Ways to layer in summer

Why Would You Include Layers in Summer? Reasons and Examples

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It’s a good question, right? Why would you include layers in summer? Well, not only do I have many reasons for adding in a 3rd item, we are here to give you examples.

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Layers in Summer
Summer 3rd pieces with Lesley
Staying stylish in the heat with a 3rd element with Charlotte
How to layer in the summer with Jodie
Other options

Even if you always think of the hotter weather as a time to take off the layers, a change in perspective can be exactly what you need.
One of the best things about being older is the realization that we never know everything. Thinking about any idea from a different perspective can be such a benefit.

Hot weather layering

Why Layering in Summer

It seems like the last thing you want to do in the hotter weather is add layers but sometimes there is a reason for adding layers in the summer heat.

1-If you are actually going to be in the sun, you want to cover your body. It’s much hotter when the sun hits your skin. We have shown how you can still be covered and stylish at the same time.
2-Sometimes women aren’t comfortable showing skin in every situation, so it’s nice to have this option whether you need to cover your arms or legs.
3-Air-conditioning is a requirement during the summer months, and sometimes it’s too cold. So having the right summer layers can be essential.
4-Layering is a great way to add color and interest to any look.

Summer 3rd Pieces: Lesley

Even though Lesley is comfortable showcasing her arms as discussed when exploring the sleeveless theme, she also commented that there are times she wants her arms covered.

Summer layering for older women

Shorts: Alytone-SteinMart~~ Kimono: No label-SteinMart~~ Top: Croft & Barrow-Kohls ~~ Shoes: Clarks Cloudwalkers ~~ Necklace: Chicos~~ Bracelet: Audra Style c/o~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o ~~ Purse: Maruca ~~Hat: No label

Kimonos for Summer 3rd Pieces

Kimonos have really become the item of choice for a summer 3rd piece. If you still wonder if kimonos are right for you, I suggest finding an inexpensive one to start with and trying it with all of your summer outfits.
You might be surprised by how fabulous they can be as that summer 3rd piece without the bulk or heaviness of a jacket or cardigan.

What To Wear With a Kimono

My usual answer for what to wear with a kimono is anything and everything. Lesley is showing it with shorts here, but you can easily wear it with pants, jeans, a skirt or a dress. Everything goes because it’s the perfect summer layer.

In fact, if you live in a basic t-shirt and shorts (or jeans), a kimono is the way to add some color and interest to the overall look without the fuss.
Many kimonos are a print, but there are just as many that are solid colored too.

Now don’t just think of a kimono as only a lightweight cardigan. It (like almost everything else in your closet) can be worn in multiple ways. For example, a kimono can be perfect for a travel wardrobe since it can be styled as:
1-A dress (as Lesley showed here)
2-Swimsuit coverup
4-Scarf-wrap it around your neck. Or if the armholes are big enough, make it an infinity scarf with your head through the sleeves.
5-As well as the obvious summer 3rd piece over any outfit.

Shoes & Accessories

Even in the heat, there are great options for colorful accessories. Lesley found this cuff bracelet and earrings that mirrored the colors in her kimono.
The large blue necklace gives another vertical element to the look.

And then the sandals. When the weather heats up, sometimes our feet can swell, so it’s nice to find comfortable flip-flops that have support yet are cute.
For our day of walking around a botanical garden, Lesley wore this pair from Clarks.

Your flip-flops can also be versatile for travel if they have enough support. They can be:
1-Walking shoes
2-Shoes for the pool
3-Slippers in the hotel

Insider tip: On consecutive walking days, it’s good to switch your shoes. Wearing flip-flops every day is hard because you have to curl your toes when wearing them.
Want insider information from a couple of different podiatrists? You’ll find their knowledge in this article.

Other Kimono Outfits for Summer 3rd Pieces

Once you live through summer with higher heat, you realize how fabulous kimonos can be as part of your wardrobe. You get the advantage of a 3rd piece while staying cool and stylish.

Insider tips:
1-Remember your summer bathrobes could transform into a kimono if you remove the belt
2-If you tend to run hot, stick with cotton, linen, and silks for your kimonos

Other ideas:
Wearing a kimono for a funeral
As a way to add color to a black outfit
Adding some boho to a look

Summer 3rd pieces for the heat

Staying Stylish in the Heat with a 3rd Element: Charlotte

Even though I believe in the magical properties of kimonos, I realize that not everyone is the same (and that’s a good thing). Therefore, let’s explore other options for staying stylish in the heat with a 3rd element in our outfit.

Charlotte is showcasing one of her favorite blazers for this idea.

Women over 80 dressing in style

Pants: Ruby Rd ~~ Jacket: EFAN from Japan ~~ Top: Jockey-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Steve Madden-DSW ~~ Earrings: Made by a friend~~ Purse: SteinMart~~Hat: No label-thrifted

There are a couple of different details for jackets and blazers that can make them perfect as a stylish 3rd piece. Lace, crochet, and mesh are the ones I always think about. It creates a little coverage but since they are all an open-weave, they can be cooler and still show some skin.

My mom purchased this jacket when she was on a tour in Japan and has worn it multiple times.

Capri Pants for Older Women

Charlotte’s summer item of choice is definitely capri pants. She has them in multiple colors and styles them for any casual summer look.
Even if you read articles that say you shouldn’t wear them because they will make you look frumpy, I think we should realize that at this time and age, we can wear what we like.

Besides, there are ways to make capri pants look stylish. Adding in interesting colors and modern details definitely change the look from frumpy to fabulous.

Summer Slides and Extras

For my mother, she added a flower pin to her lace jacket. A fabric pin is a wonderful alternative to a metal brooch that can be too heavy. The pin, purse, earrings, and hat all bring in the bright pink color that is also worn under the jacket.

Insider tip: Etsy has a multitude of these fabric flower pins if you are interested. Then again, if you are crafty, you can DIY some with leftover material.

A straw purse is such a summer basic, and I love how there are so many different options for everyone.

And summer slides are ideal for any of your summer looks. The advantage of slides is they can be as comfy as slippers, but stylish enough to wear out in public.
I love how there are many versions with arch support.

Insider tip: If you have a pair of summer sandals that don’t have enough arch support, I personally use these Sole Insoles (found on Amazon).

Summer 3rd pieces for summer layering

Details for Staying Stylish with a 3rd Element

There are many details that can make your 3rd element easier to style for the hotter weather.
1-Mesh/Openweave pieces
2-Vests can be an option

How to Layer in the Summer: Jodie

Another great idea for how to layer in the summer months is to think about what goes “under” what you are wearing, not just layering on top of items.
For example, instead of finding a kimono or jacket to put on over your summer dress, how about wearing a top under it?

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Wear your top backwards

Dress: No label~~Top: Japna ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Bracelet: Sun City craft fair~~ Earrings: Tak Creations c/o~~ Purse: Ideas Valyen-won in a giveaway ~~Hat: Horizon thrifted

Sleeveless Summer Dresses

Let me start by saying that sleeveless summer dresses are another must-have. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and they are much more versatile than you’d realize.

For example, I’ve shown in the past that your dress can be styled as a skirt and a top just as easily as you can wear it alone as a dress.
While you may think that’s easier for the cooler months, it’s just as workable even when the temperatures are high.

In fact, I will always take a dress as part of my travel capsule wardrobe. Maybe that’s because they are also the best thing to wear on a plane trip (and the primary reason is explained in this post).

Secret Layering

My trick for this summer layering was to add a short sleeve top under my sleeveless dress. I had a wonderful reason to do this too. Since we were spending the morning touring around a botanical garden, I wanted my shoulders to be covered to protect them from the sun.

Insider tip: Even when you wear clothing, it’s still good to use sunscreen under the clothing. 20% of the sun can get through regular clothing.

This might have looked more cohesive if I had worn a white shirt under the dress, but not every outfit is my favorite.
Yet, I hope you remember the concept and not just the example. Layering under your dress this way is a great approach to make your dress much more versatile.

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BTW, I’d like to point out that this orange top is being worn backward. I only did this because the back of the dress has a higher neckline and covered the ties making it awkward.
You can see it worn normally on the day Tuesday in this daily outfit post.

Insider tip: Don’t forget that many tops and even some dresses can be turned around and worn with no one the wiser.

Cactus Accessories

Confession time. I was never a cactus lover until we moved to Arizona. But now?? Now, I just love finding items with cacti on them and wearing them. That’s exactly why I bought this dress (which is so lightweight it feels like a nightgown).

So it was very appropriate to wear my cactus bracelet and earrings with the look. And then the yellow straw purse was fun to bring in even another color.

My thinking was that since my outfit was so colorful, I would wear neutral sandals. This pair is my Walking Cradles “Nella” style with the new sandal construction reviewed here.

Spoiler alert: I love the comfort of these sandals. BUT if you are going to get a pair this season, I would size up half a size.

Metallic footwear is a great neutral for any season, and they are a color I think every woman should have in their closet.
Since there are different shades for the metallic, there is something for everyone.

Ways to layer in the summer

Other Options for Summer Layering

There are many options for including layers in summer. Make sure to keep an open mind which will enable your closet to be so much bigger.

1-Make a scarf a flowy top
2-Sarong style
3-Create a poncho

1-For a dressy event
2-Casual outfits
3-Different color combinations with the same kimono

1-Summer party attire
2-5 ways to style a sheer top
3-Matching sheer material

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Options for summer layering

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