When the Summer Calls for White Heels Style

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When the Summer Calls for White Heels Style

The summer is the perfect time to wear any kind of white heels style and my mom is showcasing that to perfection.

Quote of the day: “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not being very innovative in what you’re doing.” Weston Agor

I had to include this quote because we all worry about the “right” shoes or “right” accessories to go with an outfit. That’s why the white heels style is perfect for the summer. They seriously go with everything.

All three of us are showcasing a different kind of white footwear this week. I started off with sneakers with my summer dress. Another great option is white ballet flats which is what Nancy styled. And later I’ll be reviewing on how to keep your whites white.

Hand made dress

Charlotte’s Wearing

Dress: The surprise is that it’s reversible and of course my mom made it~~Shoes: 9 West~~Scarf: Mom used the leftovers to make it~~Earrings: purchased in Hong Kong~~ Purse: thrifted

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Charlotte’s Summer Dress with White Heels Style

I realize the black and white dress in the widget above isn’t similar to my mom’s dress. But I was surprised to find a couple of reversible dresses, and I thought some of you might be interested in that idea. I think the whole idea of reversible items is so beneficial especially when you’re traveling.

I asked my mom to wear her white pumps because I knew she had some. It was our new friend, Mike who suggested a summer dress and white pumps.

Matching shawl with a dress

Reversible Dress and Scarf

My mom made this dress after being inspired by directions given in a Sew News Magazine that she has subscribed to for years. Not only do I love the idea of it being reversible, it actually serves another purpose too. Having the additional material on the other side makes it non see through so you don’t need a slip. (Does anyone besides my mother still wear a slip?)

And then, since there was extra material left over, she created a scarf out of the pieces. She’s a wizard about doing this with all kinds of leftovers. Maybe you remember this concept in a blog from 2 winters ago. Heck, she’s made fabric pins out of small pieces of material, like the ones in this previous post.

Woman over 80 in white heels style


I’m sure most of us don’t change our purse everyday. Sure, I will switch mine out maybe every couple of days, but I’m here to point out that even my fashionista mother is carrying the same purse as in the last post.

It’s a great example of how even a bright colored purse can be very versatile. I feel like it’s the black and brown ones that get all the love for everyday, yet colored ones can be wonderful too.

Woman over 80 in style

Jade Accessories

The jade earrings and bracelet were both purchases on a Hong Kong trip back in 2002. It was one of those kinds of trips sponsored by a group, and this one was through her Sew News magazine (the same magazine that inspired this dress).

As a matchy matchy kind of girl, she then ordered the jade ring from a catalog soon after the trip. When my mom says she’s not sure about ordering anything online, I try to remind her that she used to order from catalogs. To me it’s basically the same thing.

Summer dress with white heels style

Mom’s Opinion on White Footwear

Charlotte told me that it used to be dictated that white shoes were only worn from Memorial day to Labor Day. Which makes me glad that times have changed.

When my mom was working, pumps were standard footwear and she had a pair in almost every color. You’ve seen many of them on the blog because it’s rare for her to get rid of things. And in her words, everything will come back in style. Just like these white ones. This winter we showcased white boots which was fun since both mom and Nancy bought theirs without me asking.

So now that it’s warmer, I love seeing all kinds of white shoes in different versions.

Reversible dress with white heels style

Charlotte’s Thoughts on Summer Dresses

Mom says that because she was a teacher she had fewer summer dresses than fall and winter ones. She can’t even remember buying a summer dress. They were usually made for church and opening day of school.

Of course back in those days, women didn’t really wear pants. Once pants became popular, then she was making pants more and more.

Until retirement. Now she’s making up for lost time. Although mom does say she has way more summer skirts than dresses, and I will back her up in that statement. But she likes dresses and skirts, which is probably how it’s been passed down to me.

Long dress for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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