What you need to know: jewelry to wear with denim dress

What You Need To Know: Jewelry To Wear With Denim Dress

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As an accessory lover, I was interested to experiment with what jewelry to wear with this denim dress. My friend, Mireille, is styling this exact same dress and she is concentrating on which shoes to wear. So you definitely need to check out Mireille’s post too.

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Jewelry to wear with a denim dress
Denim dresses
1-Necklace inside the collar
2-Necklace outside the collar
5-Brooch at the waist with a top under the dress
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Both Mireille and I won a recent Instagram giveaway with Kancan jeans. And we decided it would be fun to each order the same item and show multiple ways of styling for inspiration.

Sometimes a blue jeans dress can be a lot of denim, so by thinking about the jewelry to wear with a denim dress, you can give the look a focal point (or two).

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Denim dresses

Even though dresses “seem” more dressy, the denim dress is a perfect way to have an all-in-one outfit and still be casual.
Don’t think that means you can’t wear this to special occasions. We all know that the accouterments can make all the difference in the overall vibe of a look.

This dress was the choice for our collaboration because we figured it would be fabulous as a duster too since it buttons all the way down. That doesn’t mean other denim dresses aren’t versatile. Remember it’s easy to layer a sweater or top over it AND even put a skirt over the dress for more options.

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I’m not here to review the dress per se, but I will say that it’s a good weight of denim. I like that it’s 100% cotton, and the self-belt is removable. Confession –I thought the belt was attached at first, but with a little muscle, it does come out. However, it wouldn’t be super easy to get back in the casing.

The pockets at the waist are great, but I did feel like the front flap pockets were more than I wanted. So after these photos, I took them off.
BTW, they are attached VERY well (which goes to show the fabulous quality of the dress), so it wasn’t an easy feat. I did keep the flaps in place.

The sleeves can be rolled up or left down which are 7/8 in length on me. I am 5’2″ tall so the length is great on me.
I ordered the S, and it’s a generous cut.

Insider tip: The advantage of denim is that in the winter, it doesn’t stick to my tights as much as knit pieces.

Necklace inside the collar

My first idea with jewelry to wear with this denim dress was to wear a necklace inside the collar. I went a step further and chose a large pearl necklace.
The idea of pearls with denim is part of that dichotomy in styles that is very modern and fresh. In fact, it’s the perfect reason to pull out your pearl necklace and give it some love.

The blue jean dress acts as a fabulous column of color under any kind of topper. For my example, I wore this bright-colored kimono.

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The rest of the jewelry to wear with the denim dress and this necklace? I opted for a stack of pearl and white bracelets on one wrist, and a silver and light blue bracelet on the other wrist. My earrings don’t match anything in particular but work with the colors of the pieces.

Necklace outside the collar

Another option for jewelry to wear with a denim dress is wearing a necklace on the outside of the collar.

You would want a necklace that is either large enough to take up space or sparkly to create a focal point.
Want to see this necklace turned backward? It’s a good reminder that many of your necklaces can be worn both ways.

The rest of my jewelry is a cuff leather bracelet and a large statement ring. To bring in the sparkle of the necklace, I wore my gold sandals.

Jewelry to Wear with a Denim Dress-Scarf

Another idea to add a focal point to your denim dress is with a scarf. But since the pockets and collar are in front, I decided to put the emphasis on the rearview.

Insider tip: My motto is always to make sure the rear view is just as nice as the front. That’s because just as many people see you from the back as from the front.

This is a medium-sized square scarf that I folded in half diagonally. Then I tied the ends in the front under the collar and had the beautiful print hang down my back.

Attachment trick: Many times scarves can move around, so I used my magnets (found on Amazon) on each side at the shoulder area to secure it.


You might not consider a belt as jewelry but since it’s an accessory, I included it in my options of jewelry to wear with a denim dress.

Since the dress creates a large expanse of blue denim, I broke it up with a wide, red belt. I copied the red color with my sandals and earrings.

Long, colorful earrings are essential when it comes to giving your outfits a focal point. It brings attention to your face.

Insider tip: The color of the earrings are important, but also you need to think about the color of your hair if your hair hangs down. If the earrings match the color of your hair, then you won’t notice them at all.

Brooch at the waist with a top under the dress

I think pins and brooches can be fabulous pieces of jewelry. In fact, when I recently posted about ways to wear them, we decided to call them bling pins because “brooch” can give off an old-lady vibe.

Instead of putting the bling pin on one of the pockets (which would be just as wonderful), I decided to use it on the bow tie as basically a belt buckle.

The other trick that I did was to wear a tank top under the dress and open the buttons to show it off. This is a great way to incorporate another color into the mix so the outfit isn’t overwhelmingly blue.

Other denim dress articles

Make sure to jump over to Mireille’s post showing how she wears this same dress.

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Options of jewelry to wear with denim dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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