What to Wear to a Semi Formal Birthday Party

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Black and gold as what to wear to a semi formal birthday party

What to Wear to a Semi Formal Birthday Party

Charlotte is showing us what to wear to a semi formal birthday party in her favorite way. With lots of elegance and class.

Quote of the day: “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” Edith Head

Since it was my birthday celebration, I called for fancy schmantzy outfits as the theme. You can see how Lesley also chose black as her main color, yet her outfit is still very different. For my look, my favorite part was my piece of headwear for the occasion. And Nancy had a chance to join us even though she was limited with her travel wardrobe.

Styling what to wear to a semi formal birthday party

Skirt: Summit Hill ~~Jacket: R & M Richards-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Caparros~~ Scarf: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Creations-thrifted ~~ Hosiery:

What to Wear to a Semi Formal Birthday Party

Classic look for what to wear to a semi formal birthday party

My mom always considers this jacket when I talk about getting all dressed up. She found this at a second hand store and decided to buy it when she tried it on and it fit perfectly with no alterations needed. While my mom is the queen of alterations, it’s even better not to have to do any adjustments to an item. But if you need a list of which alterations are easy, check back to that post.

Many of you also love the idea of black for formal events. Yet my mom realizes that black can be harsh with her complexion. Especially now that we’ve had our colors analyzed a couple of times. So she got creative with this outfit.

The gold item? It’s actually a scarf, not a top. She is wearing a lace top under it that maybe you can see if you look closely. But this gold scarf she used to fill in at the neck for a dramatic flair. To try to keep it in place, she tucked it into the waistband of her skirt. Granted, throughout the day it had to be adjusted, because it moves when you move.

Are Accessories Age Appropriate?

I have a hard time with that age appropriate thing to start with. So don’t get me started on statement jewelry. I think it’s fabulous that my mom is wearing super long earrings. If you worry that your neck is too short, throw that thought from your mind. Who cares if the earrings brush along your shoulders?

As for this snakeskin purse, it was my mom’s first purchase here in Arizona. I dragged her and Lesley to a Goodwill event only two days after we moved and this purse caught my mom’s eye. She thinks it’s real snakeskin because of how it feels texture wise. And it was only $4.

Woman over 80 in black and gold

Can you Still Wear Hosiery?

Black glitter hosiery

Hosiery seems to be one of those things that women worry about. Is it stylish to wear them right now? Which ones are comfy? All those things combined make me wonder if that’s why so many women wear pants instead?

Be that as it may, my mom still loves wearing dresses and skirts but HATES going bare legged. So she has a ton of different kinds of hose and tights. This glitter pair seems like the perfect option for anything dress up occasion during the holidays.

And it’s not like they are overly crazy or even expensive. The pair in the widget above is only $12 and I found a pair that is only $10 also.

Are Pleated Skirts in Style?

Black and gold outfit

This is the pleated skirt that my mom wore for our Halloween outfits last year. And the one that got me thinking I should have one. Funny how I wore mine for this same theme. Granted I have been seeing them in many stores lately and on many other bloggers.

So if you have a pleated skirt in the back of your closet, it’s time to pull it back out. My mom has had this one for over 25 years so it’s circled back in style again.

Of course you’ll see the younger women wearing them with sneakers. And even if you think that’s not for you, I hope you’ll try it. Especially if you’re not wearing heels much. Why not put together that dichotomy of dressy skirt with more casual shoes? I’ve worn this before many times on the blog.

The other way to make the pleated skirt seem more modern is pair it with a chunky sweater. I know, you’re going to tell me that’s crazy. But what’s wrong with crazy?

What to wear to a semi formal birthday party

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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