Grown women and what to wear to the opera matinee

What to Wear to the Opera Matinee-Genuine Looks

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I am showcasing our genuine looks of what to wear to the opera matinee. Not only do you get to see what we really wore, but I also took notes of what other people wore and will share my two cents about that.

Quote of the day: “A surplus of effort could overcome a deficit of confidence.” Sonia Sotomayor

Going out for a cultural experience during the day is one of those activities that we are blessed to be able to do. Especially when your library offers the event free of charge as part of its cultural exchange program.

So yes, these outfits were really worn to the opera matinee when we saw The Sound of Music performed by the Phoenix Opera.

I’m sure you can come up with all kinds of rules about what to wear and what not to wear, but in this day and age, I hope we can all agree that personal style is just that. Personal. Thus we get to decide what to wear and don’t have to go by rules.

That being said, if you are in good health and lucky to be able to attend such an event, why wouldn’t you dress up and enjoy wearing some of the pieces that you don’t wear running errands?

So without further ado, here are our outfits for what to wear to an opera matinee, and at the end of this post, I will share the other looks I saw.

Insider tip: If you are going to an event, it’s good to check any requirements for the venue. We were only allowed to carry small purses for this opera.

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Colorful Dress with Wrap

Art splashed dress with wrap for what to wear to the opera matinee
Dress: no label ~~ Boots: Penny Loves Kenny-DSW ~~ Wrap: from Just Be Youtiful online site here-use code Jtouch15 held together with Maggie’s snaps~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o~~ Purse: Banana Republic~~Gloves: picked up in Palm Springs~~ Scarf in hair: Zara

I figured this was the perfect opportunity to pull out a dress that I haven’t worn much yet. This sleeveless artsy dress was from the auction to help raise money for the people of Ukraine. I’d call it a fit-and-flare dress.

Insider detail: With a short skirt like this, I will wear workout shorts underneath to bar against any flashing.

If it had been warmer, I might not have needed the wrap, however, I would have taken it just in case the temperatures were cold inside the venue.
I found this wrap on Just Be Youtiful’s online site and it’s still available in many colors (code Jtouch15 for a discount). It’s one of those pieces that you can wear in a multitude of ways. On the site, the women are wearing it wrapped like a top. I decided to wear it as a wrap and have it held together with my Maggie’s Magnet.

Insider detail: Right now you can get a discount, 15Jodiestyle, on anything from Maggie’s site on Amazon. I like these bigger magnets for my thicker items, but the Glamour Magnets are great for silky scarves and thinner things.


Because the dress is sleeveless and we were going to an opera, I thought it would be the perfect time to wear these champagne color long gloves.
I even wore a large ring and 3 big bangle bracelets over the gloves. Granted, I took off the gloves when we went out to eat after.

I wore my rose gold ankle booties because they are a great bling item yet are lighter since the outfit is white with bright colors.

And then I tied a scarf around the elastic holding my hair in a ponytail to cascade down the back of my look.

Scarf around the ponytail

Blue Dress with Kimono

What to wear to the opera matinee for women over 70
Dress: no label-online~~ Kimono: Max Studios-Macys~~ Cardigan: ~~ Top: ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Bristol” ~~ Necklace: thrifted~~Bracelet: Macys ~~ Purse: Maruca

Lesley also wore a dress above her knees. Her dress is what I would consider a shift-type dress with no shaping. So I love that she added a belt over the dress and under the kimono/duster.

Most of us think of kimonos as a summer item, but there’s no reason you couldn’t pop one over a sweater or long-sleeve top. In fact, Lesley has done that in the past.

Wearing a belt like this under a topper is such a smart way to trick the eye that there is a waist under there. Don’t believe me? Then take a photo of yourself wearing a belt and not wearing a belt and compare.

Lesley was telling me how much she loves this Maruca purse. It’s from a local business in Boulder, and it’s small enough to pass inspections for size requirements at these kinds of events. She’s also so amazed at how much she can fit in it.
Then she uses it inside larger bags if she needs to coordinate it with a particular look.

Lesley chose darker shoes to go with her darker outfit. These beautiful shoes are not only pretty but comfortable since they are Walking Cradles.

Insider tip: Many downtown events will include a bit of walking depending on where you have to park and if you are going to dinner afterward.

Kimono and navy dress for what to wear to the opera matinee

Pleated Skirt and Leather Jacket

Woman over 80 for what to wear to the opera matinee
Skirt: Love, Fire Shorts: ~~ Jacket: Zara-thrifted ~~ Cardigan: ~~ Top: Mom made it ~~ Shoes: Caparros-thrifted~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

My mom opted for a skirt and leather jacket for what to wear to the opera matinee. This pleated skirt has the required bling that is perfect for the occasion. And pairing it with her favorite yellow leather jacket gives the outfit that yin/yang that is very modern.

The silver skirt acts as a wonderful backdrop for any color you would want to pair with it. Even though my mom chose yellow, you could easily replicate this with a red jacket, blue jacket, or even a print jacket.

You’ve seen my mom wear this jacket multiple times before on the blog because it’s very modern and fresh.
1-Wardrobe essentials
2-Midi skirts and boots


I love how my mom added a pop of a different color by adding the red purse. There is no other red in the outfit, but it adds sass to the outfit instead of carrying a yellow or silver purse.

My mom opted for dark sling-back heels with her outfit. And make sure to check out the rhinestones on the edge of the heels from the back.

Sparkle outfit as what to wear to the opera matinee
Arizona style of what to wear to the opera matinee

Other Looks Seen at the Opera Matinee

I consider going to an opera matinee a joyful and fun event. Because it’s during the day, it may not be considered “fancy”, yet I belong to the theory that every day is special. Therefore, I would say fancy is the way to go.

1-Black pants. I lost count of how many older women were wearing black pants. I feel like it’s the uniform of grown women everywhere. Do I like them? I only say no because it’s so common and not very unique.

2-Tulle skirt. I was wowed to see a tulle skirt. Would it surprise you to know it was on a girl about 6 years old? Maybe not. But you saw this little girl and you instantly smiled. There is no reason why we can’t copy that same look and get that same reaction even though we are much older. The age limit on tulle skirts is only in your head.

3-Jeans. I did see a couple of teenage girls in jeans. Of course, at that age, they probably don’t have the huge selection of clothes like you and I do, so there’s that. And jeans are a staple in today’s youth. Would I wear them to an event like this? Maybe, with something hugely fantastic on the top half of my body.

4-Dark tops and blazers. It seemed like most of the women wearing the black pants were also wearing dark tops and blazers. If you ever struggle with the thought of being invisible, then consider what you are wearing. Because these darker colors tend to help blend into the background.

5-Dresses. Rob and I noticed more dresses on the girls in the age group 20-30. These are the demographics on Instagram and TikTok the most, so it only makes sense. And it’s nice to see these women wearing fun outfits.

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What to wear to the opera matinee

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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