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Who knew I would be blogging about what’s in my kitchen pantry? But our fearless leader of Where Bloggers Live, Bettye, comes up with such interesting ideas, and this is one of them.
When we moved to this place in Arizona, we were blessed with a house that had been flipped and the kitchen is FULL of cabinet space. So I’ll show you just a sprinkling of the pantry area and some of the items we eat.

Quote of the day: “I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” Frederick Douglass

BTW, I chose that quote, especially the fact that my pantry did not get a makeover before I took these photos. It’s how I am with all of my posts…what you see is what you get. Real life!!

If you’ve been following along in my emails, I’ve been sharing more food inspiration lately. And I’ve shared about our nutrient-dense way of eating. Even though I concentrate on the outside details of our bodies looking great, I’m a firm believer that our insides are even more important.

That’s why you can find a couple of nutrition and health articles on my site too:
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My 2 Favorite Gluten-Free Breakfast Options
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So before I veer off into other subjects, let’s get to the idea at hand for what’s in my pantry.
The top photo shows the refrigerator and the area around that is where we decided the food storage should go.

You can see other posts about our kitchen here and here. In fact, I showed how the original kitchen looked before it was flipped in one of those older posts. While there is another “pantry” right near the door to the garage, the only food we keep in there is extra/bulk spices and any bags of potatoes.

Right Side of the Fridge

The top cabinet has normal shelves on both sides of the fridge while the lower cabinets have pull-out shelves. I know when we lived in our Denver townhouse, we added pull-out shelves to the pantry. It was a challenge but did make it convenient.

Inside the Upper Shelves

So the very top is quite high which means I put containers and serving dishes that I don’t use often there.

Insider tip: Speaking of high cabinets…since I’m short I have ladders everywhere in our house. The collapsable ones are convenient for the kitchen. We have the 9-inch one, but I see there is a taller one (13-inch) too.

On the second shelf is where we keep oatmeal, grits, and crackers. All those shorter dry pantry items.
Then the third shelf is taller, so the olive oil (because we use a lot of olive oil and thus get the large container) and chips go there.

I also keep the snack bars in a decorative container. We mainly eat Lara bars but also like the Rx bars (did you know they have mini versions?) when they are on sale.

Insider tip: Snack bars are one of those things that can be touted as healthy until you really look at the ingredients. We look for brands that don’t add extra sugars or chemicals.

Peek at the Lower Shelves

As always, I’m here with the “real” life. No tidying up before I take the photos. Sometimes it’s a little less messy, but sometimes, I’m in a hurry when we put away our groceries.

This is where most of the “food” is stored. I’m not exactly sure how I decided to organize each of the drawers, but it comes down to this:

Top Shelf: This is where all of the nut butter and dried fruit hang out. I also put the chicken, bone, and vegetable broth containers here as well as the ghee. (yes, I sometimes make my own broths, but it’s nice to have some already made just in case).

Insider tip: Trader Joe’s has many nutritional items. This RAW almond butter has no extra ingredients in it.

Middle Shelf: Most of the jarred and canned things reside here. Canned tomatoes, sauce, mustard, anchovies, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives all share this shelf.

Bottom Shelf: Any pasta and grain are relegated to this shelf. We have been eating the heart of palm pasta and really enjoy it. All of the “pasta” feel without the carbs…in fact, you’re having vegetables just like with zoodles.

The “Other” Side of the Fridge

No, the other side isn’t the bad side, but it definitely doesn’t get as much attention and love, since there are mostly appliances and “things” there instead of food.
But since the prompt was open-ended about what’s in my pantry, I thought I’d include this too!

You’ll see at the very top is the turquoise water kettle that we bought when we first moved in. We love it but Rob bought this one last year that tells you the exact temperature of the water, so the new one is on the stove and this colorful one has been sidelined to the pantry.

Yes, we have a George Foreman grill, and we actually use it more than our outside grill. Neither of us is a big BBQer.

And on the bottom shelf are the 3 appliances that we use quite a bit (there are more appliances in other parts of the kitchen including our Airfryer and such):
1-Our Ninja blender (we’ve had many blenders and this one is our favorite)
2-Popcorn maker (an older version of this one)
3-Juicer (for all of those oranges in our backyard). Yes, Rob chose this upgraded version because it’s less work.

The Bottom Half

This ended up being the misfits’ section, haha!!
The top shelf has a bunch of interesting items including my mother’s vintage pancake/waffle griddle from the 1960s, a nokadli maker (Hungarian noodles) as well as the Pizzelle maker. I guess all of the appliances to make our favorite foods of our nationality decided to share space!

The middle shelf is full of different teas. We drink them hot in the winter and cold in the summer. We used to keep our coffee on this shelf too until Rob started getting the bigger bags. Now they have jumped ship and landed below.

This is one of the “special” coffees we use that doesn’t have molds or toxins in it. Most people probably don’t need to worry about their coffee, but we have been trying to get Rob’s digestion back to normal, and thus the extra precautions.

Insider tip: If you are interested in non-toxic coffees, Bulletproof can be found on Amazon or at Sprouts, or this Purity Coffee with my link, gets $10 off.
BTW, I have a healthy eating tab on my site for these kinds of deals on things we actually use.

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