Orthofeet shoes to fit finicky feet

Why You Need These Orthofeet Shoes In Your Closet

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As a woman of a certain age, the comfort of our shoes becomes a huge priority. That’s why I have been on a quest over these last 9 years to find stylish yet cozy shoes that will feel good on your feet and still look fabulous.
Maybe you’ve never heard of Orthofeet Shoes before, but I’m hear to say, this style called Stroll is going to be your new best friend.

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There are many foot conditions that sprout up as we get older. It only makes sense since we have used our feet for 50+ years and haven’t always treated them kindly. Hands up if you’ve squeezed your feet into too tight shoes because they were so cute! I’m guilty of that for sure.

The best part of living in this day and age is the fact that companies are taking notice that not only do older women need shoes that feel good, but we also want ones that look good.

These Orthofeet “Stroll” sneakers fit the bill for both needs plus they are basically adjustable to your foot.

Orthofeet shoes for workout

More About Orthofeet Shoes

Orthofeet shoes are made to alleviate all kinds of foot conditions including bunions, plantar fasciitis, neuromas as well as a multitude of other issues. They have mens and womens shoes as well as boots, sneakers and sandals.

You can find Orthofeet Shoes on the company’s website or Amazon. Not all styles are available on Amazon (for example this Stroll sneaker that I’m reviewing isn’t available).

Insider tip: You can search for specific shoes on their site by your foot condition as well as by your size.

There is a 60 day wear test as well as free shipping and returns so it’s a risk free venture. AND many styles are size inclusive which means they include a wide range of sizes and widths.
Yes, there are narrow, standard, wide, extra wide and even XX wide in some styles.

Orthofeet shoes for a casual day

Sneakers for Workout to Casual- “Stroll”

This particular style of Orthofeet sneakers are called the Stroll.

True story: As soon as these were delivered, I put them on and we walked our dog for 3 miles. My feet felt fabulous and I knew these Orthofeet Shoes were going to be a favorite.

There are so many details that make these shoes impressive:

  • The fitting spacers and arch boosters are included in every box. More about this below.
  • Wide toe-box so your foot isn’t squashed.
  • Soft leather material has give and stretch.
  • Cushioned sole makes the interior comfortable.
  • Textured outer sole helps with stability.

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This particular style comes in size 5-12 and widths of standard, wide and extra-wide. And the colors available are blue (that’s what I’m wearing), black, and taupe.

The shoes themselves are very lightweight so you can walk for miles.

If you look up close, there is super cool design on the leather. I would describe the blue as a navy blue. You can see in the two photos above, how the sun can make it appear lighter. They match my dark denim perfectly, yet are lighter than my black leggings.

Picky Feet Choose Orthofeet Shoes

While my feet aren’t super hard to fit, I was sincerly impressed with the comfort of these sneakers.

On top of the comfort, Orthofeet Shoes come with fitting spacers and arch boosters so you can customize the fit to make them work better for your individual feet.

There are 1/8″ spacers and 1/16″ spaces included in each box of Orthofeet shoes. If the shoes are still loose, you can use both fitting spacers on top of each other.

Personally, I don’t usually need a lot of extra arch support, but I tried the arch booster in one sneaker to compare. And I have to admit, they did feel even better.

Insider tip: I found it easier to insert the plastic arch supports without removing the entire insole. Just pull up the heel portion of the insole and insert the arch support under it.

Just check out the website where you can see more details about the insoles and arch booster.

All of these reasons are why I’m adamant you need these Orthofeet Shoes in your closet.

Picky feet choose Orthofeet shoes

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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