What to Wear When It’s Hot for Ageless Style Linkup

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Print dress for what to wear when it's hot

What to Wear When It’s Hot for Ageless Style Linkup

It’s all about what to wear when it’s hot for our Ageless Style group as directed by Debbie. And may I just say that the three of us are becoming pros for this concept. EVERY day in the summer is over 100 degrees here in Arizona and I don’t mind it one bit. (Granted, most days the humidity is very low also, so that makes a difference)
At the end of this post I’m also sharing details about part of our adventure of the day we took these photos.

Quote of the day: “It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.” Jackie Joyner-Kersee

We try to live by the motto to always be prepared. And what to wear when it’s hot is certainly one of those things that it’s good to think about before you are out and about. Keep reading to see how I’m adapting to this hotter environment and suggestions to make it bearable.

Don’t forget to see how both Lesley and Charlotte kept cool in the heat.

Clara SunWoo Dress

Clara SunWoo dress for what to wear when it's hot

Dress: Clara SunWoo c/o~~ Shoes: Aerosole ~~ Bracelet: Alison & Aubrey ~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor ~~ Backpack: Target~~Hat: DIYed by me

All three of us were gifted items from Clara SunWoo recently which you can see on Instagram. I’m a firm believer that dresses are cooler for the idea of what to wear when it’s hot, so I decided to see if it would work for a day of adventures.
While I would contend that this dress isn’t figure flattering per se, it certainly is bright and cheerful.

Insider tip: I could add an elastic band to the inside of this dress to create more shape to it. You can see how I’ve done this example when I used it on a kimono under reduce material on the inside.

Summer outfit for what to wear when it's hot

All the Fun Things

Since the dress is full of color and print, I decided to keep the earrings and bracelets more neutral.
These earrings are made by Frannie & Elinor. I love that they have both silver and gold hues in them along with the interesting shape.

Insider tip: I bet you didn’t realize that not all jewelry cleaning cloths are the same. The one I received from Frannie & Elinor worked SO much better than any other I have tried. Joan said it’s because it’s made for jewelers. Trust me, I cleaned all my jewelry that day it came in my package because it actually worked!

Even for my bracelets, I concentrated on the idea of what to wear when it’s hot and thus chose thinner bracelets that were not tight fitting around my wrist.
A hat was important to keep the sun off my head and face. If we weren’t adventuring today, my purse would have been a hand held one so it wouldn’t be next to my body. However, part of being prepared means knowing what activities are planned, and personally I wanted to be “hands free.”

Made in America dress

Sandals for Summer

My sandals collection has changed extensively over this last year with our move to Arizona. For one thing, it’s definitely grown. Yet, I’ve also given away many of my flat sandals that I’m not able to walk around in comfortably.
This pair I purchased recently at DSW for their comfort along with the fact that the top portion is material instead of leather. For me, material seems cooler than leather.

Insider tip: DSW has a program that gives you points when you donate gently used shoes. They then donate them to Souls4Soles. Donating 2 pair of shoes (at separate times) gives you a $5 reward. This is one way I get some great deals on my shoes.

Sandals for what to wear when it's hot
Bright colors for summer

The Heat is On

Now that we live in Arizona, my definition of heat and how to stay cool has evolved. While we are all so different, I have learned a couple of things that help me.
1-Drink ice water. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve read a ton of articles that say drinking hot drinks help you cool off better because they start the sweating process. HOWEVER, I can attest that drinking my ice water as I’m working on the computer seriously cools me down. So much so that I have to step outside to warm up.
No matter what, drink up. Keeping hydrated is KEY!
2-Adapting to the heat. I’ve read that it’s best to keep your indoor temperature warmer than you think. If you have too much of a temperature difference between the outside and inside, you don’t adapt as well. We keep our house at about 80 degrees.
3-Covering up. It seem counterproductive to actually put on clothes, however, the sun beating down on your body makes you even hotter. That’s why you feel better in the shade. Therefore, if you’re going to be out in the sun, cover up loosely. Basically you are creating your own shade this way.
4-Utilize cooling products. My husband bought these cooling scarves and wears them occasionally. Don’t laugh but one day he was carrying one of our frozen water bottles in his pocket and that worked too!
5-Misters and Fans. Both fans and misters are a great way to feel cooler. Misters can decrease the temperature by 30 degrees and a fan creates a wind chill effect.

What to wear when it's hot

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Tortilla Flats, Arizona

Our neighbors told us about Tortilla Flats with the saloon where the bar stools are saddles. Since we would be nearby on this adventure, we decided to check it out. BTW, Tortilla Flats is a destination. The road stops here, so you are never “passing through.”
The town used to be a stagecoach stop and is quite charming. It’s about 1.5 hours away from Sun City and at the end of a VERY twisty road. And the website says the population is 6.

Insider tip: I’m serious about the very twisty road. If you tend to get car sick, I wouldn’t plan a trip here.

And that photo above is it….just a line of buildings at the end of the road.

Tortilla flats saddle bar stools

We stopped here before our next adventure to take photos and have lunch. The saloon is a destination unto itself with the walls plastered in REAL dollar bills….everywhere!!
The women’s bathroom was so cute, I even took a photo!
And the food was actually yummy.

We didn’t have time to visit the country store for gelato (Rob was sad) or the gift shop (my mom was sad), but I’m sure we will be back!

Tortilla flats fun

Ageless Style

Make sure to visit the other women in the group to see their ideas about “The Heat is On” since everyone’s definition of heat is different. Each of us has a different style and different body, so you can get so many unique ideas from each of us. We are ALL ageless!

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