What to Wear with Leopard Shoes for Older Women

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Woman over 80 in style

What to Wear with Leopard Shoes for Older Women

What to wear with leopard shoes doesn’t have to be complicated. I think we have heard it time and time again that leopard is considered a neutral. It’s made up of browns and blacks, so it should go with most things.

Quote of the day: “If you absolutely can’t tolerate critics, then don’t do anything new or interesting.” Jeff Bezos

While I’m seeing LOTS of animal prints this season, I still have many friends that only buy solid colored shoes. You know, the black or brown ones. And sure, it’s good to have the basics in your closet. Yet I think it’s now time to expand our horizons and get a little wild.

For some reason, I seriously think that your shoes can be so powerful. One of my hypothesis is because when we look down at ourselves, our shoes are in full view. Unlike having to look in a mirror to see our top or earrings.

So make sure to check out the print shoes that Lesley was sure she’d never really wear. As for me, I have on snakeskin. But really you have to check out the other great pumpkins at this festival.

Mixing leopard when you wonder what to wear with leopard shoes

Jeans: Chaps ~~ Jacket: thrifted ~~Top: My mom made it~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o ~~~Earrings: ~~ Bracelet: Chicos c/o ~~Purse: no label

What to Wear with Leopard Shoes

Leopard jacket as what to wear with leopard shoes

My mom is like many older women who were brought up with the idea of matching. If that kind of styling floats your boat, then here’s a great idea on what to wear with leopard shoes. A leopard jacket.

Along with matching the colors of the print to the rest of the outfit. While my mom’s leopard jacket and shoes aren’t exactly the same, they still play well together. And she picks up the more golden colors of the shoes in her accessories.

Many women still think print mixing is out of their wheelhouse, but we’ve experimented in how shoes are an easy way to start. In fact, my mom is wearing another pair of leopard shoes in that post.


Since the shoes have a more golden background than the jacket, I like how my mom added in that hue in her bracelet and ring.

As for this purse, it’s ancient. In fact, my mom thinks she had the zipper replaced at a shoe repair shop back in Toledo. That would be probably about 25 years ago. Did you know you can replace the zipper on a purse?? I sure didn’t.

Leopard Jacket

Older woman and what to wear with leopard shoes

My mom bought this jacket as part of a skirt suit at a thrift store about 5 years ago. I love how it’s basically a swing coat and 3/4 length sleeves. Especially now that we are living in Arizona, I can see her wearing this even more.

The skirt ended up being a tad tight on my mom, so she gave it to me. I wore it on the blog after I had shortened it. Just like I talked about in the alterations post, there are some changes that are relatively easy and make a huge difference.

You don’t notice my mom’s blouse much in these photos, but it was hand made. She really liked the collar design and wears it quite often. I think it’s very feminine and unique as opposed to the normal triangular collars.

Charlotte and Her Print Shoes

What to wear with leopard shoes for older women

I’m sure I get most of my shoe obsession from my mother. And she is not afraid of print shoes. In fact, this isn’t her only leopard print pair of shoes. But these Walking Cradles are definitely the most comfortable pair. Which is why she wore them for this outing.

Loafers are really on trend right now, and I have a feeling will be around for awhile. My mom wore this pair last month with lots more color AND even another print. Which goes to show how versatile they really are.

For those of you who would rather keep things matching, then this is your kind of outfit. And since I’m now a brand ambassador (which means I love their shoes and try to promote them when I can), I can also offer you a discount. JODIE15 gets you 15% off and I do receive a commission too.

Walking Cradles also has other styles available in the leopard print. In fact, my leopard booties are always a hit. They were last years boots, but they have a couple of sizes left for an amazing deal. In fact, one of my friends at FierceCon ordered a pair.

Brown Jeans

Neutral heaven

These jeans my mom purchased at Kohls. Another trait I get from my mother is the love of sales. And Kohl’s sends out coupons on a regular basis. I laughed when my mom says she only takes the time to use them if she gets the 30% coupons. But hey, every little bit of savings helps.

I think a brown pair of jeans is a great basic to have in your closet. Especially this darker brown. They are a little different than your normal black jeans, yet still a great neutral that will work with everything. Especially as we talk about what to wear with leopard shoes.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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