Why I Like to Wear Shorts and Booties

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Asymmetrical wrap from Peach

Why I Like to Wear Shorts and Booties

I was thinking about why I like to wear shorts and booties. It may not be your pairing of choice but to me it is a more modern look. And while I didn’t wear shorts for the longest time when I was working (I didn’t think it was professional), I’m happy to say, I’m over that now.

Quote of the day: “Crises refine life.” In them you discover what you are.” Allan Knight Chalmers

This quote may not be the kind of quote you want to hear. Truthfully, none of us love going through crises. Yet I feel like we learn more from those times than the calm, boring times. How does this fit into our theme of the week? It doesn’t except that wearing shorts is quite new to me since blogging. My change of professions has done wonders for my outlook on life, which is a good thing.

And even though my legs are pale, scarred, spidery, and not those of a 20 year old, I’m showing them off. Especially because I want to showcase these snakeskin ankle booties I just purchased.

There’s more snakeskin goodness with my mom and her accessories, and Nancy and her blouse. Plus you can see the reasoning we wore them to this location.

Shorts and a ruana

Jodie’s Wearing

Shorts: the Fifth~~ Top: Winter Silks-thrifted ~~ Boots: Bleecker & Bond here~~Wrap: Peach here~~Necklace: ~~Bracelet: ~~Purse: from Nancy’s Italy trip

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Wearing Shorts and Booties

You know how you see an advertisement and just fall in love with it? So it’s the tampon advertisement that I’ve seen for the last couple of years with 2 very young women sitting on a wall. I have no idea why it speaks to me. But I’ve been wanting to recreate that shorts and booties look ever since.

I realize that the two pieces are almost opposites. Shorts are for the warm weather and booties for the cold weather. But hey, we get both of those scenarios in Denver all in one day.

Wearing shorts and booties for older women


What is a ruana? It’s basically a wrap. I have no idea why they have to name the same thing many different names, although I’m sure someone out there knows the difference.

This ruana is from Peach, the company I’ve become an ambassador for them recently. This wrap is SUPER versatile and I showed 4 different ways to wear it recently on FB. Peach is all about items for the gym, work and play, and they even have some great reversible leggings too.

I’m sure it’s not surprising I chose the ruana in yellow, but it also comes in black and in white. I brought it for the inside activity on this day which you’ll read more about later this week.

Shorts and a ruana


If you wonder how I choose my accessories, I already knew I wanted to carry this purse, for reasons you’ll see below. Therefore, I wanted some more green to add to the outfit.

This necklace is not a real gem or anything. But I love how it really stands out against both the white top and yellow ruana. It has matching earrings, but I decided against the matchy matchy thing.

Yellow wrap


I feel like I’ve worn these shorts even more once Shelbee blogged about shorts and tights with OTK boots. Maybe you’ve only seen them once on the blog last winter, but I showcased the look many times on Instagram and many more times in real life.

Truthfully, even though these are black (and I hardly wear much black anymore), I think what I really like about these shorts is the silhouette. They aren’t tight and straight. In fact, they almost look like a skirt.

Once we move to Arizona, I’m sure I’ll be wearing shorts more and more. I do like this black pair better with tights because they feel a tad short wearing them by themselves. However, I found some longer ones with this same kind of look here and here.

Adding in green as a punch of color

Booties and Purse

I bought a pair of snakeskin tall boots over 8 years ago and have worn the heck out of them. This was after worrying about purchasing them in the first place. I vacillated for at least half an hour about whether they were appropriate and if I’d get $60 worth out of them. Yet now they are falling apart from wearing them so much.

I have a feeling these booties will take their place. The heel is the perfect height and snakeskin is a neutral print just like leopard. Meaning it goes with everything!

And isn’t this purse just adorable? Nancy bought it for me on her recent trip to Italy. Which was super thoughtful considering she only packed a carry on for the trip! It was made by a mother/daughter team that Nancy even met in Florence. And when I say mother/daughter, I mean the mother looked like she was my mom’s age, yet still working on putting together these items.

Snakeskin booties

Crochet top

My friend handed this top down to me recently. I wore a white cami under it today. Yet I think a colorful cami might be fun too.

I’m also wearing a bralette with it to cover my bra straps. I’ve been doing some research on a couple of bralettes, and will be sharing more later this summer. Trust me…I never thought I’d wear a bralette. LOL!

Crochet top for spring

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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