When Comfy Shoes are Great, but the Company is Even Better

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Comfy Shoes at Walking Cradles in Missouri

When Comfy Shoes are Great, but the Company is Even Better

If you love comfy shoes and style, then you are in for a treat. For those of you who have been getting my emails and joining me on my Instagram stories, then you know I went to St. Louis for the Walking Cradles Shoe Stravaganza. Truly, I do love these shoes. But if you know me, then you know that the people behind the shoes can be the best part of any purchase.

Quote of the day: “ You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.” Zig Ziglar

And let me give you a glimpse of the people, place and heart that are part of these comfy shoes.


It all started when my blogging friend, Cathy, asked me if I would be open to working with Walking Cradles. Cathy had been wearing the shoes for years because of her wide feet. And once she reached out to work with them, she wanted to spread the word.

So sure, it was great that the three of us on my blog wore their shoes in a post last fall. But even better than that! Was when I saw that Lisa, who is the Director of Marketing and my contact with the company, had posted on Instagram about being in Golden, Colorado. Well, of course, I messaged her and asked her to join us for lunch. And she did along with all of her friends that were traveling with her. Everyone was so nice.

Which then led to another meeting when Lisa was in Denver for a shoe convention, later in the year. I was able to meet up with Lisa and with Jamie, the designer of the Walking Cradles shoes. Below is Jamie on the left and Lisa on the right of me at that meeting.

While we were all talking, they discussed this Shoe Stravaganza that the company has in the fall and spring for the last couple of years. True to form, I chimed in that I wanted to be part of it. And Lisa made that happen.

Lisa’s Hospitality

Now to make the weekend even better, Lisa set Rob and I up in a room at her and her husband’s house. Who does that? We basically had Uber service from the airport, a bed and breakfast, a car at our disposal along with amazing hosts.

And oh, my gosh. This was one of the best parts of our trip. Both Lisa and Craig are such good people. Funny, nice and they love food and wine like Rob and I do!

And they have fur babies since all the kids have left the nest. Pictured below are 3 out of their 4 cats along with the puppy. The funny thing? The pets were as nice and sociable as the humans. Seriously, the cats and us had a slumber party the first night. Heck, even my own cats only love us on their own terms.

Walking Cradles the Company with Comfy Shoes

Walking Cradles is a small company. They are not a retail store, but have some retail stores that sell their shoes. And their huge concern is fit. In fact, they use the hashtag #ItsAMatterOfFit. They have sizes from 4-13 and widths from slim, narrow, medium, wide and wide wide.

When we got to the warehouse on Tuesday, Lisa showed us around and filled us in on so much of the shoe business. Let’s just say, it’s amazing how much you don’t realize that goes into a shoe!

Comfy Shoes with black glitter sneakers

Rehearsal & Event

We had a rehearsal for the Shoe Stavaganza event. There were 4 of us models wearing the shoes, and these women were as nice as could be. It’s one of the things I love about Walking Cradles. They use real women as the models. Just like my blog.

Even when you check out their website, you’ll see some of these same women. They are women from around the community who love their shoes. Most of the women have issues with finding shoes in their sizes. And these women realize how great this company is in terms of quality and heart.

Below was the night of the event. Yes, we are all wearing matching shirts that say WC on the sleeve and It’s a Matter of Fit on the back.

There was one more model than I’m showing below because that photo came out unfocused for some reason. Sorry Jen! But below is Eva, Susan, me and then Lisa.

Comfy Shoes with real life models

Comfy Shoes and the Best Company

So there it is. My weekend in St. Louis being a shoe model with Walking Cradles. What does this have to do with you? Truthfully, I think supporting the small companies is super important. Especially when they have a wonderful product like comfy shoes that everyone can appreciate.

Now that Walking Cradles has started an ambassador program I am able to offer you 15% off your first purchase with the code JODIE15. Please shop through my link as I also receive a small commission on any of your purchases. This also tells the company that using bloggers to promote their products really works.

And I practice what I preach. Sure, I was gifted a pair of shoes for being a model in the Shoe Stravaganza, but I also bought a pair.

Just to let you know the virtual party for the Shoe Stravaganza was a big success. So make sure you sign up for Walking Cradles’ emails, so you will know when the next one is. Then you can be the first to have the new styles along with getting some incredible deals!

Comfy Shoes every year with Lisa


You know my husband is a saint, right? First that he puts up with me and second that he tried to take photos and video all at the same time.

He not only took most of these photos for this post, but also taped the entire Shoe Stravaganza on Thursday evening. If you want to see the entire video of my short talk along with the show of 30 minutes, feel free to view it on my Facebook page.

Comfy Shoes event with the double duty photographer

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo except the above one.

The Facts

This is a sponsored post with Walking Cradles. Yet I’m sure you can tell that I am over the moon about this company and their shoes. These are the kinds of relationships that always make the best stories.

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