What to Wear to Go Apple Picking in Arizona

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Woman in red and white striped top

What to Wear to Go Apple Picking in Arizona

What to wear to go apple picking in Arizona is going to be WAY different than some other states. For example, if you search Pinterest, you’d see lots of scarves and layers. But that’s not our reality here in the Southwest.

Quote of the day: ” Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.” Billy Graham

I thought this was a great quote when I noticed Lesley was wearing shorts quite a bit out here in Arizona. Yet I know SO many older women think they are too old for shorts. And this was perfect for the theme of what to wear to go apple picking.

The funny thing is my mom ended up with the same sort of color scheme too for this fun event. Granted, my mom wasn’t wearing shorts, but I may be…And then I thought of some practical tips for these kinds of events.

Wearing shorts for what to wear to go apple picking

Shorts: Chicos ~~ Top: American Living-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Target ~~Earrings: ~~ Hat: Sloggers ~~Purse: Wildwest

Lesley and What to Wear to go Apple Picking

This outfit was the look of choice for what to wear to go apple picking because it’s comfortable. Yet even though those are the first words out of Lesley’s mouth, I think it’s also wonderfully stylish too.

You may think apple picking would be dirty and you need to wear old clothes, but really it wasn’t the case. I think the car got the dirtiest of all since the ranch was down a dirt road.

So wearing a striped shirt is a great way to add interest to such an outfit. And for those of you who think you shouldn’t wear a horizontally striped top, make sure to read my friend’s quote in our post about stripes.

Keeping cool for what to wear to go apple picking


Straw hat as what to wear to go apple picking

The hat was chosen for optimal sun protection. Lesley was saying that otherwise she would have worn a baseball cap. But this one was nice because she could slide it down her back when we were in the shade, since it was 100 degrees on this day.

As for the purse, she’s had this for over 25 years. Lesley bought this at a Colorado fair along with a small makeup bag and tote all in the same tapestry print. You might notice her water bottle sticking out. She’s become a true Arizonian by taking a bottle everywhere with her. We still need to get into that habit more.


Woman over 60 and what to wear to go apple picking

I’m sure many of you don’t have shorts anymore. I know I was hardly wearing them even 10 years ago. It’s only since I’ve been blogging and reading other women’s inspirational words, that I realize that shorts can be an option for women of any age.

If you aren’t sure about it yourself, then you ought to come visit me. I’ve seen many women in shorts of all shapes and sized. Heck, when it’s over 100 degrees, they are ideal.


Red sneakers and a water bottle

Do you remember the note in Charlotte’s blog post about shoes? When I read the information online about Date Creek Ranch, there was a blurb that said, ” Please Note: We are rustic, a real working cattle ranch. Our orchard is a bonus to having this wonderful land to manage. We run our pigs through the orchard so there will be; mud and occasionally poo. Wear outdoor shoes! “

That’s why Lesley wore these sneakers. They are washable and she can put her orthopedics in them. While we all planned for the possible pig poo, we luckily didn’t run into any. But better to be prepared!

Lesley and Apples

Ageless Style

Lesley tells the story when she was in college, she and some friends went out into the orchards close to town. It was night, of course, and they jumped a fence and loaded up the trunk of one of the guy’s Corvair.

She does realize that it was slightly illegal, but hey, it was college after all. They then filled grocery bags with the fruit and set it out in the lobby of each dorm with a “Help Yourself” sign. Then with the remainder of apples they made pies and cobbles which they ate.

I have to say, while she may have been a rebel, at least she was a sharing rebel. How nice that they all let the other dorms have some apples too. Lesley did say that this activity really brings back fun memories from a long time ago. And isn’t that the best?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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