4 Ideas of What to Wear with Printed Pants

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Options of what to wear with printed pants

4 Ideas of What to Wear with Printed Pants

You may question what to wear with printed pants when you first buy a pair. I know most of my friends tend to stick with solid colored pants, so this could be a subject that seems out the norm for many. But just like we discussed in the “unexpected” series, you can’t change if you don’t try.

Quote of the day: “There isn’t a person anywhere who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can.” Henry Ford

And since Henry Ford really changed the world with the automobile, it goes to show he knows what he’s talking about. So I would say each of us should have at least one pair of print pants. And wear them with abandonment.

If you need ideas of what to wear with printed pants then continue reading as I tried out a couple of different options. FYI, these photos were taken in Denver when the temperatures weren’t as hot.

Let’s Start Easy With A Neutral

For most of us, the easiest top to pair with printed pants, would be a neutral like white or black. Especially if that neutral is part of the colorway of the print. So I wore a white tee as the first option.

I also matched the sandals to the color in the pants. The pink denim jacket was added because we were running errands and the stores are always SO cold. But even this pink denim is very light in color, and seems like a neutral.

With Brights

What to wear with printed pants

This pair of printed pants definitely has bright colors in it. So it seems like adding in a bright top would be another great idea. Granted, I wore a top that is a totally different color than the print. Yet this would also work with a bright blue that would pick up the same colors of the print. You can see how changing the color of the top can change the look of an outfit with my mom, Charlotte, in an older post.

I did sneak in a little print mixing with my purse. We’ve talked about this way to start getting comfortable with mixing prints on the blog before.

With a Totally Different Color

What to wear with printed pants that aren't matchy

Here’s another way to think about what to wear with printed pants. I wanted to showcase another pastel yet this time I chose a saturated pastel. Just like in the above example, I’m throwing in a totally different color. I always love the idea of adding in a unrelated color than what the print has in its mix. Sure, matching works, but something new is a wonderful challenge.

Because of the mix of colors, I kept the shoes, purse and earrings all in a neutrals. The metallic of the purse and earrings add a little bling and shine!

Print Mixing

Print mixing for ideas on what to wear with printed pants

Here’s where I went all out. I know many of my friends still don’t feel comfortable mixing prints this way. And really, my outfit breaks one of the print mixing rules. Both patterns are pretty big. Where as in the Nordstrom Rack similar item, the top’s polka dots are SO much smaller.

Yet I really like how this outfit came together. Maybe it’s the addition of the bright pink shoes and earrings that I love so much too?

Why and What to Wear with Printed Pants

Why should you even have a pair of printed pants? Well the fact is, if you are trying to camouflage anything (like lumps and bumps), it’s a fact that prints do that better than solids. Another great reason?? If you are messy and spill on yourself a lot, you certainly won’t notice it as much when there’s a print involved.

So now I need to know…do you have a pair of printed pants? And what do you tend to wear with them? If you love print pants as much as I do, email me (Jodie@JTouchofSTyle.com) a photo of you wearing yours!! I’ll share it on my Instagram stories if you are okay with that!

Different summer outfits

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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