fun included getting all dressed up (fancy schmantzy as I like to call it) and then having a fabulous afternoon tea.

Since it’s my birthday this month (December 15 to be exact), I started off the outfits with a lot of bling and texture. Then Lesley added a punch of color to a classic color combination. While my mom showed us a fabulous way to wear black even if it is too stark for your complexion.

What to wear to a birthday lunch

Pants: Chicos ~~ Cardigan: Miracle ~~ Top: Creation~~ Shoes: Anne Klein~~ Necklace: ~~ Purse:

What to Wear to a Birthday Lunch

Striped tunic

While lunch usually signifies something a little more casual, it’s always good to find out what the hostess is expecting. That being said, we do have to keep ourselves happy too. And this post is a perfect example.

Why? Because both Nancy and Sharon were visiting Arizona with a limited amount of clothing. Traveling always makes the planning of outfits somewhat challenging. And then there is the case that some women just don’t enjoy dressing up much. Or their definition is different.

As a bit of soapbox material, I am learning that my way is not the only way (shocking, I know). Therefore, let’s just say that your way isn’t the only way either. So while you may have an idea of the right recipe of what to wear to a birthday lunch, I think we ought to realize we are all so unique. Sure, you may think my outfit was too over the top. But it’s good we are allowed to dress how we want.

Now onto Nancy’s outfit.

Can Your Accessories Make the Outfit Dressier?

I always think that accessories can add the saving grace especially when you are traveling. For example a pearl necklace. Don’t we all have one of these? In fact, we blogged about them along with some history of them years ago.

If you don’t want to take your real pearl necklace when you are traveling, you can certainly get a costume one. Or heck, look for one at the second hand store. Nancy’s necklace above isn’t real. Yet it still makes her tunic seem more fancy.

Layers for a birthday lunch

Black Pants are perfect for Traveling and a Birthday Lunch

I know that black pants are the answer to every woman’s “what do I wear” question. And what to wear to a birthday lunch is another perfect time to pull them out. Especially when you are traveling since they can be worn to almost any event.

We styled the idea of black pants for a dressy occasion two years ago. The funny thing is Nancy wore the same pants and used the same purse for that post too. These pants are the Chico’s Travelers Pants and Nancy loves that they don’t wrinkle (whether she’s traveling or not.)

Can a Tunic be Versatile?

Wearing black pants with a tunic

Tunics are certainly more versatile than I think we realize. We have worn them dressed up on the blog before, and even wore those same tunics for a casual day.

Nancy was excited to bring it out to wear because she just bought it at a boutique sale and hadn’t had a chance to wear it. She loves that it has those cute pockets.

Can you Dress More Casual for a Birthday Lunch?

Please welcome Sharon to the birthday lunch too. Sharon and Nancy used to teach at the same school together. Now that they are retired, they travel all around together. Most of the trips that Nancy has taken in the last years where I’ve had other women take her place, were these trips with Sharon.

Sharon told me that she has never be one to get dressed up. As a young mom of 4, her priorities were her kids. And now as a grandma of 10, it’s no different. Yet she joined along by bringing out a dress on this trip. The dress has beautiful embroidered flowers all over it and it was a good deal on sale at the end of last summer.

Nancy’s Remembrance of a Birthday

Nancy told me that when she was living at home as a child, her mother would always wake her up on her birthday by very loudly playing Happy Birthday on the electric organ. She remembers it fondly even though her mom didn’t play or sing very well!! But it’s those acts of love that touch our hearts.

What to wear to a birthday lunch when traveling

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

After our photos, we even had afternoon tea with the Queen.

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