Popular White Jean Jacket Outfit Tailored for Fall

Popular White Jean Jacket Outfit Tailored for Fall

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Sunflower t-shirt with white jean jacket outfit

Popular White Jean Jacket Outfit Tailored for Fall

Wearing a white jean jacket outfit in the fall may seem wrong. Especially for those women who have been brought up with the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day. Yet, so many times the fall clothing is so dark and muted, and the look needs some brightening. So let’s see how you like the idea.

Quote of the day: “The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.” Deepak Chopra

I understand why we tend to gravitate towards the darker clothing in the fall and winter. The length of sunshine is shorter, it’s colder and many times the days are dreary. So we are basically mirroring the weather.
However, maybe we need the exact opposite?? What if we wear brighter clothing to improve our moods since the days are shorter?

Insider tip: Science has shown how color can not only evoke a feeling or mood but also be a communication tool.

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White Jean Jacket Outfit

Older woman and white jean jacket outfit

Jeans: Charter Club ~~ Jacket: Croft & Barrow ~~ Top: BelleLily c/o ~~ Shoes: Tiosebon c/o ~~ Necklace: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: Cruise Craft~~Hat: thrifted

Wearing a white jean jacket can be perfect if your jeans are a print with white in them. That way you’re still matching to them, yet lightening up the outfit.

Insider tip: When you want to shorten your t-shirt, I’ve discussed tips on how to do that. One of my favorite ways is to use the orthodontic elastics or hair ties. BUT my mom is using another great trick here. It’s a buckle. Which you can find at any fabric store. Or how about buying a fabric belt at the thrift store and removing the fabric?

BTW, this is the t-shirt that mom received from Bellelily. If you are looking for interesting tees that are extremely soft, then check them out. Especially if you want some fun holiday tees! Here is the link, and I have a discount code still available in the graphic tee post linked below.

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Woman and white jean jacket outfit

How Charlotte Tailored This Outfit For Fall

Let’s start with Charlotte’s jeans. Wearing heavier jeans is perfect for the colder weather no matter what color they are. On top of that, the animal prints have been shown over and over from the young girls to the older women. I think it’s safe to say, you should wear any animal print with pride.

Insider tip: Not all animal print is neutral. Most are though which makes them very versatile. But if you like more color, check out what I found below.

My mom also incorporated fall colors into this outfit. I love how the yellow of the t-shirt and the orange of the hat mimic the autumn leaves.

Yin and Yang

The yin and yang or dichotomy of an outfit is such a fun way to play with our style. We talked about it in our pearl necklace post recently also. And I love to see my mom wearing her garnet necklace with this casual outfit.
Even if you find yourself not going out for dress up events as much lately, I hope you pull out your wonderful jewelry for YOURSELF. You are the most important person, and deserve to dress up for yourself.

Leopard jeans for women over 70

Those Sneakers

Why sneakers? Maybe you can tell we were taking these photos at a nearby sunflower field and the ground was uneven. If we had been going out to dinner only, then she would probably have worn ankle boots.
These are the Tiosebon sneakers that the three of us showcased here. I still have a discount code available even though they are very reasonably priced. (Use code TIOSENBON20 to get 20% OFF and access the site here but make sure to check out all of their walking shoes. There are many styles and colors).

I have to admit, that I’m in love with this white jean jacket outfit on my mom for so many reasons. I know my mom is in her 80’s but when she’s wearing fun clothing, she definitely doesn’t seem it!! These leopard jeans along with the unmatching items tickles my fancy.

Insider tip: I’m not saying that ALWAYS being matchy matchy is old fashioned, but it’s good to switch things up at times. For example, my friend MK, wore red with her leopard recently on Instagram.

Pink shoes with leopard jeans
White jean jacket outfit for fall

Jean Jacket

Not all jean jackets (white, blue or otherwise) are created equally. Normally you think about a more boxy cut. In fact, Lesley just showcased a jean jacket that she NEVER wears because the fit seemed off.
But you can see how my mom’s white jean jacket has a different shape. It’s longer and almost more like a blazer.

There are so many different shapes and styles available to us now with online shopping. If you ever are looking for something in particular, I am happy to help since I have a huge affiliate resource available.

Insider tip: One option I saw on a friend, was to “crop” your own denim jacket. If yours seems too long, just cut it off. The raw hem is a very in style right now. And then when it isn’t, you can always add a different trim or give it away?

White jean jacket outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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