Shades of blue and one piece fashion for older women

Why Fashionistas Love & Recommend One Piece Fashion

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The Ageless Style group of women is at it again and the prompt is one piece fashion (also known as one and done). There are a ton of reasons why fashionistas love this idea. And we are here to share 3 popular versions.

Quote of the day: “Wash away your old opinions to let new ideas in.” Zhu Xi

All three of these one piece fashion options may have a drawback in your mind. At least I assume that because I don’t see them as much in my retirement community. Yet, just like anything, we get into habits and sometimes don’t consider all of the great aspects of anything beyond what we are used to wearing.

Here’s the funny part of our photo shoot. We didn’t preplan to all wear our one piece fashion in the color blue. It just happened.
Talk about birds of a feather.

Different options of one piece fashion

Reasons to Love One Piece Fashion

The term one and done implies easy peasy, and most women will agree that dresses and jumpsuits make decisions easy when it comes to getting dressed.
But beyond that, there are other details to consider.

  • You don’t worry about proportions. I’ve showcased multiple times side by side examples of how the length of our shirt can give off a good (or bad) proportion with an outfit. If you need reminders, you can see them here and here.
  • There is no tucking, half tucking or any concerns about how the separates should hang.
  • Easier to find in your closet. It all hangs on one hanger.
  • Fewer decisions. Sure, you have to choose your shoes, but after that, you are good to go (unless you love accessories like the three of us).

Now just because you have an item that is considered one piece fashion doesn’t mean you can only wear it the one way. If you know me, then you know how I like to have versatility with all of my clothing.

On that subject, I’ve shown how a dress can be changed up multiple ways.
Layering a skirt over a dress
4 ways to wear a dress when traveling
5 ways to wear a maxi in winter

Charlotte- One Piece Fashion With a Dress

One piece fashion for older women
Dress: Connected- thrifted~~ Shoes: Ros Hommerson~~ Purse: Kelly & Katie-DSW

Dresses are what I consider the easiest example of one piece fashion because you don’t have the bathroom inconvenience.
Whether you prefer mini, knee-length, midi, or maxi dresses, you put the item on and you are ready to go.

And if you lean toward more minimalistic fashion, a print dress is even better because you don’t need any kind of necklace to make the outfit shine.

I need to interject here. Just because you are wearing a dress does not mean you need to be “dressed up”. A dress can be worn just as casually as your jeans.
I realize this is hard especially for my mother so she is wearing matching shoes and jewelry. But you could easily wear sneakers or flat sandals with the dress and make it more casual.


These shoes are from years and years ago when Ros Hammerson had a catalog. If you remember this catalog then you’re in for a treat because the brand has come back with the shoe designer and manufacturing factory that used to make Walking Cradles shoes. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

I did twist my mother’s arm to carry a colorful purse instead of the black one she had picked at first. The best part about this floral purse is that she is mixing prints.

Lesley- Jumpsuit Love

Adding a white belt to a blue jumpsuit
Jumpsuit: Woman Within-thrifted ~~ Shoes: LifeStride-DSW ~~ Belt: no label-online ~~ Purse: Alyssa-Bealls

I love how Lesley is open to wearing jumpsuits. Sure, we all realize that the bathroom convenience isn’t there, but in reality, not all jumpsuits are created equally. Some are easier than others to pull up and down.
But you have to admit, that when you see someone in a jumpsuit, it’s a wonderful look. For some reason, the one piece fashion worn this way just grabs our attention.

Lesley has showcased this type of one piece fashion in the past with a black jumpsuit worn for 3 different occasions.

Insider tip: There is a zipper helper tool if you live alone and need help with a back zipper whether for a jumpsuit or a dress.

I just have to share Lesley’s thoughts about this look:
“Aside from the potty time issue, nothing could be easier for summer. Wearing pants eliminated the chub rub issue which is ideal. Even though this outfit appears to be two pieces, it’s not. It is made to look like the top hangs over the pants.
I wanted to highlight the waist (even though I am a cucumber/zucchini shape) so I belted over it in the front, but let it appear as two pieces in the back.

All in all, it’s easy peasy.”


Lesley chose these print espadrille wedges that have a slight heel yet the slope is basically flat.
And then a white purse contrasts wonderfully against the blue jumpsuit. She even added a print scarf on the purse handle for an extra bit of interest.

Jodie- Can an Older Woman Wear a Romper?

Polka dot romper for one piece fashion
Romper: Veronica M c/o~~ Shoes: Liz Claiborne-Goodwill~~ Earrings: from Just Be Youtiful~~ Purse: Aldo-thrifted~~Glasses: Glasses Shop-use code JODIE35

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure I could pull off a romper at my age. But then I kicked myself around a bit and decided that it’s never too late to wear whatever we want.
This piece is light and airy, which is exactly what is needed in our Arizona summers.

Insider tip: You could always take a jumpsuit and chop off some of the length of the legs, to make it a romper with the length of inseam that works for you.

For me, one of the best aspects of this romper is the rear view with the deep “v” to give it a bit of sass. Of course, this means I need to wear either my backless bra or body tape.

Related post: Insights about body tape and other options

With this navy, polka dot design, I thought it would be fun to combine it with green for my shoes and accessories.

I don’t often think to pair green with blue. My usual color pairing with the navy would be yellow or pink. Yet I always love it when I see blue and green together so since I have these green sandals now, I thought I’d put them to good use.


Since moving to Arizona, I’ve become a lover of all things cactus. I mean, you can’t live here and not be awed by them. So when these earrings became available at Just Be Youtiful, I had to have them. The site has a wonderful selection of earrings if you want to peruse it.

Blue one piece fashon for adults

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One piece fashion for grown women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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