Layering 2 jean jackets for warmth

Why Layering 2 Jean Jackets Is Better Than One

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I’m here to show you that layering 2 jean jackets is better than just wearing one. This is especially helpful in the cooler weather when your mind is saying spring but the weather is not cooperating.

Quote of the day: “Art is about finding creativity in the gutter next to you.” Olafur Eliasson

Today I’m also teaming up with Jennifer, from Curated by Jennifer, to showcase how denim jackets work for any age and any outfit. She is styling a blue jean jacket in an entirely different way, so make sure to check out her post.

This quote cracked me up because, in reality, the idea of layering 2 jean jackets was an accidental pairing. I had put on my white denim jacket for our outing, but it started raining when we got to the botanical gardens. SO I decided that layering 2 jean jackets would be helpful.
Luckily I keep a blue denim jacket in each of our cars.

Insider tip: I store a thrifted denim jacket in each of our cars for this reason. It helps in the event that a restaurant or store is super cold with the AC, or if the weather changes in a blink of an eye.

So what did I learn from this experiment? That it truly was better layering 2 jean jackets because not only was it warmer temperature-wise, but I also created a different color scheme. Having the white jean jacket under the blue denim one broke up the cool colors and lightened up the look.

Double denim outfit

Jeans: Universal Threads-Target~~ Blue Denim Jacket: Aeropostle-thrifted ~~ White Denim Jacket: Sugar Lips2~~ Top: Ann Taylor~~ Shoes: Natural Breeze from Belong Lifestyle ~~ Earrings: Joanne Katherine ~~ Purse: preloved~~Hat: Merona-preloved~~Socks: Sheec No-Show socksBEST EVER

White and Blue-Layering 2 Jean Jackets

The original outfit was going to be just the white denim jacket with my split hem blue jeans. I am a HUGE fan of white jean jackets and feel like they lighten any look.

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However, when the skies darkened and the raindrops started to fall, the temperatures also dropped. We lucked out that the rain stopped in a short time and we still were able to walk around the botanical gardens.
Yet, the fact that I was layering 2 jean jackets was a huge benefit. I wasn’t cold and the occasional raindrop didn’t stain my white jacket.

Insider tip: It could be helpful to Scotchguard (found on Amazon) any jacket to help make it more stain-resistant. Especially ones you wear a lot.

Modern Jeans for 2022

I love all of the different silhouettes that are available for jeans at present. This pair is a split-leg pair with a raw hem. The split leg is wonderful if you need a little ventilation or want to show off a great pair of boots. In fact, I originally had boots on with this outfit but changed out to sneakers since we would be walking a lot.

Insider thought: If all of your jeans are the same denim wash and style, then everyone will think you’re wearing the same pair all of the time. Have more fun with life and vary them.

BTW, not all of the split hem jeans are split up the front. There are many that have the split on the side if you like that better.

Women layering 2 jean jackets

The Color Green for Spring & Oversized Jean Jacket

I’m always a fan of color, but nothing brings out more color than the spring season. Finally, other people are willing to pull out the colorful pieces and have fun.

I’ve always loved the color green (it used to be my favorite color until yellow took over), and I’ve had this green shirt for over 10 years. It’s one that I used to wear under my blazers for work. And I’ve showcased it on the blog before.

You may notice that my blue jean jacket is a bit oversized. While it’s good to think about fit when finding new clothes, I also think that stumbling onto oversized jackets can be a good thing.
Since this is the jacket I keep in the car as a “just in case I need it”, it’s nice to make sure it’s bigger so I can wear it over anything.

Insider tip: When thrifting, look in all the sizes and even check the men’s or kid’s sections. This jacket is actually an XL from the children’s section.

I also think it’s good to have oversized pieces for the times you want to layer. Just like when Charlotte wore a blazer over her sweatshirt. If your jacket is too fitted, the idea of layering like this won’t work.

Fabulous Accessories with Denim

First, let me start with the elephant in the room. My straw cactus purse. My husband calls it a monstrosity, and that’s our joke now. But I just adore it and can’t get enough of it.
If you read my March updates post, I gave more specifics about it. Let’s just say that I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it. I’d call it whimsical and fun. Plus my wallet and things fit into it nicely.

The earrings are made by my friend Joanne who sells on Etsy. In fact, she still has these “ice cream cone earrings” for sale in 2 different colorways. Since I wasn’t wearing a necklace, I thought the longer earrings were a great focal point.

And the leopard hat was handed down to me by my friend. It was my friend’s mother’s hat, and it’s just so functional. In fact, it has ear flaps that fold down if I would need them. I thought the leopard was a perfect bookend to the animal print sneakers.

Canadian tuxedo with double denim

Double Denim-the Canadian’s (or Texan’s) Tuxedo

It’s funny because I don’t normally think to wear blue denim jeans and a blue jean jacket together. In fact, I remember a time when it was considered “what not to wear”. And then the fashion police change their mind and it becomes stylish.

As for the term Canadian (or Texan) Tuxedo, it’s a term that’s used when wearing a jeans shirt or jacket with jeans. I had to laugh because one of my girl groups on Instagram decided to style head-to-toe denim recently. Here was my photo on Instagram.
Even though it’s not my usual style, I think it’s good that we all try new things from time to time.

Animal print sneakers and raw hem

Animal Print Sneakers

Here’s something I think is perfect for any closet. Animal print sneakers are neutral, yet add some visual interest to an outfit that is full of solids.

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This pair of animal print sneakers used to have sequins on the back heel portion. However, it rubbed against my foot and was annoying. Instead of purging them, I decided to see if I could just remove the sequin panel.
And it worked. Sure, if you look closely, you can see they are a tad wonky at the heel, but I betcha no one really notices.

Many of the annoyances with our clothing can be fixed with a little ingenuity. If you can’t think of how to do it, ask around (or email me). Another option is to google it because Google knows everything, haha.

Denim jeans with denim jacket

Denim Jackets are Ageless

I hope you definitely take a gander at Jennifer’s post about styling a denim jacket. Her style is more neutral based and she’s young enough to be my daughter. But as I always say, style is ageless. We can get inspired just as much from women our age as women older and younger.

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The idea of wearing one jacket over another is not new on the blog. Granted I didn’t try layering 2 jean jackets before this, but it’s about time.
Layering short jackets
2 Long coats worn together

Layered denim jacket look

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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