What to wear to an art museum for comfort

What To Wear To an Art Museum: Valuable Considerations

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There are many things to consider for what to wear to an art museum. Since this is an activity that we have experienced quite a bit in the years since we have retired, I feel like we are more than qualified to speak about it.

Quote of the day: “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations. If you adopt their attitudes, then the possibility won’t exist because you’ll have already shut it out…You can hear other people’s wisdom, but you’ve got to re-evaluate the world for yourself.” Mae Jemison

I’ll be showing what the three of us wore to our recent excursion to the Phoenix Art Museum. BTW, if you are ever visiting Phoenix, this museum is quite impressive. I would recommend one of the docent tours (which is included in the admission to the museum).

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Comfy fall outfits at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesen
Jeans and booties at a pumpkin festival
Unexpected fashion at Denver’s Union Station

What to Wear to an Art Museum

When I break down what to wear to an art museum, here are the 3 biggest considerations.

1-Comfortable walking shoes. Any museum trip is going to include loads of walking and standing so you want your shoes to be ones that can hold up to this. This doesn’t mean you have to resort to your worn-out athletic sneakers. There are many companies that have comfortable shoes which are stylish.

2-Layers. Even if it is hot outside, the museum will be air-conditioned. And vice versa. If it’s cold outside, the museum will be heated. Yet you never know what one area considers temperate, so taking layers that you can add or remove is the best practice.

3-Hands-free purse. I would also suggest making the purse lightweight because you do not need all of the stuff you normally carry around. You can always take out many items that you usually carry in your purse before you go into the museum.
Granted I ignored the hands-free idea for my outfit, but I made sure my purse was small and easy to carry either under my arm or in my hands.

Insider tip: I have been told that some museums do not allow backpacks, so if you aren’t sure about the museum’s policies, stick with a crossbody or sling bag.

4-And an extra idea? Add your personality. You’re going to visit a place where art is the focus and you might as well fit into the scheme of it. Get artsy, pull out your more vibrant and fun pieces and you could be considered part of the exhibitions.

Fabulous style for older women

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Lesley’s Idea of What to Wear to an Art Museum

Let’s go through the checklist with Lesley’s look
1-Comfortable shoes-check
3-Handsfree purse-check because her strap is long to wear as a cross-body purse
4-Extra-wait until you read her blurb below.

Woman over 70 in white
Jeans: ~Gloria Vanderbilt-Steinmart~~ Jacket: no label-boutique in Denver~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Michael Kors-Macys ~~ Earrings: Chicos~~ Purse: no label

Lesley has such a great sense of humor and creativity, and I wanted to include her words about her look.

“Art must start with a blank canvas of some sort so for this outfit IT WAS ME!!  Since I wasn’t feeling very creative and traditional, I tried contemporary art.  What that entailed were a couple of symmetrical long dots (earrings), a slash of color (crossbody bag), and a dribble chain of color down the front.  A few other colors outside the frame (on my shoes).  See even a gal who can’t sing or paint can come up with something creative.”

I always think that a monochromatic outfit is a perfect foundation for adding bits of color to our accessories and footwear. Lesley usually reverts to black with her all-white looks (like she wore here), so I was happily surprised with the red instead.

Red Details with an All-White Look

I consider this the perfect example of how a contrasting color with your accessories really shows them off. For example, if Lesley had worn a white necklace, you just wouldn’t have noticed it.

Instead, she had fun with red earrings, a necklace, and a purse.

Not only that, but she wore her comfy sneakers that are painted on the side of them. I always love how sneakers can be designed to look more stylish and fun.

White on white

Charlotte: Showing Her Artsy Side When Touring an Art Museum

The same checklist with mom’s look
1-Comfortable shoes-check. Not all comfy shoes have to be sneakers. Boots and flats work too.
3-Handsfree purse-somewhat. Mom wore it on her shoulder.
4-Extra-You wouldn’t believe the vest origins.

What to wear to art museum to stand out
Vest: Mom made it ~~ Pants: Jockey-thrifted~~ Top: WHBM-thrifted~~ Boots: Style & Co-Macys~~ Earrings: Amrita Sighn~~ Purse: no label-garage sale ~~Hat: no label

My mom wore this amazing faux fur vest that she created herself. I love how the lime green color contrasts beautifully with the navy blue. In the past, she paired it with a white column of color that also looked great.

Insider fact: If you know my mother, then it wouldn’t surprise you to know that with the extra material from this vest, she made a pillow. In fact, you can see it against her burgundy chair in this blog post.

Not only is the vest something that is creative and fun, but I also applaud her decision to add the third color with the beret and purse.
Just as I discussed in my article about tricks to look more modern, adding in a third color takes away that matchy-matchy scheme that can be frumpy.

Extra Details

These statement earrings are wild and spunky, just like my mother. She ordered them online and when she first opened them up, she wasn’t sure she should wear them. It’s that niggly “should” term that stops some of our best creative choices.
I twisted her arm to keep the earrings and wear them with abandon. No woman is too old to wear statement earrings.

Insider tip: It doesn’t matter if you have a short neck and the longer earrings hang onto your shoulders. There is no rule that says your earrings have to end above your shoulders. Bigger earrings pull the focus to your face and show the world you’re amazing.

Red pops with beret and purse

Jodie- Color For What to Wear to an Art Museum

Jodie’s outfit and the checklist
1-Comfortable shoes-check. I even added my Soul Insoles to these boots to make sure my feet would be happy.
3-Hands-free purse-nope, but I kept it small and lightweight.
4-Extra-I did include loads of modern elements.

I always like to incorporate color and more whimsical items when we visit our Phoenix Art Museum. This activity always reminds me of the crossover between art in a museum and the outfits we can put together. Why not decorate our bodies in a fun way instead of thinking we have to look like everyone else?

Reality check: Yes, my silk blouse pulled up and looks wrinkled in the photos after our drive to the art museum. But as I always say on my site, this is real life. While it catches my eye and I want to tug it down, hopefully, I’ve created other focal points in the outfit so it’s not the only thing you see.

Insider tip: Just to prove that I haven’t always been so creative or bold with my style, I remember when I first bought this coat. The saleslady at the small boutique showed me how I could also wear it as a dress. I remember thinking that I would never do that. Lo, and behold, I have and even wore it as a tunic in this older post.
It goes to show that any of us can allow our style to evolve if we have an open mind.

Here’s how I see the outfit as having modern vibes:
1-Dichotomy– Tulle skirt (feminine) paired with combat boots (masculine)
2-Color-Turquoise tights and boots as well as orange purse
3-Texture-Tulle skirt and silk blouse
4-Sentimental-Earrings used to belong to my Aunt Nancy

Colorful Accessories

Even though there is no turquoise in the skirt, I wanted to wear these new Snag tights and I loved how my combat boots make a great match.
If you hate tights because they are too constricting, then you’re the perfect candidate for this brand, Snag, tights. Mine are called opaque tights and were under $15. It’s hard to explain how they are different than conventional tights, but they aren’t as “tight”. Plus they are made for all sizes.

FYI, my friend, MK, shared about the Snag brand. I’m not an affiliate and can’t offer you a discount, but if you do try them out, make sure to tell them that I sent you. I think I could be a wonderful ambassador when they start working with US influencers.

These earrings used to be my Aunt Nancy’s and my cousin shared some pieces with me when she passed away. They were originally clip-on earrings which I converted to post.

Tulle skirt for grown women

In Conclusion

Whether you spend an hour or all day on your excursion, following these ideas of what to wear to an art museum will keep you comfortable and looking chic.

Grown women and what to wear to an art museum
What to wear to an art museum for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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My hope is that you get ideas and inspiration from Charlotte, Lesley, and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
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