Where Bloggers Live Ask the Question: What is it You Can’t Let Go?

Where Bloggers Live Ask the Question: What is it You Can’t Let Go?

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Sentimental objects

Where Bloggers Live Ask the Question: What is it You Can’t Let Go?

The question of what you can’t let go reverts back to are you a saver or a purger of things? This was the question for our monthly collaboration and I have to confess, it wasn’t an easy topic. Why? Because I’m not usually a sentimental object person. I purge. And I have my entire life.
So I had to dig deep for this theme, and yet, I think I found some goodies.

Quote of the day: “A great wind is blowing and that gives you either imagination or a headache.” Catherine the Great

My first thought with the question of what you can’t let go was that the things I was to explore would be more mental and ideological. Then I thought I’d share about a friend (we all have a friend we’ve had to let go of, right?)
But after I explored the house over and over, I came up with a few items I thought I could share. Because the prompt included this: “article of clothing or something in your home that is maybe past its expiration point but you just can’t let it go cuz of sentimental value.”

But before you read the rest of my post, I’d love for you to think about your life and do you have these kinds of items you can’t let go? I always think it’s interesting to figure out the reason behind the why? And yet, I still can’t figure out one of mine.

My Denim Boots

These boots!! I have the exact memory of when I bought them. It was 1984 after I graduated from high school. I was staying with my dad in Denver before college and saw these when we were in Cherry Creek browsing about. Denim boots basically made out of pair of jeans just turned my crank, but at $50 they were WAY out of my price point. (Remember, I was just out of high school and it was almost 40 years ago).

I didn’t buy them that day; however, I obsessed about them all month long. And before I went off to school, I had my friend drive me down to the area so I could purchase them. I can’t even remember how I saved up the money for them (probably babysitting), but I have the memory that I would keep them forever.

And I have. Even though I wore them quite a bit in college (and I have photos to prove it), they probably haven’t seen the light of day since. Yet through every move and every relocation, they have been packed up, unpacked and continue to sit with the rest of my boots.

Until just recently when I saw the Instyle Magazine ad above for a similar pair (that are only $1250). I decided that I should pull them out and give them some love, which I showcased in a recent weekly wrap up post.
Of course we all know that all trends are circular, so it was only a matter of time until you all will be wearing boots like these too, LOL!!

Denim boots styled for summer

Fur Muff and Hat

Low and behold, I found this fur muff and hat in a drawer in the guest bedroom. I distinctly remember seeing the photo of me wearing it so I dug it out. In the photo I am 5 years old and this is November. My mom also wrote on the back of the photo that I had just had my tonsils removed.

Now why in tarnation would I keep these? The hat doesn’t even fit and it’s a struggle to get both hands in the muff. I’ve searched my memories, and I can’t even recollect the real times I wore these thinking they might bring back something fun and interesting.
Yet I find them fascinating. The muff especially since it’s something you don’t see anymore. And the fur? I’m sure it’s real bunny fur. Remember this was 50 years ago!!

So who knows why I can’t let go of these, but maybe I will use them in a photo shoot sometime…or as part of a flat lay!! What I really want to know is who else had these as a kid?

Sentimental objects

Rob’s Item as Part of What I Can’t Let Go

It’s no fair not to let Rob join in, although it’s more me when it comes to purging. In fact, both of us were scouring the house this week, looking for the cowboy vest Rob’s grandmother made for him and we are both SURE we didn’t get rid of it. Alas, we must have purged the vest, but I did find his glasses from 55 years ago.

I thought these were so cute in their cowboy case. Rob tells the story of how he needed these when we was 4 years old. He was a protégé on the bells and vibes at that age and found he couldn’t read the sheet music. Luckily he only needed them until he was in 1st grade which you’ll be able to read more about in his upcoming book.

Can't Let go of an item?

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