Yellow jacket color combinations for older women

Interesting Options Of What To Wear With A Yellow Jacket

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I just recently realized that all three of us have yellow jackets. This led me to the idea of showcasing interesting options of what to wear with a yellow jacket.
I wanted to make sure we wore different color combinations to give you more inspiration.

Quote of the day: “Most of us have weak decision-making muscles. We do not realize what it means to make a real decision. We fail to recognize the force of change that a truly congruent, committed decision makes.” Carole Hildebrand

I’m of the mindset that any color goes with any other color. Sure, there are some combinations that strike your fancy more than others. But depending on the value of the color and if it’s warm vs cool, there should be plenty of options of what to pair with any color.

That’s why I wanted to show many different choices of what to wear with a yellow jacket. Not just our go-to color (which was white as seen when I looked back at older articles).

Finding interesting color combinations is one of my superpowers, and I have a color recipe that can help with the challenge.

So let’s explore different options of what to wear with a yellow jacket. I’ll break it up by categories of colors.

Neutrals For What to Wear with a Yellow Jacket

Since yellow is a warm color on the color wheel, it only makes sense that it would be easy to wear it with any of the neutrals.

For a brief refresher on neutrals, they are:

  • Whites & ivories
  • Tans & browns
  • Greys
  • Blacks
  • Denim- This isn’t a traditional theory, but I think we all pair our denim with anything, so I consider it a neutral color.

We are showcasing 4 of these neutrals with our yellow jackets below.

Whites with a Yellow Jacket

You can see that both my mom and Lesley love wearing their yellow jackets with a white shirt under it.

Brown as what to wear with a yellow jacket
Culottes: Mom made them~~ Jacket: Zara-thrifted~~ Boots: Angiver-Macys~~ Scarf: Pirose~~ Purse: from Japan


Charlotte had this scarf as her inspiration for this outfit. Wearing a pair of brown culottes that she made ages ago, along with brown boots and tights is a nice foundation for the yellow jacket.

Insider scarf tying tip: This scarf is made with a slit in the middle so that you can style it many ways. I found this one in a boutique, but I see there are some other prints available on Amazon. It comes with an instruction guide on how to wear it 12 ways.

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Grey as what to wear with a yellow jacket
Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt-online~~ Jacket: Christopher Banks-thrifted~~ Top: Jostar-Shers~~ Boots: Jambu c/o~~ Purse: no label-estate sale

What To Wear With a Yellow Jacket-Grey

Lesley had the same idea as my mom by finding inspiration for a color combination using a scarf. Lesley’s scarf has her favorite colors of blue and yellow in it, but then there are also shades of grey included.

That’s what made her create a column of color with grey cords and a light grey top. Then she added her yellow jacket as well as the scarf and other blue items which are her purse and bracelet.

Insider scarf tying tip: Lesley created a knot in the middle of the ends so the scarf would act as a necklace. If you are trying to minimize the bulk of the knot, here’s a video to show an easy trick for how that is done.
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What to wear with a yellow jacket for style
Original post

Black and Yellow

In the past, Lesley wore this same yellow jacket with a black dress.

I love how she accessorized with the leopard belt, a bracelet and you should check out her purse too.

Wearing a bright pink dress and yellow jacket
Original post

Yellow Jacket & Pink Dress

Pink is a shade of red that can be combined with all colors. My example above showcases a bright pink dress with the bright yellow jacket which is a wonderful combination.

Green dress and yellow jacket
Original post

Green as What to Wear with a Yellow Jacket

All shades of green would look wonderful as what to wear with a yellow jacket.

Charlotte wore this dark forest green dress with her yellow jacket in the past. The gold belt accentuates the yellow of the jacket which creates an intentional look.

Yellow jacket and blue print top
Original outfit

Blue & Yellow

Lesley is wearing a yellow shirt unbuttoned to act as a jacket in this older article. She threw it over a blue print top that also had the same yellow in it, and wore it with a navy skort.

Purple and yellow color combination
Pants: Fashion on Earth-Your Revolving Closet~~ Jacket: Ann Taylor-thrifted~~ Top: Adrienne Vitanni -thrifted~~ Boots: Betsey Johnson~~Earrings: Pam Neri~~ Purse: no label-thrifted~~Hat: no label

Wearing Purple with a Yellow Jacket

Purple and yellow are very similar to blue and yellow. I wore this purple print turtleneck that also has sparkles in it. The turtleneck has a variety of shades of purple, and then I also included lilac with my purse.

Because of that I kept my pants muted but included sparkle with my belt and earrings.

Insider tip: These pants are from a clothing rental service called Your Revolving Closet. There are many reasons to consider this service, the best one being that you can get a free 30-day trial which is super easy to cancel. I recommend it for everyone to try out.
For instance, cropped cords might not be on my list of things to have in my closet in AZ, but it was nice to have them for this day, and then I send them back.

Options of what to wear with a yellow jacket

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What to wear with a yellow jacket

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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