What You Wanted to Know With My Thinning Hair Journey

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I’ve had quite a few compliments on how my hair has been looking lately, and a couple of you have reached out about it. Who knew that I would be writing about my thinning hair journey and how it is getting so much better?
Heck, I saw my hairstylist before we went to Puerto Rico and I forgot to tell you all about what she said. It’s in #1.

As someone who believes in sharing, especially the good stuff, I thought I would put it all together in a short synopsis of what has helped my thinning hair journey (and you know how short really means long when it comes to me, haha).

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I think any hair journey is very complex, but there are 3 things that I truly believe are helping me right now.
Now don’t get me wrong, I still have “bad hair days” when it’s going every which way but where I want it to go. But I don’t worry about trying to cover up the “bald” spots now because there aren’t any bald spots.

The thing I never considered until I changed it? My hairdryer. Find out about the new technology that can be better for your hair.

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The 3 Changes in My Hair Routine

thinning hair journey for woman over 50

1- Tayloani (the mask and Thermocap)  use code JODIEF25  I bought the kit but it didn’t come with the shampoo at that time. However, I’ve been using a different shampoo (see #2). Even my hairdresser acknowledged that my hair was very strong (that’s exactly the word she used) and the Thermocap is a great idea to help the hair follicles.

The important fact is that I BOUGHT the Tayloani kit myself. I was using it for a couple of months when they reached out and asked if I would like to work with them. Since I had already been seeing results, I said yes. It was a no-brainer.
But I would be sharing it even if I hadn’t become an affiliate with them. For me, it’s made a huge difference.

Two of the reasons I bought the Tayloani in the first place is
A-Natural ingredients. It was actually started for women in pregnancy that are experiencing hair loss and that’s why you see younger girls as their models. It’s also why there aren’t any toxins in the products.
B-The Thermocap. I’d used hair masks in the past, and I thought this was something different that might really help me.

These are the photos I put together for my Tayloani posts.

2– This shampoo that a reader recommended from Amazon. I’ve been using it since November. 

3– This Better Not Younger hair serum (also found on Amazon) I’ve been using and I really think the comb helps to stimulate my scalp. I also am alternating with this Collective Labs hair serum (also found on Amazon) because, for some strange reason, I feel like it’s good to switch things up. I use the comb every night with either serum in it.

I wrote an article in 2021 (that’s how long I’ve been struggling with my hair) showing how the Collective Labs serum helped me. You can see how it filled in some areas, but it didn’t add body like I’m seeing now.

And if you are investing in all of that, I would also suggest a silky pillowcase. They aren’t expensive, but I really think that helps keep our hair healthy too. 

There are many other hair serums on the market to help with your thinning hair journey at Sephora, Ulta, or Amazon that I haven’t personally tried but could be just as wonderful for you. If you try one and it doesn’t work, don’t give up. Each of us is unique and our scalp needs different nutrients.

Insider tip: You want to look for hair serums that help with thinning hair, not just frizz-free serums.

Thinning Hair Journey Conclusion

It’s never just one thing, is it? I mean, our hair is part of our body, so when our body is experiencing stress or changes, it can show up in hair thinning and loss. We see that all the time when women go through chemotherapy.

The other aspect is that our scalp is a big factor and we don’t hear about that as much. That’s exactly why I like the Better Not Younger serum in #3 because it came with that scalp stimulator that I use with any serum now.

Women will talk about how collagen powders have helped their hair. I’ve been taking collagen for a couple of years now (as I talked about here) but that didn’t help my hair. I notice collagen helps my joints more. I still take it and maybe it’s part of what is helping, but I don’t credit it with my hair journey.

As a biology person, I realize that this is not scientifically documented, any of these products in my hair journey. If I wanted to really scientifically prove one over the other, I would only add in one at a time. But I don’t have the time or patience for that. Which is why I use them all and feel like it’s a good investment.
Besides, I truly believe that it’s more than just one thing that helps and makes a difference.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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