What to Wear with Floral Shorts with my Color Recipe

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Floral shorts and white button up blouse

What to Wear with Floral Shorts with my Color Recipe

I’m experimenting on what to wear with floral shorts using my color recipe that I have posted about before. Even if you don’t wear shorts, this color recipe works for any print piece in your closet.

Quote of the day: “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” Beverly Sills

So what is my color recipe? It’s a way to combine 5 different colors with any print items. I came up with it as part of my presentation about color to make it easier for others to have fun with their closet.
I know most of us tend to only pair colors that “match” to a print. That idea is a great way to start putting together outfits, yet there are other options too.

Insider tip: Since we’ve been getting dressed for a long time now, I don’t consider most of us beginners. Therefore, the idea of not always “matching” puts us in the advanced category.

Here is the basics of my creative color recipe. And remember, just like in any cooking recipe, you can tailor it to fit your needs.
1-Pair it with a Neutral that is in the print
2-Combine it with a Neutral that is NOT in the print
3-Use a Color that is in the print
4-Style a Color that is NOT in the print
5-Use it to Print mix

These have become a favorite pair of shorts for me. I’ll be including the why with the details about the shorts at the bottom of the post.

Color choices with a print

Neutral that is in the Print

The first step in the recipe for color combinations with your print piece is to wear a neutral that is in the print itself. I opted for a white button down blouse.
I was inspired by my friend on Instagram, @IAmTerriB, to pair a blouse like this with shorts. It’s a great way to add a classic piece to the shorts.

Details of the Outfit

This white blouse has been worn many times on the blog under a dress, under a top and even as a jacket.
The necklace is one I purchased from Pam Neri, who will be showcased on my Saturday Small Business Showcase in my emails. Sign up below so you don’t miss out.

Shorts for older women

Neutral that is NOT in the Print

The second color combination for the create color recipe would be to wear a neutral that isn’t in the print of the clothing. The most widely known neutrals are white, black, grey, brown and beige. You could also include denim as a neutral.
Gray is a neutral that goes with more than you think!! Try it.

Insider tip: Remember even neutrals have many different shades and come in warm and cool options.

Details of the Outfit

Since I was wearing a t-shirt and wanted to give it a little sass, I added in my pearl choker necklace. While most of us consider pearls for a dressy event, they can add pizzazz to any look.

Insider tip: Wearing a pearl necklace has been shown in 5 different options in the past.

I also added in my ankle boots instead of sneakers. While some of you put away your ankle boots in the summer, many of the cut out ones can still be a great option.

What to wear with floral shorts and chambray

Color that is in the Print

Now the recipe for what to wear with floral shorts calls for color. Choosing a color that is already in the print is something I’m sure you are all very comfortable doing.
I wore this short sleeved chambray shirt. Denim could be considered a neutral since it really goes with everything, but for this example, I’m calling the chambray shirt a color.

Details of the Outfit

This blouse was from my Trunk Club online styling box. While I have regaled the advantages of a chambray shirt in the past, I never thought about finding a short sleeve one for the summer. It’s definitely getting a lot of use.

Insider tip: I compared and contrasted 3 different online styling services in the past. I truly think everyone should try it once in their life. It surprised me how much I enjoyed it. (And there was a time in my life, I said I’d NEVER use them.)

Color combination with a print

Color that is NOT in the Print

The next two parts of the create color recipe could be the hardest. But I’ll walk you through my thought process. Now is the opportunity to wear a color that isn’t already in the print item. Why? Because it’s a modern look and allows you to wear more of your clothes.

How I decide which color to combine with my print is I look at one of the colors in the print. For this example, I thought about the blue that is in the floral. Then I asked myself what color looks nice with blue? And I chose pink.
Another example that would look nice is yellow. Remember there are MANY versions of every color, so experiment with what you have.

Details of the Outfit

I basically created a twinset with my pink camisole and pink denim jacket. Both of these are a lighter pink, yet I think a brighter pink would look good too.
This pink velvet camisole (the Erika tank) is still available from Peach. If you go through my link, you should receive $10 off your order.

Stripes and floral

Print mix

The last part of the recipe calls for what I would consider a higher degree in styling. Print mixing can be absolutely delightful if you are open to it. Why? Maybe because it’s more than just 1 + 1. It takes a little creativity and brain power.
I know Charlotte wasn’t too excited about print mixing when we first started, yet now I’d call her a master! You too can have fun with it. Remember home decorators use many prints in their designs to add interest to a room.

Insider tip: The easiest way to combine two prints together is with coordinating colors. That’s why I wore this lilac and white stripe top. Another good option would be a black and white stripe top.

Details of the Outfit

This blouse is fun because of the asymmetrical ruffles on it. When I used to wear it under a blazer for work, you never noticed that detail.
Since I was wearing two prints, I opted for matching sandals. These sandals are a recent purchase from DSW, and also come in red, cognac, grey and black.

What to Wear with Floral Shorts and Why?

Why should you try different color combinations with the items you have in your closet? I consider it smart for a couple of reasons. One because as a brain coach once told me, this activity is good for your brain health. And two, you are making the clothes you already have more versatile.

I tried not only show my creative color recipe as what to wear with floral shorts, but also a variety of tops. Shorts tend to fall into the category of casual wear, yet they can be dressed up also.

Insider tip: Another way to dress up a pair of shorts is with a blazer or a pair of heels.

This exact pair of floral shorts were thrifted at a resale shop here in Sun City. They are White House Black Market brand and have a 5 inch inseam. After wearing them for these 5 days, I have found them to be worth their weight in gold for their fit and details.
I actually vacillated on buying them because they are a dark print, however, I have a lot in my closet that coordinates with them. Plus they don’t wrinkle, the legs are roomy and the material feel great.

Also notice that instead of tucking in all of my tops, or just leaving them hanging out, I used some knotting techniques. I discussed these techniques in a YouTube video. Using these tips gives you a more polished look than leaving your top untucked if your top has a straight hem.

5 outfits of what to wear with floral shorts

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

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My hope is that you get ideas and inspirations from Charlotte, Lesley and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?


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