What to Wear to a Christmas Party

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What to wear to a Christmas Party for women over 50

What to Wear to a Christmas Party

What to wear to a Christmas party is always the question once you get the invitation.

Even if you’re not working anymore, you may have a fun Christmas party in your future. This is a popular theme on the blog since it happens every year. And your party may be more casual than what we are showing here. Yet I think it’s such a fun time to get dressed up at least a little.

Quote of the day: “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.” Henry David Thoreau

I thought the quote above was great for today, because all three of us added in some unique ideas that maybe you wouldn’t have considered.

What to wear to a Christmas Party for older women

And let me explain our outfits in that we were outside. That means there was a lot of layering happening this day. So your version of this could be more lightweight. My prompt to the moms was a holiday somewhat dressed up outfit.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit

What to wear to a Christmas Party with sweater dress

Dress: Moda (similar here)~~Cardigan: Chicos (similar here)~~Shoes: Bellini (similar here)~~Belt: The Limited (similar here but WAY more than what I ended up paying)~~Pin: thrifted (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: thrifted (similar here)

What to wear to a Christmas Party white and green

Why I Wore This Outfit

I wanted to change up the idea of wearing red for a Christmas party. So I started with my white sweater dress. I am such a fan of sweater dresses for the winter because they are warmer than most.

And then I layered my teal long cardigan over it. I wanted to wear heels instead of boots, so I grabbed my blue heels that I had worn for our recent cruise. I figured this greenish color and blue was very original for a holiday party, and I could replicate the colorway with my earrings and brooch.

What to wear to a Christmas Party with other colors

How You Could Change This Outfit

I think a white dress can work any time of year. However, if you would feel more festive in a reddish or a green color then that could be arranged. There are burgundy sweater dresses available as well as black ones for any occasion. As for green sweater dresses, there seems to be many of those too.

What to wear to a Christmas Party for women over 40

Interesting Tidbit

This brooch is one I picked up at a local thrift store last year. If you look closely you can see that there are jigsaw puzzle pieces sticking out under the feather and other pieces. I’m sure it was hand made, because on the back of each puzzle piece is a handwritten inspirational word like “hope”, and “love”.

I had the brooch pinned through not only the cardigan but the dress too so the cardigan would stay in place. And for warmth, I layered these fishnet hose over another sheer pair of hose.

Nancy’s (70+) Outfit

What to wear to a Christmas Party with fun tights

Dress: Alfani (similar here)~~Tights: Spanx (similar here)~~Boots: Impo (similar here)~~Pin: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: Dana Buchman (here)

What to wear to a Christmas Party with a star pin

Why Nancy Wore This Outfit

This is one of Nancy’s favorite sweaters that she tends to wear around the holidays quite a bit. She’d already worn this with black leggings a couple of years ago, so she decided to change it up.

These fishnet/solid tights are definitely a fun way to add some interest to your outfits. If you feel like you’d be too cold in these, you could always layer another nude pair under them, or even a colored pair of tights.

What to wear to a Christmas Party with floral purse

How You Could Change This Outfit

When we got out of the car, Nancy commented that she wished the sweater was a couple of inches longer. If you have any tunics like that, there are some options to help. The lace extenders are something we’ve worn on the blog before. They aren’t always easy to find in the big stores, but I’ve seen them at our local boutique, Trendz almost every time I’m there.

Another hack could be to add some material onto the hem of the piece. My mom did this for one of my dresses in the past.

What to wear to a Christmas Party for women over 70

Interesting Tidbit

It’s hard to tell in the photos, but the red sweater has sparkles in the yarn which is why Nancy always thinks of it for the holiday season. The best thing about style now is how we can wear these metallics all year long and for even casual days. We showed this earlier this spring.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

What to wear to a Christmas Party for women over 80

Dress: Mom made it (similar here)~~Turtleneck: (similar here)~~Striped Top: Charter Club (similar here)~~Shoes: Proxy (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Purse: Lauren Conrad (here)

What to wear to a Christmas Party with holiday pieces

Why Charlotte Wore This Outfit

My mom always thinks of wearing red for Christmas. And that’s why she wore this ultra suede dress that she made a couple of years ago. As you can see in the photos, her dress is not your primary color of red that we always think of. Yet I like how the striped shirt underneath does have that primary red in it. So it’s a great example of how you can mix pink with red. They are different values of the same hue, so it works.

What to wear to a Christmas Party with whimsical items

How You Could Change This Outfit

Yes, my mom is wearing two different long sleeve tops under her dress. If you’re always cold like we are, then you get it. But if not, then you can always stick with a white blouse under your dress like we’ve shown in the past. Heck, this would be the perfect time to wear your statement sleeved tops.

What to wear to a Christmas Party with layering

Interesting Tidbit

My mom bought this purse recently because she wasn’t sure if the character on the front was an owl. She has a TON of owl chotchkies in her house, along with owl jewelry and purses already. So I was happy that she decided to keep the purse even though it’s a penguin. Maybe we will get her collecting something else now, LOL!

And FYI, the purse is still for sale under $15 if you love it too.

What to wear to a Christmas Party for women in the cold weather

Tips & Tricks

Christmas and the holidays offer us such a wonderful time to wear our sparkle and glam without thinking it’s out of place. Even if you are going casual, I think it’s a perfect time to add in brooches, pins and even your beaded purses. In fact,  I just watched a post from Facebook that talked about why you should dress for a party everyday. I even included it below because it’s such a good message.

So I hope you break out the good china this holiday season and wear some things that maybe you’ve been “saving.”

What to wear to a Christmas Party for women for december

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