What to Wear to a Burial Ceremony

Woman over 70 at the cemetary

What to Wear to a Burial Ceremony

Quote of the day: “How strange this fear of death! We are never frightened at a sunset.” George MacDonald

Attending a funeral or burial ceremony may not be the highlight of our days, but it happens more and more the older we get.

So I feel like it’s nice to have some options in our back pocket for when it does come up. It’s certainly easier than having to go to the store for something to wear.

While most of us consider black, I was pleasantly surprised that all three of us chose other colors for this post. We styled this theme many years ago. And this time, my mom wore purple. While I experimented with blue and also found past outfits from the blog that might work.

Wearing a dress to the burial

Nancy’s Wearing

Dress: 2 Supply~~Cami: J. Jill~~ Shoes: Charles by Charles David~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~Bracelet:~~Purse: Dana Buchman

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Nancy’s Outfit She’d Wear to a Burial Ceremony

When I asked Nancy what funeral she first remembers, she said it was her grandparents funeral when she was in junior high. She was actually saying how she wants to go to the funeral’s of people she knows because she learns so much about them in the service.

It’s certainly not the event we talk about much, yet Nancy was saying they are a time to connect with others. The idea of sharing memories seems so healing.

Wearing burgundy for a burial ceremony


Nancy bought this dress from our local boutique to wear for the holidays. Yet, I think it’s a perfect example of how other colors can work for funerals and burial ceremonies.

Subdued outfit for a funeral


I’ve only started wearing camisoles more lately, and I feel like this is a great way to style them. If you have a top or dress that needs a little extra coverage, camisoles are a perfect layering item.

Over 2 years ago, a reader asked for some styling options for camis, and we showcased some ideas then. And for Nancy’s outfit, it’s a great way to pull in the black from her shoes, purse and necklace.

Outfit worn to a cemetery


We were laughing that Nancy’s necklace kept skewing to the right instead of staying centered. Maybe Nancy’s crooked from all of her traveling, LOL!! But she likes these choker necklaces better than scarves. She has a short neck, so these chokers don’t take up as much room.

These earrings are a sentimental pair because they used to be my Aunt’s. When my Aunt Nancy passed away, her daughter gave all three of us some of her jewelry to remember her by. We even styled some of the pieces in a blog post.


Nancy actually changed her shoes with this outfit from her first choice. She realized that her other pumps had a pointed heel and would be hard to walk around in the grass. That’s why the chunkier heels are fabulous especially for the burial ceremony.

And Nancy loves this pair of shoes because of the straps. I know the straps cut off the leg line, but functionally they keep your shoes in place.

Shoes to be worn to the burial ceremony

Nancy’s Thoughts about her Funeral

When I asked what Nancy wanted at her funeral and burial ceremony, she said first she wanted gladiolas. Her grandfather used to raise these flowers and she would sell them to neighbors as a little girl.

She also wants the songs that she loves sung at her service. Along with sharing the memories we all have of her. Especially the funny memories. And boy, do I have a bunch of those!

What to wear to a burial ceremony after a funeral

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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