What to Wear with Snakeskin Boots & the Ageless Style Link Up

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Red gingham for fall

What to Wear with Snakeskin Boots & the Ageless Style Link Up

What to wear with snakeskin boots came up because the theme for this month’s Ageless Style group is snakeskin. I bought these boots at the end of last season for a great deal. And now I’m seeing them everywhere.

Quote of the day: “We should LOVE change because then you have more control. It becomes your choice and isn’t something done to you.” Marcia (the woman next to me on the plane ride home from LA)

We just styled and talked about animal prints last week. And I can tell you that it won’t be the last time you see them on the blog. But if you still struggle with the idea of the print, then maybe adding it into your footwear is the way to go. Just like Charlotte showed us with leopard loafers.

I realize that most of us stick with the solid colored footwear. But why not embrace some fun and change and add in a print? Even Lesley wore a print shoe that she thought she’d never wear. And make sure to check out the rest of these amazing pumpkins.

Fun with what to wear with snakeskin boots

Jeans: Chicos No Stain~~ Jacket: Sao Paulo ~~Top: National c/o ~~ Boots: Bleecker and Bond ~~Earrings: Pam Neri ~~ Bracelet: made by Judy ~~Hat: ~~Purse: no label

What to Wear with Snakeskin Boots

Red hat with what to wear with snakeskin boots

When you type in what to wear with snakeskin boots, it’s mostly neutrals. Which is why I wanted to add in some color. Shocking, I know. But really, when your boots are the neutrals, you can get away with any combination.

Not that there’s anything wrong with neutrals (Bettye). Which is why I added my grey moto jacket. You can see how I have this obsession with moto jackets. I always say it’s better than drugs.


I do love my accessories as I’m sure you can tell. Recently I just purchased these earrings from Pam Neri. She’s a designer I “met” on Instagram and she has the most unique pieces. And her items are unique because there is only one of each. Yet they are still affordable for such quality. The necklaces are a little higher in price, but I still drool over them.

And this wonderful bracelet is from a blog reader, Judy, who made it for me. Judy is the one who sent me a bunch of scarves she was purging. And I have been loving each and every one of them.

The purse is certainly not new, but it’s definitely one of those fun pieces. You can see I linked to the original one in my shopping widget (3rd photo group) above. Let me just say, I didn’t pay that kind of price. Mine was $50 at the Vegas airport.

Women and what to wear with snakeskin boots

My Twin

Matching tops and jeans

Once we were walking around the festival (which I’ll tell you about in a later post), I saw my twin. Her name is Mary Lou and we were each wearing white jeans, a red gingham top (that ties in the front) along with our black purse. Arent we so cute?

This top is another one I got through our collaboration with National. You can still save an extra 20% off with my discount code Natl20jodie for anything on the National site until November 10, 2019. This top is also available in blue and in petites and plus sizes.

I swear you may look through their site and think it’s not for you, but you’ll be surprised. In fact, I just ordered this top. It’s the same brand carried at the Littleton Boutique I used to love. AND THERE’S NO SHIPPING COST.

Snakeskin Boots

What to wear with snakeskin boots for fall

I’ve seen a variety of these snakeskin boots on many of my blogger friends. The reason?? They are muted neutrals that really go with everything. It’s such a fun way to add in a little sass to outfits.

Sure, I wore mine with white jeans so they would stand out. But just think, if you wore them with black, brown, grey or blue jeans, they would blend in more, yet still add interest.

And I love that these have a heel, yet are easy to walk in all day. Like I said, I bought these on sale at DSW last season, yet they are still available now. Granted, DSW has many other varieties if you have other preferences.

White Jeans

What to wear with snakeskin boots for women

These are my Chico’s No Stain white jeans. And yes, that’s my phone sticking out of my pocket. If I’m wearing jeans, it’s so easy to keep my phone in my back pocket.

As for the jeans, as I was writing this, they were on sale and still available even in petites, shorts and talls. I have to tell you that I appreciate these SO much. In fact, now that I have two pair, I don’t wear my other ones.

Just so you know, Chico’s brand doesn’t always fit me perfectly in jeans. In fact, both of my pairs of white jeans had to be taken in at the waistband. Which is exactly why alterations are a life saver. Sure, you could just pass on them, but if they are something that will make life easier, why not make them work?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Ageless Style Group

Make sure to visit the other women in the Ageless Style group. Each of us has such different styles and ideas of styling snakeskin pieces. You might be surprised by the inspiration you can get.

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