Where is Home Away From Home? Introducing Charlotte’s and Lesley’s Places

Where is Home Away From Home? Introducing Charlotte’s and Lesley’s Places

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Back porch pillow

Where is Home Away From Home? Introducing Charlotte’s and Lesley’s Places With Where Bloggers Live

Where is home away from home?? That is the question for this month’s Where Blogger’s Live collaboration. It’s the idea that we can feel at home other places because home is more than a place but also a vibe and energy. Beware this is a long post since I’m including areas in both Charlotte’s and Lesley’s rooms in their homes.
And I hope you explore the other women in my group linked at the bottom.

Quote of the day: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Cicero

The quote above goes to show that everyone’s definition of “need” can be different. While I’m not showing either the classic library or garden for where is home at mom’s or Lesley’s, I am showcasing 2 different rooms in each of their homes.
These are the areas where I consider my where is home away from home. And I hope you enjoy them too.

Where is Home is Always at Mom’s

Where is home for Charlotte

I wanted to grab a photo of Charlotte in one of her go to chairs. This is where she sits to watch tv (pictured below and it’s right across from her in the space) in the evenings.

My mom moved into this “casita” 2 years ago when we moved out here to Arizona. It’s in an independent living community and attached to 5 other casitas. The way the casitas are grouped really make it feel like you have your own place. It takes us about a 10-15 minute drive to get from our house to mom’s!
Considering that Rob, Lesley and I helped my mom move her stuff into this casita, it’s no wonder that it’s a place that I consider home away from home. With that in mind, I didn’t help decorate the area much. My mom doesn’t take my decorating advice except when it comes to organizing, haha!

Insider scenes: We have taken some photos outside my mom’s casita. This series was shot outside in the back area where there is a fountain. Some other shots were taken when we styled each other.

The Living Room

The two rooms I’m showcasing for Charlotte are her living room and sewing/computer room. These are not only where she spends most of her time, but also where we do too when we visit.
The bookcases below sit across from the seating area. Between the seating and bookcases is a door to her outside patio. However, my mom is not an outdoor girl, so it rarely gets used.

My home away from home

The couch and grey chair were purchased after we moved out here. Her original pieces were too big for this new space. Yet most everything else was part of her house in Denver.
I would like to point out the bright green, fuzzy pillow. Maybe you remember this material from my mom’s furry vest that she wore recently? The pillow was made with the leftover material!

Charlotte’s Sewing and Computer Room

My mom’s casita is a two bedroom one so that she could still have a “sewing” room. Of course this room also doubles as her computer area, as well as her owl collection room.

Where is home for owls

My mom doesn’t use a computer desk for her computer but a buffet table that she’s had for years. The shelf above the computer houses most (notice that I say most) of her owl collection. There are a lot more owls in her jewelry collection too!

As for the sewing area, Charlotte hasn’t been sewing as much lately since we’ve moved. But luckily she still fixes some of my harder alterations that I can’t get right. My mom only has two sewing machines at the moment (a serger and a classic one), but she does have a ton of different color thread for any project.

This is the other area Rob and I tend to hang out quite a bit since Rob is the IT guy many days!! Having your own IT guy makes life so much better!!

Thread collection

Where is Home at Lesley’s

Welcome to Lesley’s abode where we are showcasing her front room and outdoor back patio. Her place is part of what I consider my where is home since Lesley so graciously let us stay here when we were looking for houses in Arizona. She only moved here 6 months before us, and lives less than a mile away. Her place is considered a “gemini” just like ours in that we both have a “roofmate” or in the olden days we called it a duplex.
What this means is this is Lesley’s own house yet it’s like a townhouse and part of an HOA, so she doesn’t take care of the yard.

Lesley and Lilly

The Front Room

This isn’t the living room, but basically the front entry way of Lesley’s home. It’s very bright and airy because it is more of an atrium design with skylights. Lesley usually sits in the chair above waiting for us when we pick her up for blog photos.
As soon as I come in the door, both Lily and Dolly greet me with barking and wagging tails. Lily is up with Lesley on the chair. But you can see how both pups joined us in an older post.

Lesley has decorated this entry room with sitting areas and all kinds of vignettes. The opening with all of the blue glass goes into the living room. (Lesley warned us in the past that she LOVES blue). And then there is a half counter dividing the space into the kitchen.

Insider scenes: This room and counter is where we hung out for the Christmas eve photos. You can also see part of her front patio when we styled each other.

The funny thing is that Lesley is NOT a fan of green for her clothing, but I’d like to point out she does decorate with green. These are sentimental items that she groups together below the blue glass window!!

Back Patio

This back patio is where Lesley hangs out quite a bit especially in the warmer months. She will come out in the mornings and have her “breakfast” while doing her morning reading. Or we’ve been known to spend evenings on the porch with some wine and snacks!
Her patio is covered but open on the sides and the end. She keeps it decorated all year long like this!!

Outdoor living for where is home

Lesley really has a way of grouping together such fun items all over her house to make it feel so homey. That piece of “wood” in the above right photo is actually part of a cactus skeleton.
Maybe you noticed a dragonfly theme throughout the house?? They are very significant to her!!

BTW, that pillow used as the title photo is from Lesley’s back patio. The message is truly perfect!!

Thanks for joining in on this post about where is home away for home for me. Make sure to visit the other women below for their stories.

Where is home?

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